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  1. WFIE has been using the Gray ticker while also using Raycom L3s and opens/title cards. They are really due for a full set remodel. They got new backdrops a few years ago but the studio itself is probably from 2009-11 timeframe.
  2. For the life of me, I can't figure out when Dr. Oz is airing in Evansville, IN starting 9/16... Looked at the guides and I'm seeing Mel Robbins replacing Oz on WEHT. WEHT using a third episode of Family Feud to replace WWTBAM, which ran its entire run M-F @ 6:30pm after the news. The first two eps. still rung 9-10 on WTVW.
  3. I'm so glad "WEHT Local" is no longer going to be a thing. Saying ABC25 and CW7 makes so much more sense. Lots of rehearsal videos on their official YouTube channel.
  4. Anyone heard any updates? Kind of wondering if they are holding off on debuting the new set due to the fact they are in the retrans. dispute with DirecTV/ATT...
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