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  1. From CBS47 at Jacksonville, this was news coverage of a map when Hurricane Dorian hit North Carolina. https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/hurricane-dorian-moves-north-of-florida/979391894
  2. If the bottom one is the modern one, that that looks pretty good for something that came out of the minimalist style.
  3. Oh, if that's the case, then at least have a local news station channel that could run 24/7 (much like NY1, but for anyone who has a television), so at least there would be people who would watch something that came from their area rather than catch up around a specific time for the news slot.
  4. This is why they should have a cable access local news station in the tri state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), since many people do want to see their local news from where they live. Especially if it's from a certain cable company that keeps doing this crap since the early 90s (*cough* Time Warner, now known as WarnerMedia *cough*).
  5. They still have the typical Local on the 8s music that they had since at least the mid 2010s. Not sure about anything else within their music packages at the time though.
  6. Fox 5 News, February 2001 Fox 5 News, September 2002 Fox 5 News, March 2006
  7. I could get that they should have a Local on the 8s or something like that, if people were watching the channel at say, 2am. I find LOT8s to still be very fascinating despite TWC taking less depth on them for a while now. Although at least the news programming is somewhat relatable to weather stuff. I also agree with you on how the Internet doesn't give you exact detail on weather compared to stuff like the local news or even The Weather Channel. Which is why I felt disappointed on not having The Weather Channel on my cable package when FiOS took it off from it in 2015.
  8. Maybe they didn't think of putting it in because they didn't thought a lot of people were watching their channel at 2 in the morning waiting for the latest hurricane updates when most of them are sleeping.
  9. NY1 wasn't really king in New York City. Heck, even the local television stations like WNBC or WCBS seems to be king because not only it is widely available towards everyone who lives in the NYC area, but it was also loyal to people for decades. NY1 is still good if you want to listen to local news in the area, but unless you don't have Spectrum cable, then you're out of luck. Which is sad because NY1 used to be one of my favorite channels when I had Time Warner Cable in the 2000s.
  10. The modern outlook with their channel seems pretty interesting, now that I finally looked at since July of this year.
  11. I like how The Weather Channel always makes interesting changes to their graphics whenever they do them. It makes them unique compared to other channels (including ones that deal with the weather).
  12. I hope this new local channel is available towards everybody who has FiOS subscribed, instead of a local area that's only available towards a specific cable network. Or at least have different regions for said news network. I really would want that for FiOS.
  13. They should have put FiOS1 in New York City, especially if they had NY1 exclusive for Time Warner Cable subscribers. I seriously hope they consider that in the near future, even though they just ended their broadcasting in New Jersey.
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