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  1. More Jeff Zucker News: You can't have it your way slezzeball. There are multiple reports that Jeff Zucker was trying to wheel in Stephanie Ruhle out of MSNBC- Rock Center to Hudson Yards. Last checked: Stephanie is still with MSNBC and made the right choice to NOT head over to CNN. Source: FTV https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/18/jeff-zucker-tried-to-poach-msnbc-talent
  2. You got a point there. However, technically wasn't she apart of the 3rd hour of the Today Show. This could be discussed in both parts of the subforum if you ask me.. Here's my thing. Although, she may be a "respected journalist" with a law degree and worked at FNC for most of her career at the end of day NBC took an investment on her and it failed terribly and when is that movie supposed to hit theatres- (November/December)?
  3. So.. I don't know if this deserves a full post BUT DEADLINE IS REPORTING: Megyn Kelly Calls For Outside Investigation Of NBC News On Fox’s News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ https://deadline.com/2019/10/megyn-kelly-calls-nbc-outside-investigation-tucker-carlson-tonight-fox-news-1202762245/ Source: Deadline Breaking News. IMO: Megyn was a train wreck from the beginning. I never understood to why NBC wanted to take on a headache like her and gave her a s*it load of money to than turn around to fire her.
  4. Another tri-state area alum returning back to New York City roots. Also I see that WNBC is taking some notes from WRC with the Breaking News desk. Kerry Barrett had that role but mysteriously disappeared. Still don't know what happen to her. At least she's doing well in her venture.
  5. Only reason I'm only saying that is b/c she's done some advocacy in Domestic Violence. However, I get your point and it's completely valid. She's a excellent journalist and if it does get picked up as @WAVY 10 Fan states no softball questions or anything going left.
  6. Apparently this interview may happen: Tamron Hall to talk with Matt Lauer in regards to NBC Firing According to Celebrity Insider Honestly, if she does this interview this will tarnish everything she's done good. The show is doing well on ABC O&O's Article: https://celebrityinsider.org/matt-lauer-is-reportedly-gearing-up-for-an-interview-with-former-today-show-colleague-tamron-hall-to-talk-about-his-firing-from-nbc-divorce-from-annette-roque-and-more-will-megyn-kelly-come-up-327094/ Source: Celebrity Insider
  7. Weather graphic changes continue: It appears that WNBC is taking some notes from WABC. Noticed this yesterday when Rafael reported on the changing leaves for the fall foliage with the other layers of the weather wall and now today with Dave.
  8. Apparently newly acquired anchor Jason Martinez sparked up some trouble... Per this post: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/7/philly-anchor-bullies-woman-has-twitter-account-suspended Source: FTV
  9. That sounds about accurate. Looks like there's no more 1AM re-broadcast during the week. Only Friday's newscast is only re-played. It's saying the same thing on my program guide on FIOS.
  10. Copy that. I've always been aware of the 3:30 slot sometimes going past 6:00 with no room for local news. I guess now the internet only 6PM newscasts. Right, at least with the 7:30 slot the news can technically start at 11:00 depending if there is OT. However, on the average so far I've seen an 11:15 start for the news, but more or less the news NOW starting at the nose of 11:00.
  11. Prolly something to do with online sports betting which is legal in Jersey and I think now PA. I've noticed some of that as of late with the Philly stations.
  12. Kinda want to say they been doing that for the last 2 weeks since the 3:30 game cuts right into the 6PM newscast.
  13. KCBS already launched.. It launched in June- CBSNLA. However, yes I failed to mention KCBS as one of the other West Coast O&O's
  14. Noticed that last night at 1:07AM there was no broadcast of the 11PM newscast.. According to TV Passport this is only for this week. Week of 9/30-10/3. Rebroadcast resumes on Friday 10/4 at 2:35AM after Tamron Hall.
  15. Dray Clark's profile has been removed from NBC10. He's no longer a reporter/anchor. Amidst the charges he is facing in both commonwealths. and per this report from FTV Live: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/1/the-bio-is-now-gone
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