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  1. I am surprised that no one has mentioned the set of PBS Newshour so here it is. I have no idea who made these set for New York and Virgina.
  2. WEWS's set from around 1984 did go through some changes as one other user mentioned earlier. The 1st change was the logo overhead. The second was the monitors area behind the anchor desk was replace with some kind of platform with lines on it. The third change was the removal of the Eyewitness News logo and the background became a Cleveland skyline. A WEWS logo has been added to the front of the desk and a color change took effect. Just compare them.
  3. WKYC should of revived the snake 3 logo from the 1980's and used it instead.
  4. Beau Weaver the new VO for FOX 8 News. Wasn't he the guy so said "Thanks for joining us for the special preview. And now our Feature Presentation." on the Disney tapes from 1996 and so on? Looks kind of cramped in the New Day Cleveland Studio.
  5. We all know about the 1985 WJW set. It went through changes. The 1st was a logo change. The 2nd was a logo change and a new color scheme. The 3rd was a name and logo change.
  6. You know, I always loved Dick Goddard and his love for animals and the woolybear. May he rest in peace.
  7. Really sad. I heard it yesterday at work on ESPN Cleveland and I had no idea until I went online to FOX 8's website and found out that he did pass away. AMS Seal of Approval 45. Even the old WJW TV 8 logo is crying over the loss of Dick Goddard. Even old logos cry. Getting back on this topic, Dick's passing is a real bummer. We'll really miss you Dick Goddard.
  8. This new set may look good. I have seen one anchor in the newsroom or the 12th Street Studio and one anchor on the set or the 19 News Now set.
  9. Here are some WKYC sets from 1980 and 1982.
  10. Check out WEWS's new 5 On Your Side Investigators chyron. At least they done away with the odd one. And it even has a bug logo on the upper left hand corner.
  11. Speech bubble above the chyron. It is like the chyron is talking.
  12. For WJW there are these sets. The one who made these sets is a mystery.
  13. WOIO is not the only one that broadcasts from the basement. Wayne and Garth do it.

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