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  1. Please send Mike Marza packing; he truly is an out-and-out embarrassment. No one cares that his wife was named for the Stevie Nicks song. He is (granted, inadvertently, because he’s clueless) ageist, pronouncing, “Look how young I am, My wife’s parents liked the song “Rhiannon” so much when they first heard it in 1975 that they named their daughter after it.” This does not make him accessible and relatable to viewers; rather, it makes him out to be a boorish buffoon, and yes, an insufferable whippersnapper. The only reason I continue to watch is because of Michelle, Toni, and Amy. Next thing you know, he’ll be pulling out an “I Like Ike” button, bragging that it belonged to his great-great grandparents. Staff at Eyewitness News should walk around wearing an “I Don’t Like Mike” button!
  2. Who is that young whippersnapper filling in for Ken? Just heard his name is Mike. He’s supremely annoying and phony. I hope Ken is just on vacation and will be coming back soon. Can’t deal with the toothy smile.
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