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  1. Looks like WCBS got spared so far... But long time WCBS TV Alum and CBS News reporter Don Dahler was one of the laid off so far.
  2. Didn't know David Ushery was also a WABC alum.. How long did he stay before making the switch to 30 Rock...
  3. I've been off the grid for a while but just noticing that every CBS O&O except NYC has laid off part of their staff.
  4. Too add on this: CBSN Boston is also producing CBSN programming in addition to DC & LA..
  5. Ahem.. If WCBS didn't get rid of the WLNY Studio in Riverhead.. None of this nonsense would be happening. Riverhead to Manhattan is nothing less than 90 minutes. It's good to see other talent from the LA O&O helping out WCBS.
  6. https://www.alticeusa.com/news/articles/feature/media/news-12-receives-market-leading-69-new-york-emmy-award®-nominations
  7. Also to add to your update: WBZ is still technically taking over CBSN New York and CBSN. UPDATE: Demarco Morgan- KCBS-LA doing newscasts today 5,6 & 11 this evening for WCBS TV & CBSN New York...
  8. Same thing during Kristine Johnson's segment on Sunday.. If WCBS didn't do away with their Long Island Bureau studio in Melville, that would of been the biggest difference. But dispatching work to WBZ, KCBS/KCAL and KPIX was their logic and the easiest way. Again, I really hope in the future that WCBS has something in place within the NYC area with regards to a different studio. I'm also a bit surprised that they didn't use the CBS Sports studios at Chelsea Piers- I believe is Pier 59... (Someone correct me on this). I also do know NFL Today is also filmed at the main studio at 57th street.
  9. Not happening anytime soon. NBC is very creative in finding ways to make their 3rd and 4th hours of today and as @MorningNews indicated those 2 hours are pretty popular.
  10. ... Special coverage of the Coronavirus. Only WCAU has a permanent 7PM newscast. Also, for now Access Hollywood and Extra won't be seen. So get used to this 7PM newscast for a while with a repeat of nightly news at 7:30.
  11. CBSN PHILLY (AM) Donovan (main studio) Burrell (Newsroom)
  12. Copy.. Appreciate the clarification.
  13. Thoughts... Source: FTV Live. My personal opinion: I've lost faith with WCBS TV years ago so this is nothing new with them. Situations like this you gotta have ample studio space throughout the tri-state area. Depending only with the 524 West 57th Street is not the best logistical thing to do. However, at this point what's done is done and I hope in the future that WCBS gets their act together and have additional NYC // Long Island studios and not have to depend on work in LA and Boston.
  14. Correct.... CBS3 Philly this morning. Jim Donovan at the Anchor Desk. Janelle Burrell at Newsroom. (Someone correct me on this please). I'm watching CBSN Philly.
  15. Not necessarily.. CBSN NY via CBSN Boston today.. Day 5.
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