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  1. Technically when Marza came on board at WABC... He was positioned to be an anchor/reporter. So him being out on the streets isn't new... From my observations: Marcus Solis has been taking on alot of weekday & saturday assignments thus reducing his time on Sundays.. There has been a rotation of reporters working the sunday shift.. IMO, there isn't a set crew of reporters on the weekends.. As for the newer faces: Johny Fernandez and Janice Yu (Most recent pick ups in July and August) Janice Yu: https://abc7ny.com/about/newsteam/janice-yu/ She's from Atlanta worked at the Fox Affiliate. Johny Fernandez: Freelance Reporter - WABC. (No profile)
  2. Treadway > Cole > Treadway > Harry > Muller > Cole.. What gives... What a complete shit show at that channel. I don't know what gives.. seriously.
  3. Amy Yensi from Spectrum News 1 (NY1) now an assignment reporter for Pix11. Just appeared on the weekend news on a report with Harlem Community.
  4. Makes sense.. Just saw a commercial that Kristine is interviewing the Tony Awards host during News at 11.
  5. Very weird on a Sunday evening.. Maurice and Kristine on the news at 6:30.
  6. She's better off working at WCAU before jumping back to WNBC. However, if she does come back where do you put her.. She could go back to her old slot at 5 and that's really it.
  7. No problem.. Usually the Pix chopper goes up between the hours of 6AM-9AM, and breaking news as it happens. Their regular pilot Tom Kaminski is also the pilot for WCBS Newsradio 880. So, the chopper is used in tandem between radio and TV news.
  8. She's been on air on WNBC. My only guess is that they are using her if any of the other meteorologists are off.
  9. Pix11 chooper is not down.. They were on the air this past week. Information is invalid. I've checked the discord, and there's no mention of it.
  10. I'm a bit shocked that they didn't ask WNBC or any of the east coast O&O's for help on the Philly weather.. Violeta Yas just left WCAU/Telemundo-WWSI for WNBC/WNJU and has been there since Mid-Feb.
  11. Jen probably wasn't available to sub in this week as she was on assignment for a 2 stories that appeared on TINY and News at 4/5 during the week and today (Friday).
  12. Official. If you see the instagram post via location. That is the replacement for Katie Corrado for AM's.. My assumption is that she will do M-F AM's at PIX... 1010 wins either mid-days/early PM/weekends. This is a good pick up for them at Pix Mornings.
  13. She's been in the business 22 years. Well deserved career in the tri-state area. Working at News 12 (The Bronx) and WPIX..
  14. New Good Day New York ads and possibly bus wraps right now citywide.
  15. Its official: Sonia Rincón to join WABC full time as a general assignment reporter after working 15 years at 1010 Wins Radio.
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