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  1. Here are some WKYC sets from 1980 and 1982.
  2. Check out WEWS's new 5 On Your Side Investigators chyron. At least they done away with the odd one. And it even has a bug logo on the upper left hand corner.
  3. Speech bubble above the chyron. It is like the chyron is talking.
  4. For WJW there are these sets. The one who made these sets is a mystery.
  5. WOIO is not the only one that broadcasts from the basement. Wayne and Garth do it.
  6. So the Lunch Break was a flop and What's New rose from the ashes of the Phoenix that was Lunch Break.
  7. That 5 On Your Side Investigators chyron looks like it should be better suited for YouTube or something.
  8. This was when the background was the 3 itself. Here are the backdrops themselves. Like I said before some of us can't stomach that Circle 3.
  9. You can't even stomach this. But 1993 was the prime year for WKYC. I remember these logos.
  10. Take a look right here. Why does WKYC have to go for a circle logo? They are being a copycat.
  11. 19 News was also WOIO's first name for it's newscasts. WOIO's news department is going back to it's roots. Also a return to the Ohio State Colors.
  12. BDI also made the previous set and the current WEWS set and the 2001 WKYC set. I have a hunch that I am seeing a hint of WEWS on the anchor desk. And yes, FOX 8 IS getting a new graphics package and music as Todd Meany mentioned.
  13. Here is WEWS TV 5 Eyewitness News Set Circa 1981. I have no idea who made this set.
  14. Here is WEWS's set circa 1984. It went through some changes over the years.
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