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  1. Anyone have a clue on which studio in 30 Rock is this set located in? My wild guess is this is one of the insert studio somewhere inside Newsroom 7E , where they do the morning Live Updates throughout the Today show in this set. Oh and don't be confused that this is WRC from the "NEWS 4" writings, it's WNBC.
  2. Well Gilma is now a permanent weekend 6PM and 11PM anchor so I don't see her co-anchoring with Adam anytime soon... I thought Rana Novini was supposed to be in the 11AM and 5PM team because during big news days (e.g winter storm coverage this year) she was brought in to co-anchor the 11AM and 5PM with Adam... She also fills in for Adam occasionally.
  3. If anyone's awake, it seems they have just silently soft launched their new graphics during the overnight news update. "MSNBC NOW" is now rebranded as "MSNBC Reports", and their logo now adopts the font on their website. Gah I hate cable news channels attempt to look "young". This looks like some something NBCLX would pull off~
  4. WNBC having dual anchors for 11AM newscast today~ They have dual anchors for yesterday's 11AM news too for storm coverage. Not sure if this is a permanent addition...
  5. At least yes for NBC, they had a special report with Peter Alexander.
  6. Just randomly switched over to KECI and KTVM and oh wow! It seems some days ago the NBC Montana stations have finally switched to the Sinclair Mandate Graphics. Let's take a moment of silence for Look F please~ I surely have enjoyed the Look F graphics with the Sinclair Glass music. To be honest, I think they both go very well, especially for the intro part. I thought Sinclair would give an exception to NBC Montana for using their mandate graphics given how well Look F goes... but oh well, it seems Look F has dated enough to be phased out. The NBC Montana stations ha
  7. As expected, David Ushery is anchoring the 4PM news starting today. However, he anchored the 11AM news earlier today too. It seems they haven't found a replacement yet to anchor the 11AM news.
  8. To me I think it’s just an attempt to compete with KNBC-KNSD-KNTV’s lifestyle show “CA Live”...
  9. Something interesting I noticed on the 11AM news today... WMAQ played an excerpt of the Today show today, and the Today Show ticker text and time "pops" up. It "deactivates" seamlessly when they cut back to the anchor. (Pay attention to the ticker part in the video below...) This ticker is definitely not previously recorded - as implied by the time and the ticker text layer is above the Look N ticker graphic. I think it's generated automatically by their studio systems... The question is how does stations like WMAQ (and possibly other O&O stations?) handle
  10. Well to be fair, the major cable news networks (at least for MSNBC I know) didn't carry coverage past 12AM midnight...
  11. Other changes I have noticed on the TV Guide: Weekdays: Morning Joe First Look will be "cancelled" from Monday September 21, replaced by a new show (with an old name) Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt at 5 a.m ET. Weekends: New shows: MSNBC Live With Yasmin Vossoughia starting this Saturday 3-5 p.m. ET. American Voices With Alicia Menendez starting this Saturday 6-8 p.m. ET. The Week With Joshua Johnson starting this Saturday 8-10 p.m. ET. No more Kasie DC starting this Saturday.
  12. Just switched to KPLC to check in and it seems they’re off air with a blue screen and a ticker.
  13. NBC News NOW has been simulcasting "MSNBC International" at 9PM tonight to cover the protests across the state, which is essentially MSNBC but the commercials are replaced with its own trailers. Which platform is this "international" variant available? Is it like made for viewers in Canada because I don't see other cable providers from other countries carrying MSNBC...
  14. Seems like MSNBC is dropping the “NBC News” branding for daytime newscasts in the last few days. They’ve been using this “MSNBC Live” sting graphic when returning from commercial breaks.
  15. Last night's NBC Nightly News with Jose Diaz-Balart ( on the east coast feed) had some technical difficulties at the start of the program. The title sequence failed to roll out, Jose readed a couple of headlines and started the first story right away. The old version of the NN logo was aired throughout the first portion of the program before the commercial break. I was doing some recording test and accidentally stumbled across this on NBC 4 New York (WNBC). You'll see the technical difficulties exclusive on the east coast feed and the station cutting to the network feed

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