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  1. Hmm I'm wondering which studio will "NBC News Daily" be produced in... Will it be a big production like the Today show and Nightly produced from 1A, or it's gonna be small scaled like Early Today produced from 3C (3A Annex)...
  2. Ugh I hate the branding confusion now… we have replacement names “MSNBC Reports” for the generic dayside newscasts, “MSNBC Prime” for the prime time shows, and now we have “MSNBC Live” which I have no idea what purpose this branding is trying to serve Plus the bug is also confusing for repeats because the word “LIVE” (show name) is throughout the show but it’s not actually live…
  3. IMO Chris has been with MSNBC since day 1 and I think she's qualified to replace Brian Williams as the new chief anchor, taking over rolling coverage whenever there's breaking news.
  4. The camera aspect ratio tho is messed up... His face is sooo stretched lol...
  5. No, it already ended and back to Craig Melvin Reports this morning~
  6. I kinda like the idea of having a 1 hour newscast live from the White House anchored by the two chief WH correspondent... will be awesome if they have a more permanent setup~ Sadly they have Saturday Today duties so it can't be a long term thing...
  7. MSNBC is launching a temporary newscast "White House Reports" at 11AM next week Mon - Fri, anchored by the Saturday Today anchors. It's featuring the regular MSNBC Reports graphics... Probably used as a temporary fill-in show to cover Craig Melvin's long break after his duties at the Winter Olympics.
  8. A peek at the new modified logo for the new "The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle"
  9. Feels a bit like WNBC... everyone's standing eh...
  10. Late Breaking to the TVNT Newsroom! WSVN got new graphics and refreshed its theme yesterday night... Here's your EXCLUSIVE TVNT On Your Side™ First Look™ at the 7AM open this morning: Here's the 45 second close of this morning's newscast if you like the new music: Your TVNT First Alert Team was first on scene than those blurry bandicam gang and we were Working For You™ to get a quick excerpt of last night's 11PM intro: https://streamable.com/smxp00 And here's an excerpt of the closing... I'm so sorry I couldn't get the full closing given the short notice: https://streamable.com/6ohgr4 Now on a personal note: I'm just speechless at the new theme... I'm soooo glad Chris Crane is still keeping his A-game in these many years! And they've brought back WHDH's noon theme arrangement to WSVN! WHDH's noon theme is my favorite composition among all Chris Crane's themes and I'm soo happy they brought it back to South Florida~ (Special thanks to everyone in the Discord channel for tipping off~)
  11. Meh FTVLive has an piece on this and quoted @sanewsguy's video for their article https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/1/21/they-lost-their-cbs-affiliation
  12. So some time ago KNTV updated their closing theme... It's one of the new cuts from LA Groove: https://streamable.com/qzwo58 The full ver can be heard from GrooveWorx's website: https://grooveworx.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/NBC-KNTV-Deadroll-60sec-full-mix-V-2.m4a
  13. It seems like Kendis resigned himself… oh well I’m gonna miss the Reison & Gibson duo on weekend mornings… https://thehill.com/homenews/media/590217-former-msnbc-anchor-laments-hyper-partisan-cable-news-world?amp
  14. I think it will, WBTS just got the "tumor treatment" in their bug too...
  15. The thing I don't like with MSNBC is that they don't notify viewers on programming changes... especially on weekends... The whole weekend primetime block can get pre-empted with repeat programmes without prior notice to viewers by anchors on certain days... When the network goes "off air" with repeat programmes earlier than usual, the anchors usually just sign off with "more news right after this" (but what follows is a repeat of a newscast or Dateline)... It's like they're trying to hide something. Local stations tend to be more caring in notifying viewers when newscast times are changed...
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