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  1. The CW Plus changes starting Monday: - A full hour of Cops at 6a & 6:30a. - A full of hour of Maury at 10a & 11a. - Judge Jerry moves to 2p. - A full hour of Jerry Springer at 3p & 4p. - Sheriffs El Dorado County moves to 1a.
  2. On March 30: Changes in Palm Springs afternoon KESQ: The Kelly Clarkson Show replaces Tamron Hall at 3pm. KDFX: Tamron Hall replaces The Kelly Clarkson Show
  3. Due to coronavirus concerns, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune will be taping episodes without a studio audience.
  4. Hey Palm Springs, update (as of 9/6) America Says premieres on KPSE MyTV September 16 at 9am! (x2)
  5. Starting September 16th, The Wendy Williams Show and Family Feud will use (2006-2011) TV-PG and CC bug by CBS TV Distribution. After the credits, the CBS Television Distribution appears.
  6. Yes, syndicated programs include: America Says, The Mel Robbins Show & 25 Words or Less
  7. So, if you can't tell already Palm Springs. September 16, Personal Injury Court (x2) replaces Face The Truth will be on KPSE MyTV at 3pm!
  8. On September 16th, 25 Words or Less is joining KDFX FOX 11 to the daytime lineup at 5:30pm after TMZ. Updates coming soon to tvguide.com and zap2it.com
  9. I'm excited about the new Access Hollywood franchise, 2 brand new shows, All Access, and Access Daily (formerly Access Live) Premiering September 9th! I can't wait!
  10. One last thing, Palm Springs. September 9th, KDFX FOX 11 will air The Kelly Clarkson Show at 3pm replacing Steve. Then on September 16th, The Mel Robbins Show will be on CBS Local 2 at 3pm replacing Pickler & Ben.
  11. On September 16th, The Mel Robbins Show joins KDOC at 2pm replacing Chicago P.D. but Primary run continues at 3pm.
  12. Another syndication changes: Bob's Burgers is premiering on KCAL 9 starting September 16th at 2:30am.
  13. WXYZ, Kelly and Ryan are still at 9am. Tamron Hall premieres on TV20 Detroit at 11AM, While WXYZ 7 airs The Kelly Clarkson Show at 3pm.
  14. Syndication changes: American Ninja Warrior will join KCAL 9 starting September 21st at 5pm.
  15. Another Syndication changes in Los Angeles. The Doctors will move back to CBS 2 starting September 9th at 2pm replacing Face the Truth.
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