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  1. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    So what are you saying? You sound like you are talking at a fashion show. It's TV News!
  2. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    It's amateur hour at "Circle thin 3".
  3. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    Because it's thin and does not pop! Not comparing to Univision, that's a joke. WKYC's logo will be lost. It is terrible.
  4. Vidifont

    The "3" Thread

    It's terrible. It does not stand out at all. This is the fact that management is lost. The thin logo, complete failure. They also went back to the Orange paint for the newsroom that they used when the station debuted in the building in 2001. I guess they had some extra paint cans in the back. This is completely unacceptable and the logo is... ?
  5. It takes 2 studios = 2 union crews. Be realistic. WJW is doing it right. The audience is loyal. They will stay. Studio A the place to stay. However, WEWS is a joke, WKYC is living on borrowed time and WOIO is...? The anchors are not holding anything down, It;s painful to watch. I think, yes I think they should let the sports guys do the news cuz they have the energy. WOIO is a waste of time. Only thing they have going for them is CBS and they don't embrace the network. BIG MISTAKE. It's a major market fools. This war will not be won by Gray, they don't have the experience. They are Sinclair like, laughable. Gray is screwed in Cleveland. Read this in 24 months. We will both have a laugh! So go way far WJW!, the new set is a big win brothers and sisters!!! The people love that station. Next?
  6. The new set at WJW is just what I expected. Looks great, BDI comes though again.
  7. I never realized this before but WJW has two different font styles for the "8" on the current set. There is the FOX 8 logo and the 8 used on set pieces and in the newsroom live shot. I have always disliked the 8 used in the logo. It's goofy looking. The other 8 looks modern. Almost like Avant Garde. Just look at the pics in this thread.
  8. Yes, the WJW 1996 set was in studio A also. As for WEWS, the large studio at the front of the building was instantly made smaller when they built an HD control room. This took a chunk of studio space away. Previously, they built a sports area upstairs on the other side of the studio and this also took studio space away. When they do a wide shot, the camera is almost touching the back wall. Stations don't seem to understand, less space = less camera angles which affects HD depth control. WOIO is in the basement and their news set is so crammed into the small space they call a studio. You can see it on the air. Embarrassing to say the least. I feel like the anchor's script might fall out of my television onto my living room floor.
  9. I grew up and worked in that building as a teenage copyboy in 1977-1980. Studio B was the news studio and A was for Noontime, public affairs, Hoolihan and Big Chuck, etc... Studio A is a very nice studio. In my opinion that place is planned out nicer than WKYC which I am also very familiar with. They have enough room to do something very cool in there. Can't wait to see what we'll see.
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