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  1. Chief Meteorologist at KSLA confirmed new graphics at 5pm.
  2. Meanwhile, WMTV in Madison still has the older GFX package ...not sure which version this was (is)..but it's been the same for several years now.
  3. Yeah I think its that and how the weather center seems a bit close. The Lowcountry Live portion of the set is so much cleaner...but I'll give them this, its different than WCSC and WCBD which is good. I think WCSC wins the set look for Charleston though.
  4. WCIV has launched their new set...not 100% sure how I feel about it....Its a remarkable improvement over their existing early 2000 set https://abcnews4.com/news/local/check-it-out-news-4-unveils-new-state-of-the-art-news-and-lifestyle-set-wednesday-april-26-2023-mt-pleasant-broadcast-station
  5. This is a vast improvement over previous opens. Still gotta inject the logo sucks though .
  6. I noticed WCSC's Weather Banners have changed to the GrayONE package. After seeing WCAX's, this is certainly going to be their best look yet. (As of noon today, the new look has not launched, will check at 4pm ET.
  7. I noticed a banner change for WCSC on Facebook....wonder if thats a hint at new GFX in the next day or so? Old: New:
  8. Taking this with a very very fine grain of salt..but on one of the broadcast Facebook sites, I just saw a post for a new WBTV logo. Anyone have any info on it ?
  9. Staggered launch..not sure why Gray did it this way, but looks promising. I haven't been a fan of the logo in a LONG time. Wish they would have brought this one back.
  10. This is a very clean look, it's giving me a bit of Morgan Murphy Media Graphics vibe, but on a more simplified scale
  11. WBTV historically has had the nicest graphics package since the (Jefferson) Lincoln days & were always a one off from the rest of the group even after the Raycom acquisition and then the Gray acquisition.
  12. I have to hand it to Gray, they did a good job and the flexibility of the set is fantastic. I'm curious to see the new GFX package next month.
  13. So I haven't lost my marbles yet. Looks like the new GFX package for Gray is coming in March and goes with hardware upgrades mentioned in earlier posts ..so a bit of a wait
  14. This set is going to easily qualify as worst set of 2023. What is with this big v shaped desk. It's like they took some of Nexstar's shiplap and added led light strips . I can't get over this strange desk though .
  15. WCSC went live with what I am now calling the "WANF" set design, but no new graphics came with it. Possible delay in that piece...so no updates on the GFX portion. Sorry to disappoint but I was just as excited as everyone else was.
  16. I wonder if new GFX is delayed. I heard from a reliable source there was new GFX on the way and it would make sense with the WANF look moving forward for Gray
  17. Agreed, I see a good deal of WANF in the set, which is good. Timeline of construction video : https://www.live5news.com/video/2023/02/13/video-timeline-new-live-5-news-studio-construction/?fbclid=IwAR3CT1LbRVn2unUeDXyue3_aV9AX1EQYSIsGHHbXSvJtbauWeFunyS5oN_Y
  18. They have launched at least a "preview" of the new set. Ill grab more photos from their livestream as I can. As of now, graphics remain the same (I'm wondering if this is a staggered launch to the 5pm show) They've been tightly shot so probably not to give it away...here's 2 screenshots.
  19. I am pretty sure its 4pm EST...but if its sooner Ill be posting ASAP.
  20. WMTV is one of those stations that is on the much older Gray graphics.
  21. February 13 is the debut of WCSC's new set and new Gray GFX package.
  22. Debut for new set and GFX package is set for Monday, 2/13
  23. WCIV? Wow! This is long overdue! This would make all 3 stations in Charleston receiving a new set in under a year (WCBD (Nexstar), WCSC (Gray) and now WCIV (Sinclair).
  24. I'm a big fan of his work! He did an excellent job with KIRO . I think the current issue with the Gray GFX is it feels way to flat. I know flat and clean is/was in..but some depth would help. If I had to take a guess of when WCSC will launch, I'm gonna guess right after the Super Bowl (even though they are a CBS Affiliate )
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