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  1. Speaking of KYW, it looks like they have dropped their simulcast of CBS Evening News. According to their current schedule, the spot formerly held by CBSEN has been replaced with "Philadelphia's Afternoon News." KYW changed up their schedule a couple weeks ago, ahead of their FM simulcast launch, so that might have been when they dropped it. Worth noting that only played the first 15 minutes of CBSEN, going back to local at 6:45. https://www.radio.com/kywnewsradio/shows/show-schedule UPDATE: they are still playing CBSEN, but it is strangely not listed on the schedule.
  2. I remember a few years ago when Eagles games aired on MNF, WPVI moved their pre-game show and the game itself to WPHL, likely because of Dancing With The Stars (WPVI also produces their 10PM newscast). The game last year did air on WPVI though.
  3. I didn't think it was possible for a cable provider to lose their own channels.
  4. On WTXF, TMZ usually airs at 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM. However, if sports airs at 7:30 and local news gets pushed back to 11/11:30, than they don't air TMZ at all that day.
  5. WTXF in Philly is still using OSI for their main theme. I think Beyond is only used for breaking news.
  6. And before that, all of the special reports for the impeachment trial.
  7. The Cosby Show is still on TV One as of 2020; I believe that is the only network that still airs the show today. TV Passport has it listed from 8-9 AM EST on weekdays.
  8. In Philly, Monk is airing on WPSG Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 PM.
  9. In Philly, it appears The 700 Club will be permanently airing on WPHL at 9:00 AM, after being broadcast on both WPSG and WPHL at that time for the past couple of weeks. Taking its place on WPSG will be a rerun of Judge Mathis.
  10. Don't know if this is the place to put it, but Comedy Central will air Schitt's Creek starting on Friday, October 2nd. They will air 5 episodes a week. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/schitts-creek-repeats-to-air-on-comedy-central
  11. Without getting too off-topic, that's a shocker IMO.
  12. Here are my predictions right now: 4-7AM: Keith and Erin 11AM: Lucy (she did 11AM today at least) 4PM: Tracy and Jim 5PM: Tracy and Jackie 6/7/11PM: Jim and Jackie Weekend Mornings: Stephania Weekend Evenings: Rosemary You could swap Jim and Jackie's places at 4 and 5. I just can't see Tracy anchoring two hour-long newscasts by herself, even during the pandemic.
  13. Yeah I've checked WTXF and it's not on there, either on weekdays or weekends. Maybe they'll show it on weekends when there's a rare occasion that there isn't any sports.
  14. Is Schitt's Creek not being carried in the Philly area? I've looked at the listings and haven't seen it in any of the local channels. It's not a big deal for me, it's just weird that market #4 wouldn't have it at all.
  15. I noticed that. It could be a transition, like you said, but there is no reason it should be airing on two local channels, let alone at the same time (9 AM).

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