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  1. Longtime WILX Chief Meteorologist Darrin Rockcole is hanging it up.
  2. WJRT is replacing WeatherNation with Bounce on their 12.6 subchannel beginning Aug 1st.
  3. Looks like the bios have returned to the new Gray sites. A few examples below: https://www.abc12.com/about-us/meet-the-team/ https://www.dakotanewsnow.com/about-us/meet-the-team/
  4. Looks like WLNM-LD in Lansing is now in Gray's hands, with it now being used to retransmit WILX's main signal along with its subchannels. TCT programming has been added to a new subchannel on 10.7/27.7. https://www.wilx.com/content/misc/Heres-how-to-rescan-your-television-571506471.html
  5. Includes a small look at the temporary digs during construction.
  6. Looks like they have switched to the Sinclair on-air look partially. Still using old WX graphics atm.
  7. Dish announces temporary agreement with the Nexstar sidecars. https://www.ozarksfirst.com/local-news/dish-announces-short-term-agreement-with-broadcast-groups/
  8. As I initially posted on Discord, ABC 33/40 appears to be next in line for the new graphics. They have phased in the new Sinclair WX graphics. They also transitioned from TWC/WSI Max to Baron.
  9. WTOL/WTVG in Toledo and WZDX/WAFF in Huntsville also come to mind.
  10. Also interesting to note that the weather graphics remain the same (from Wed. AM Online Forecast)
  11. Ah, thanks for letting me know.
  12. Sad news from Shreveport tonight as Bob Griffin passed away due to complications from an illness. https://www.ktbs.com/news/the-legend-bob-griffin/article_bda07e44-46f2-11ea-970a-13c3eb73815f.html
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