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  1. It was revealed a few months ago that Drew Barrymore will be reformatted into two half-hour segments to make room for the 9AM newscasts on CBS O&Os. The first airing would be a lead out from those 9AM newscasts, while the second airing would air later in the day or on duopoly stations.
  2. KYW finally made the switch today, leaving Detroit as the only CBS O&O to still be using the CBS Local layout (liekly until the launch of CBS News Detroit). https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/ In addition, CBS News Philly has been renamed to CBS News Philadelphia. The CBS3 name is still being used (for now) but there has been a lot more emphasis on the CBS News Philadelphia name.
  3. In a (not) stunning move, Vulture is reporting that Days of our Lives will air exclusively on Peacock beginning September 12. https://www.vulture.com/2022/08/nbc-days-of-our-lives-moving-to-peacock.html
  4. That’s an… interesting design. Can’t say if I like it or not yet.
  5. Update: WLNY's 9PM news will now be known as CBS News New York Now as of the 18th. (That's a lot of Ns...) Sad since they just started using the WLNY name during that newscast again not too long ago, but it was probably inevitable at this point.
  6. For the first time since I believe October, Good Day Philadelphia is back in the streetside studio. They had been using the main studio since then.
  7. I believe Jim Donovan mentioned a couple months back on FB that their new set would be debuting in July (this month), but haven’t heard anything since.
  8. Upon further research, it appears that the majority of 10PM newscasts running on CBS duolopies are being rebranded as CBS (City Name) News Now, or something similar. KBCW, KSTW (both resurrecting evening newscasts), WKBD, WPSG, WTOG, WUPA, WBFS (9PM instead) and WSBK's newscasts are all being rebranded under the Now branding. As of now, there does not appear to be any changes for WLNY, WPCW, or KCAL.
  9. I just checked the listings for CW Philly (WPSG) for that day, and similarly, its 10PM newscast is being rebranded as CBS Philadelphia News Now. It's listed as a full hour, but I suspect it'll still be a half-hour and just replay it again at 10:30.
  10. Starting tonight, 6abc will be launching a 6:30 PM newscast on their streaming platforms, anchored by Gray Hall and Cecily Tynan. https://www.facebook.com/100044373881642/posts/549296043226187/?d=n
  11. And an official announcement from CNN themselves.
  12. Well that didn't last long. Warner Bros. Discovery is expected to shut down CNN+, according to Variety.
  13. I could believe that. Just seems like an extremely unusual amount of absences this week.
  14. Another causality: Nick Cannon’s talk show has been cancelled after only one season. Last new episodes airing in May. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/nick-cannons-talk-show-cancelled-ending-1235200702/
  15. She was doing sports yesterday as well. And in case you needed more proof, the commercials they've been running for Sports Sunday only mentions Ducis and Jamie now.
  16. Pretty much defeats the whole point of the streaming channels. What’s the point of having them if they’re just going to replay old newscasts?
  17. With Cuomo fired and Michael Smerconish hosting the 9PM hour this week, that block is simply referred to as "CNN Tonight", according to TV Passport and the CNN schedule on their website.
  18. Wouldn't be surprised. I'll bet CBS would do anything to boost ratings for CBSEN at this point.
  19. Brian Williams will NOT be renewing his contract with MSNBC; he will be leaving the network at the end of the year. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/brian-williams-leaving-msnbc-nbc-news-1235108664/
  20. With Kelly Clarkson moving into the 3PM slot at the NBC O&Os next season this show could be the replacement in the 2PM slot.
  21. In this case, she said on her Twitter that she is leaving the news industry altogether.
  22. Screencap of WCAU 4PM intro. I believe this is the first time they’ve had the Philly skyline featured in their intro since 2014 (which is when they switched to the standard Look F graphics). They’re also using the older cut of LA Groove in the intro that they used from 2014-2016.
  23. Two big pieces of NewsNation programming updates revealed today: Adrienne Bankert will anchor the new morning block, "Morning in America", from 7-10 AM EST starting September 27. ABC News Chief Legal Analyst and A&E host Dan Abrams will anchor a new program, "Dan Abrams Live", from 8-9 PM EST starting September 27. Ultimately, this will reduce NewsNation Prime to just 1 hour, from 9-10 PM EST. Abrams will continue to serve as Chief Legal Analyst for ABC News.
  24. Both anchors are now sitting at the desk as of 4PM today.
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