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  1. The new thing now at WOIO is when they go from CBS to local, the switch in master control causes a 2 second audio/video drop. It's asinine and has been going on for years. So when they leave the CBS Television network and transition into the local news at 11, (wait), master control hits the switch so 19 Action News starts and then when the anchor starts to talk, the 2 second dropout occurs. The place is a joke. The anchor who is stays off set look likes a fool. Great stories, but this is the worst production in the USA. Even United Artists TV and Gaylord would
  2. WOIO has preempted CBS This Morning this morning and there really is no need to. Cleveland did not get the snow as expected. Once again, WOIO is a joke. Last week they did a complete story with anchor Tiffany Tucker, her narration showed an empty studio chair for 45 seconds. This place is a dismal television station in a market that likes CBS. Losers every time they are the air. We are going to start doing shots when they screw up. Big fun awaits. The engineers don't care. Life in a basement.
  3. "What? Why? How many OTA News Networks do we need?" Did you not read the news release? Multicultural News Network (MNN), a "non-partisan national news network" dedicated to (including, but not limited to) the Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, and LGBTQ voices and communities.
  4. 'Bachelorette' broadcast in Detroit mistakenly airs 2020 election results favoring Trump in Michigan https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/bachelorette-detroit-mistakenly-2020-election-results-trump-michigan
  5. The technical difficulties are to the point where you can't keep tabs. The place is a mess. Anchors don't know what day it is, reporters are doing the best. Sports at 6 is the same at 11. It's a repack house. Producers are so lame, Thursday at 6, towards the end of the broadcast they ran a CBS Norah O'Donnell custom with Tiffany intro at 27:00 in the hour. So the viewer gets the nauseating headlines that we will see 3 minutes from now, AGAIN! The station is a waste case and the CBS Television Network should find a new station if possible. The worst television news I
  6. Again, 2 minutes of headlines just cut in on story time. When does the insanity end? And you care about 4:3?
  7. Yes, and Nora at CBS bragged at her inauguration that she was proud that the headlines were reduced down in time in an interview. CBS is now at point where it's worse than ABC. Lead with the lead. Let the reporters tell their stories! New idea, Nora does the headlines from Washington and John Dickerson anchors the show from the Broadcast Center.
  8. What happened to giving the audience the news now? No wait, we'll tell you the stories in 2 minutes, but first this. The producers who produce these opens have taken it too far. The only broadcast that does it creatively is CBS This Morning with "Your World in 90 Seconds". Everyone else is just wasting the viewers time. It's old hat and ridiculous.
  9. Just to be clear, I am referring to the 1978 Newscenter 8 set.
  10. The Newscenter 8 set was designed by Hilton Murray, Art Director at WJKW. It was built by a local union shop that made department store displays in Cleveland, Ohio.
  11. They have limited space and this time it looks like the have found a way to make it look great on the air. Why have a weather center in the studio? WJW's is in their newsroom. Great job on the new set.
  12. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    So what are you saying? You sound like you are talking at a fashion show. It's TV News!
  13. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    It's amateur hour at "Circle thin 3".
  14. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    Because it's thin and does not pop! Not comparing to Univision, that's a joke. WKYC's logo will be lost. It is terrible.
  15. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    It's terrible. It does not stand out at all. This is the fact that management is lost. The thin logo, complete failure. They also went back to the Orange paint for the newsroom that they used when the station debuted in the building in 2001. I guess they had some extra paint cans in the back. This is completely unacceptable and the logo is... ?

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