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  1. The CBS Weekend News from the Broadcast Center looks so more refreshing than the plasitc show Norah puts on. Just close that studio and bring everybody back to New York. It's a waste of money and time. It also lends credibility.
  2. So Tanchek gets on the air to warn everybody that he's going to create a First Alert because bad weather will be here in two days. Two days later the First Alert fizzles into a small storm with showers. They have made the weather on WOIO unwatchable especially when they almost shout it at you.
  3. WOIO's weather is nauseating. Power planner, First Alert and all the other BS. They yell the forecast at you. It's a tune out factor big time. Tanchek is the worst, as soon as I hear his voice, it's goodbye. They are trying to reinvent the wheel. People in Cleveland have lived here since the 1950's without that kind of treatment from broadcasters. WOIO yells the weather world is coming to an end next Tuesday. The other stations treat the viewers properly. No disrespect but Gray Television can take their way of doing things back to the small markets. It won't work here.
  4. Sorry if I confused you all. Yes time and temp should be there between 7 AM and 9 AM. Not everyone is walking around with their phone constantly. It can be done right and not be obtrusive. The problem with WOIO is their current incarnation of their logo is too big on the right side of the screen. Time/temp can't fit with CBS Mornings new graphics.
  5. Since CBS Mornings debut, there are new graphics but WOIO has no time/temp anymore. I would assume they need to get the chyron to reposition that to match the new graphics. Very annoying to watch when you want a quick look at the temperature. I guess they'll fix it just in time for CBS' new morning program retool in 2024.
  6. Just saw WOIO's Samantha Roberts and her 19 First Alert WX BS with Lake Erie green and Cleveland in blue. Later the lake is blue and the land is green. ???
  7. Just tonight on CBS' debut of the CBS Special Presentation animation before Frosty the Snowman got covered up by WOIO's wonderful on crack engineering department. They covered up with first few seconds with a Carvana commercial. I recorded it and sure enough, they screwed it up. Before this tonight there were running a Spectrum spot with digital audio buzz for a few weeks. I swear no one at that station watches the on the air signal.
  8. Hopefully everyone on this has calmed. The new name has been slightly if not at all noticed by the audience. It's a clean sweep for a move to a new studio. The content of the program has not changed other than one anchor. A nice update that sits well. The use of the Sunday Morning music theme integrated for every morning show works. The audience knows this music as it has been used for over 42 years at CBS. "CBS logo" bug resize and realignment is interesting. Just need to get affiliates to time and temp update.
  9. Can't forget The CBS Morning News with Sally Quinn and Hughes Rudd from 1973.
  10. CBS News has failed to run the House Select Committee hearing of the Jan 6 Capitol Riot. ABC News has it on. CBS News has turned into the rah rah network for happy people attempting to be anchors. Norah is terrible and Susan Zirinsky has turned it into a circus. CBS reporters create great stories but the network is held together by cheap glue. Shame on you CBS News for not running the hearing. I guess the Price is Right is what the country needs right now.
  11. The new thing now at WOIO is when they go from CBS to local, the switch in master control causes a 2 second audio/video drop. It's asinine and has been going on for years. So when they leave the CBS Television network and transition into the local news at 11, (wait), master control hits the switch so 19 Action News starts and then when the anchor starts to talk, the 2 second dropout occurs. The place is a joke. The anchor who is stays off set look likes a fool. Great stories, but this is the worst production in the USA. Even United Artists TV and Gaylord would cringe at this. Also asinine, they are back to the time/temp top of the hour with no time/temp!!! HAHAHAHA! Why do a time temp if you can't do it? Lazy ass station. COVID is not an excuse anymore. Lazy staff.
  12. WOIO has preempted CBS This Morning this morning and there really is no need to. Cleveland did not get the snow as expected. Once again, WOIO is a joke. Last week they did a complete story with anchor Tiffany Tucker, her narration showed an empty studio chair for 45 seconds. This place is a dismal television station in a market that likes CBS. Losers every time they are the air. We are going to start doing shots when they screw up. Big fun awaits. The engineers don't care. Life in a basement.
  13. The technical difficulties are to the point where you can't keep tabs. The place is a mess. Anchors don't know what day it is, reporters are doing the best. Sports at 6 is the same at 11. It's a repack house. Producers are so lame, Thursday at 6, towards the end of the broadcast they ran a CBS Norah O'Donnell custom with Tiffany intro at 27:00 in the hour. So the viewer gets the nauseating headlines that we will see 3 minutes from now, AGAIN! The station is a waste case and the CBS Television Network should find a new station if possible. The worst television news I have ever seen, pandemic or not, WOIO sucks!
  14. Again, 2 minutes of headlines just cut in on story time. When does the insanity end? And you care about 4:3?
  15. Yes, and Nora at CBS bragged at her inauguration that she was proud that the headlines were reduced down in time in an interview. CBS is now at point where it's worse than ABC. Lead with the lead. Let the reporters tell their stories! New idea, Nora does the headlines from Washington and John Dickerson anchors the show from the Broadcast Center.
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