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  1. 49 minutes ago, mrschimpf said:

    It took me by surprise when I saw it and I thought 'did they do that promo in Wausau or Madison?' and seeing that they didn't. And I'm trying to figure out the gymnastics of where the new set is in their building, or if they've just been pushing in elements as they got them (it explains why we haven't seen the physical weather center for weeks, which is easy to hide if everyone outside the morning staff can work from home). They were also doing all of their advertorials at the anchor desk lately with the screen projecting the advertiser's background rather than in front of the greenscreen like they usually do.

    I'm glad that wasn't the case and they're finally getting something quality. Good riddance (finally!) to the final Young set-in-a-box.

    One last holdout still left... WLNS/WLAJ in Lansing

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