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  1. From the City of Brotherly Love: WPVI: Tamron Hall moving to 2PM to make way for Action News at 10AM. This week only (9/4) Rachel Ray is running in the 10AM slot. WCAU: No changes. KYW: Dr. Phil is dropped starting 9/11 (moving to WPHL) in favor of Family Feud reruns at 3PM. WTXF: The Good Day After Show, which has been heavily advertised as being streaming only on the FOX Local app starting this week, will be seen linearly starting 9/11 from 10-11 AM, unofficially expanding Good Day Philadelphia to 7 hours. As a result, Sherri and Jennifer Hudson are both pushed to 11 AM and Noon respectively. Pictionary and 25 Words or Less are remaining at the 1PM hour but switching places. 2PM will now have a replay of the 9AM hour of Good Day, like when Dr. Oz was pulled, replacing a run of You Bet Your Life. Extra moving to 7PM, with TMZ now at 7:30PM replacing the second run of YBYL, with only the run one of Dish Nation at 12:30AM. Locally, The Phantastic Sports Show will be seen at 11:30PM. WPSG: Coinciding with the rebrand to Philly 57, major daytime changes are occurring. Funny You Should Ask moved up to 9AM, with 10AM now featuring iCRIME and Court Cam (the latter starting 9/11). 11AM this week (9/4) features a replay of Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight, but starting 9/11 will feature Equal Justice w/Judge Eboni K. Williams and We the People w/ Judge Lauren Lake at 11:30AM. Justice for All w/Judge Cristina Perez moved up to 12:30 PM. The rest of daytime includes Cutlers Court at 1PM, Justice for the People w/ udge Milian at 2PM, and Mathis Court w/Judge Mathis at 3PM, the latter two replacing Relative Justice and The People's Court. Another hour of Hot Bench at 4PM, replacing Judge Mathis. The syndie run of People Puzzler added at 6:30PM, replacing a Family Feud run, which will still be seen at 6 and 7-8PM. Replacing the CW shows will be CBS News Philadelphia at 8PM and 48 Hours at 9PM. Law and Order: SVU, The Neighborhood, and The King of Queens will all move up an hour, starting at 10PM. WPHL: Other than adding the CW lineup during primetime, quite a few lineup changes. Jerry Springer moving up to 10AM, resulting in Justice w/ Judge Mablean moving to 3-4AM, displacing MNT programming. One run of Maury has been replaced with another run of Karamo at 11AM. Dr. Phil moving from KYW at 4PM, replacing Black-ish. Young Sheldon moving up to 5PM and adding another run of Big Bang Theory at 5:30PM. Due to adding the CW, an hour of Modern Family is now at 11PM, with Friends now only seen on Sundays, and Mom moving to 2AM, displacing MNT programming. MNT programming has been moved to their Antenna TV subchannel, running in-pattern from 8-10 PM. WFMZ: Hot Bench moving to 10AM, replacing Rachel Ray. Entertainment Tonight replacing Ring Nation at 11AM, moving to 8PM. 48 Hours at 3PM, with Dateline moving to 9PM. Inside Edition at 8:30PM. Court Cam at 4:30AM as a lead in to 69 News at Sunrise.
  2. The Eyewitness News name will likely never return because of the controversy associated with the name as well as the antics Dunn and Friend pulled at KYW.
  3. This was already posted in the WCBS topic but might as well post it here: morning meteorologist Elise Finch has suddenly passed away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPXWRsRpOt4&pp=ygUMY2JzIG5ldyB5b3Jr https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/remembering-our-beloved-colleague-elise-finch/
  4. From what I've watched recently, Natasha is doing the 9AM show solo, while still co-anchoring at 4PM, rather than the morning crew. I think that started around the same time the 7AM hour launched.
  5. Llarisa Abreu is leaving the station. Her last day is February 17th. https://www.instagram.com/p/CoXZ9PruS9p/
  6. Weekend anchor Joe Holden has announced his promotion as Chief Investigative reporter/anchor. Newcomer Aziza Shuler will take his place at the anchor desk, in addition to reporting 3 days a week.
  7. It appears she is at KYW full time now, as clicking her bio on CBS Chicago's site just leads to a 404 not found page.
  8. Just to show how short staffed CBS3 is right now, they had Kate fill in all day Saturday and Llarisa fill in all day Sunday for weather (and is still on this morning!) Also, with Jim and Janelle off this morning, Howard Monroe is filling in, in addition to Natasha still in for Jim, along with Victoria Woodill doing traffic.
  9. Last week KCNC announced that CBS 4 News would be rebranded as CBS Colorado News, in addition to adding 9AM and 4PM newscasts starting next Monday. https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/cbs-news-colorado-announces-new-initiative-additional-newscasts/?fbclid=IwAR1fZUYQHbzc1nUCY5vuxQqHsJiPJmpCvUTeEAaDL8qg5mPbYRydlSgM2sk
  10. CBS Weekend News still using the old Evening News graphics as of tonight.
  11. I saw a job listing for a 9AM newscast on CBS3 a while back, but I haven't seen anything else on who will anchor.
  12. Didn't know where else to put this, but while browsing through some Detroit Now News clips (just for the hell of it), it appears that the local segments are now being done in-house instead of being outsourced from KTVT. Shaina Humphries (as seen in the screenshot) was one of the recent hires for the upcoming CBS News Detroit.
  13. It was revealed a few months ago that Drew Barrymore will be reformatted into two half-hour segments to make room for the 9AM newscasts on CBS O&Os. The first airing would be a lead out from those 9AM newscasts, while the second airing would air later in the day or on duopoly stations.
  14. KYW finally made the switch today, leaving Detroit as the only CBS O&O to still be using the CBS Local layout (liekly until the launch of CBS News Detroit). https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/ In addition, CBS News Philly has been renamed to CBS News Philadelphia. The CBS3 name is still being used (for now) but there has been a lot more emphasis on the CBS News Philadelphia name.
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