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  1. I thought it was because Amy is still on vacation, Jeff is coming off doing all of the weekend newscasts, Lee is still on vacation, and there would be nobody to do the news briefs. I don't know if it was entirely because of social distancing, although that's likely a part of it
  2. I doubt that will happen since Rob and Michelle do very well on the weekends, although I wonder if Shirleen will go back to strictly noon at some point now that she's had her second child. To be honest, I was surprised she even picked up the morning newscasts since that happened right after she came back from having her first child. WABC does have a chance to groom some new anchors, as they've been doing with Mike Marza and Candace McCowan, and longtime fill-in stalwarts like Toni Yates and Lauren Glassberg. I do know WABC is doing new promos for all of the newscasts in the coming weeks, so I
  3. I've had a chance to visit the station on several occasions. The screen goes black after newscasts and teasers are done.
  4. Mike Marza. Ken has been on vacation, based on his FB and IG posts. He's been doing a pretty good job behind the anchor desk. Like anything, it takes time to adjust, but I like his style. I think he'll be pretty good.
  5. She worked 4th of July, and she and Sam shared a nostalgic moment

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