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  1. Oh, trust me I wouldn't be surprised if it takes that long. 8/22: Kerry Drew anchoring again solo.
  2. 1) Neither Antwan/Teresa are coming back to mornings. 2) WNYW is actively looking for a new anchor(s) to do GDWUP 3) This search will take a while. It may go into months. So stay tuned.
  3. I don't think it's necessary to have traffic anchors during weekend AM news. This is why you have AM radio to provide traffic coverage. I know at least in NYC. Major news casts would provide a "commuter alert".
  4. That is correct.. Spectrum: Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island. Parts of Brooklyn: Downtown, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, and parts of Coney Island. Cablevision/Optimum: Central Brooklyn, and all of The Bronx. RCN: Manhattan only. Uncertain about outside of Manhattan.
  5. Damm.. No Michelle Beale, Chauncey, Jalen or Paul. Not to take away the spotlight from Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor. However, both ladies are excellent in sideline reporting. But in studio I'm not 100% solid on that.
  6. You might be on point with this. Not even FTV has reported this portion yet. FTV has only reported that he will be going to WNBC. However, no official start date to be announced. As others eluded that it is a mid-September start date. However, stay tuned.
  7. NY1 was also available on Cablevision systems- BK/BX during the mid-90's and early 2000's until they discontinued it. Can't remember the year when Cablevision disbanded NY1. Also, I smell a News 12 Westchester-Hudson Valley on Verizon systems to keep up with the current climate of hyper-local news. Just wondering what's going to happen out in Long Island since Fios Channel 1 is in New York City, Long Island, and I can't see News 12 Long Island being on Verizon. UNRELATED DOLAN TALK: MSG STOCK DOWN 10% at the close of trading yesterday and unrelated talks about selling 1/3 of Knicks & 1/3 of the Rangers. First reported by Crains Business: https://www.crainsnewyork.com/markets/msg-stock-falls-hopes-dolan-selling-knicks-fade
  8. According to multiple sources and this FTV post. The LA news director at KTTV (Fox 11 LA) has been stripped of her duties as ND. Article: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/8/20/la-news-director-sacked Source: FTV Live.
  9. News 4 at 11.. (Reunited): Michael G and Pat in for David and Stacey today.
  10. You may have a point.. CBS Philly is taking some notes from WCBS which already has CBSN. Hopefully, they get a new studio for CBSN Philly. They should get more new faces for the new CBSN. Although Philly is a tough market to deal with. However, this puts KYW in a good position to deal with CAU and PVI.
  11. So transparent with his blog post. I'm glad that the truth is coming out.
  12. copy that. He's using her studio for the meanwhile (correct)
  13. Saw that show on Monday.. Looks like that show won't last too long.. I believe he's being given a 3 week trial... Now what happens to the Wendy Williams show.. (Show officially cancelled)??
  14. Answer on the bottom in regards to Raegan Medgie hosting GDW 4:30-7. Looks like WNYW may need to look for a new morning anchor to possibly sit beside Kerry Drew. You are absolutely correct.. Greg Kelly is NOT coming back.. Don't bet your bottom dollar on it...
  15. Yes.. KABC and KGO both start morning news at 4:00AM WABC starts at 4:30AM...
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