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  1. Right before GMA went to Times Square.
  2. As Chuckie Finster once said: "A clean room is a happy room." In this case a clean chyron is a happy chyron. At least we the graphics are improving.
  3. No white border. Way to go NBC.
  4. The first Dateline Set was the NBC Nightly News Set before Dateline switched to their command center set.
  5. WPTV's 1980's set is another Scripps set of the time.
  6. WOIO's 12th Street Studio. This is something Good Morning America & The Today Show got to use in terms of Street Side Studios. WOIO still uses this 12th Street Studio for certain things like during the pandemic as a set to be used for social distancing.
  7. I mentioned earlier that News Desk 2 had of the WEWS 1995 set had 2 different backdrops apart from the sunrise backdrop used for Good Morning Cleveland. Both these images shown have that monitor. Desk 2 with original skyline Desk 2 with skyline featuring Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
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