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  1. WPTV's 1980's set is another Scripps set of the time.
  2. WOIO's 12th Street Studio. This is something Good Morning America & The Today Show got to use in terms of Street Side Studios. WOIO still uses this 12th Street Studio for certain things like during the pandemic as a set to be used for social distancing.
  3. I mentioned earlier that News Desk 2 had of the WEWS 1995 set had 2 different backdrops apart from the sunrise backdrop used for Good Morning Cleveland. Both these images shown have that monitor. Desk 2 with original skyline Desk 2 with skyline featuring Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  4. His WEWS news theme on NewsMusicNow is called WEWS Live On 5.
  5. ABC News set from the late 1990s. I know that another backdrop of Cleveland mainly with The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was used on the other anchor desk photo 2. Another was a sunrise for Good Morning Cleveland.
  6. The WKYC Set from 1993 and its 1999 refurbished version. The weather desk from the 1997 version and the 1999 refurbished version is currently used at the University of Akron in Kobe Hall for their Z-TV. Before that WVPX used it for PAX 23 News. The 1997 version had blue borders on the windows of the Cleveland Backdrop and the NBC logo on the front of the desk. The 1998 version darkened the walls to a red color.
  7. The best is Dateline NBC. Their set was like a command center.
  8. My first new topic right here. I am talking about news sets of the 1990's and their designers and fabricators. First off is WEWS sets from 1995 and 1998. I don't know who made these sets but they did look good. The 1995 set had desks similar to ABC News 20/20. The 1998 set was a product of its time coming in months after the 1998 WEWS logo debuted. Here is WJW's set from 1996. It went through some changes but the original is the work in progress.
  9. OK! WKYC Studios rebranding got off to a bad start but 2 years later, things improve.
  10. The first Ronald McDonald.
  11. That desk looks similar to what WEWS would use in 1995.
  12. Looks like WEWS is starting to ride the new ABC logo wagon. I'm not making this up. Look at their Facebook avatar. WEWS using the new ABC logo transition has just begun.
  13. That is John Leader. Here is another trailer with him.
  14. Here is the set of ABC's Good Morning America from the 70's.
  15. If WEWS doesn't use the new ABC logo soon, they will be the laughing stock.
  16. I have no idea who did those graphics. I don't even know who did the 1995 version of WEWS Ohio's Most Watched NewsTeam Graphics as seen in these videos. I don't know if the 1996 version replaced the 1995 version because of seizure concerns. I also don't even know who did the late 1997 WJW graphics as seen here.
  17. The old CBS Evening News Set with Good Old Walter Cronkite.
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