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  1. On a personal note I'm gonna miss BriWi so much... Some of you here might not agree with me but I really enjoyed his narrative style of anchoring. IMO he fits his role in MSNBC serving as the chief anchor perfectly. Back in his Nightly News era, I always feel like Brian Williams' expertise was constained by the format of Nightly News. The newscast was only about 20 minutes long (minus the total of 10 mins ads), which he was often required to rush through the stories on NN, not allowing his narrative style of anchoring and reporting to shine. When he transferred to MSNBC, I sta
  2. Some O&Os are reporting about this too after Brian announced his resignation last night.
  3. Seems like the double anchor arrangement is permanent. Yesterday's 5PM news have Adam Kuperstein and Gilma Avalos anchoring too... Gilma is still anchoring the 6PM and 11PM every weekend too.
  4. The 11am intro is "News 4 Midday" instead of "NBC 4 News Midday".
  5. Oh god the inconsistencies in logos...
  6. WRC is STILL in Look N but hey it seems they've started to import little tid bits of Look S graphics into their rundown templates... Take a look at the Look S banner below the top bar from this morning... Feels like they're switching to Look S very very soon...
  7. Some extra screenshots if anyone's interested from this morning's newscast... So far I don't see any fancy new bumpers or variations in design... However, a point to note is that they've removed the "San Diego" part of the logo in their news open, while they added back the "San Diego" part of the logo in their bug. (In Look N this was reversed). Speaking of the logo, I think the KNSD logo is refreshed... It seems like the they have a new font for the letters "San Diego". The top right part of the "7" on the left logo is also "cut apart", unlike the one on the
  8. That edition of Deadline Whitehouse tonight is a repeat of this afternoon's 4PM slot. Today is a Labor Day, which means limited service for the channel. MSNBC is only on air "live" until 7PM tonight followed by repeats and Dateline throughout the night...
  9. Any assumptions that the local CBS affiliates will start to rename its morning newscasts too? You know, some CBS affiliates want to keep "in line" with the network morning block, hence they name their local morning newscast as "This Morning" too (e.g CBS 2 News This Morning (WCBS), WBZ This Morning (WBZ), CBS 3 Eyewitness News This Morning (KYW))... Not sure how I'll feel if for example, WCBS's morning news is renamed to "CBS 2 News Mornings"...
  10. Some Look S stuff are popping up on WRC
  11. Looks like NECN has switched to Look S graphics for their weather, judging by their graphic card on top... Btw their bug still clashes with WBTS L3s during simulcasts... However it feels like they're not making any adjustments any time soon, at least resize the bug...
  12. Yeah I saw this promo popping up on KNSD featuring Look S backdrops.
  13. WTVJ just launched Look S along with a new set... Bad news: It's time to say goodbye to the long lived WTVJ custom theme; Good news: They're using the KNBC's updated version of LA Groove The new set looks kinda sexy~ I made a quick capture of the first 5 minutes if y'all are interested. Again I'm sure someone will post a better montage on YouTube so I'm not gonna upload it to YT. https://streamable.com/0r6hy5
  14. WVIT debuted their new set last night at 11PM... but it's still Look N~ The background monitors could be Look S...

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