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  1. Well, WFIE has finally ditched the old Raycom graphics and moved over to Gray graphics. They're still using old versions of their logo on the weather bug and time/temp bug; it would look better flat and possibly all white in a gray/black translucent background. Many of the new graphics focus solely on the 14 and ditch the NBC peacock. Apologies for the poor screengrabs.
  2. Weigel has turned on WZDS-LD in Evansville. Channel 13.1. They are airing three-hour blocks of Collectors Call (I think from Me-TV). During breaks they show nothing but promos for Me, Decades, Start, and H&I. Waiting to see what happens next.
  3. Well… WFIE has upgraded the weather graphics, or should I say just the 7 day graphics. Lots of VR in the weather hits now.
  4. I think WFIE is preparing to take the NBC logo out of their branding when they eventually flip. The new website banner lacks the peacock and their Roku graphics seem to lack the peacock in most places too.
  5. Lots more stations added to the list in the last 24 hours. HC2 appears to be adding more LD stations fast, and a lot are Newsy. Ex: Evansville's WELW-LD popped up; still CP---not on air yet but listed on Newsy's site on their station directory; albeit they list it in KY, not IN.
  6. Just noticed in YouTubeTV library that WFIE also has the honeycomb look. Just there though.
  7. Anyone seen or heard which stations will be Newsy affiliates? (Besides Scripps stations)
  8. WFIE back in their main studio today with completed lighting upgrades. Video wall installed. Still on Raycom graphics for the most part.
  9. They moved back at 11 am today. Really just a lighting upgrade… and still on Raycom graphics.
  10. Dan Katz is retiring from WFIE after 27 years anchoring "Sunrise." Tanner Holbrook will move to weekday mornings. https://www.facebook.com/dan.katz.7739/posts/428571045520225
  11. I think if Gray had adopted WAVE's original new graphics, before they went to some of Gray's new graphics, they'd look better all-around. WAVE designed in-house graphics in 2019 and used them for what, almost a year. They looked great, and they still do in the WX department since they kept a version of those in-house graphics. https://www.wave3.com/2019/11/22/who-are-artists-behind-wave-news-new-look/ I'm hoping some of the Meredith graphics influence Gray's future. I really liked the graphics they've been using since Meredith debuted new ones last year, but even more so when KMOV did a total reset a couple years back. It's got some similarities to the font in the Raycom look that WVUE, WFIE and others are still using.
  12. That wouldn't surprise me since their Mt. Auburn home is so small. I noticed they put some kind of video wall in for the Olympics. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSE71n0gvmu/
  13. Yes, WSAZ. I'm seeing elements of both packages is what's weird.
  14. WFIE has moved to a new set and is teasing improvements with a "lighting upgrade" in the studio, but more so in terms of graphics, they have updated the Gray ticker to more frequent use and some of their in-house commercials look to be featuring some of the elements that KFVS, WSAV, and WXIX have in their new graphics. Only time will tell...
  15. Makes me wonder the same for WFIE
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