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  1. With Cuomo fired and Michael Smerconish hosting the 9PM hour this week, that block is simply referred to as "CNN Tonight", according to TV Passport and the CNN schedule on their website.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised. I'll bet CBS would do anything to boost ratings for CBSEN at this point.
  3. Brian Williams will NOT be renewing his contract with MSNBC; he will be leaving the network at the end of the year. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/brian-williams-leaving-msnbc-nbc-news-1235108664/
  4. With Kelly Clarkson moving into the 3PM slot at the NBC O&Os next season this show could be the replacement in the 2PM slot.
  5. In this case, she said on her Twitter that she is leaving the news industry altogether.
  6. Screencap of WCAU 4PM intro. I believe this is the first time they’ve had the Philly skyline featured in their intro since 2014 (which is when they switched to the standard Look F graphics). They’re also using the older cut of LA Groove in the intro that they used from 2014-2016.
  7. Two big pieces of NewsNation programming updates revealed today: Adrienne Bankert will anchor the new morning block, "Morning in America", from 7-10 AM EST starting September 27. ABC News Chief Legal Analyst and A&E host Dan Abrams will anchor a new program, "Dan Abrams Live", from 8-9 PM EST starting September 27. Ultimately, this will reduce NewsNation Prime to just 1 hour, from 9-10 PM EST. Abrams will continue to serve as Chief Legal Analyst for ABC News.
  8. Both anchors are now sitting at the desk as of 4PM today.
  9. WPVI in Philly has almost all of their on-air people back in-studio and the anchors are sitting closer together (not pre-COVID closeness).
  10. I was checking the listings for this weekend and I noticed that World News Tonight is being pre-empted on Saturdays in favor of an hour-long 6:00PM newscast (at least this and next Saturday). This was listed on both TV Passport and On TV Tonight. I'll have to watch for myself to see if this is true.
  11. Neeraj Khemlani, an executive at Hearst newspapers and Wendy McMahon, formerly of ABC News, have been named the new president and co-heads of CBS News, replacing the departing Susan Zirinsky. In addition, a press release from ViacomCBS has revealed that CBS will be merging CBS News and CBS Television Stations into "one divisional and leadership structure."
  12. They were airing infomercials in the 8AM hour on Sundays. This is the temporary set that is being used for their newscasts while the new set is being worked on. But I could eventually see this be reworked into a set for CBSN Philly...
  13. WFMZ is having technical difficulties preventing them from airing their 10 PM newscast. They are showing their 5 PM newscast in its place at the moment.
  14. I like the new name, but I can't tell if they're being serious or if it's just an elaborate April Fool's joke...
  15. Starting with the 2021 season, the NFL regular season will now consist of 17 games (18 weeks). The extra game will feature "teams from opposing conferences that finished in the same place within their division the previous season". In addition, the preseason has been reduced to 3 games per team.
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