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  1. Reporter George Solis back on the air tonight after falling ill due to COVID-19 a few weeks ago. https://6abc.com/health/action-news-reporter-george-solis-recovers-from-coronavirus/6081673/
  2. WCAU no longer has the rings as of today.
  3. Not sure when this happened, but it appears WFMZ's morning news has been expanded until 10am. It is just called "69 News at 9:00" rather than "Live at Sunrise" (which probably makes sense as it is well after sunrise).
  4. Why do I feel it's not a coincidence?
  5. They don't have any original newscasts, their half-hour newscasts are looped at the second half-hour, no dedicates set, not to mention they don't run at all on the weekends, just running a simulcast of the national CBSN feed.
  6. Not as far as I know. Are they the only CBSN local station (so far) without a dedicated set?
  7. She said on her Facebook that she's been going through a health issue but hopes to be back on the air soon.
  8. They seem to be using Beyond for more of the tags, just not as the main theme.
  9. No doubt about that!
  10. Sadly that appears to be the case This makes WTXF and WTTG the only two O&Os not using Beyond.
  11. WTXF (finally) has the new graphics. I believe that all of the O&Os have the new graphics as of now.
  12. Wondering what the holdup is?
  13. With CBSN Philly, is there a possibility that the CW Philly's 10pm could be replaced by a local CBSN Philly rebroadcast (similar to WLNY and WSBK)?
  14. I thought it was only weeknights during the impeachment coverage but when I looked at the schedule it appears to be permanent; so far, they seem to be the only O&O to make it permanent.
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