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  1. So... FTV is reporting that Chief Meteorologist Tammie Souza is no longer at WCAU/NBC10.. Don't ask why her contract wasn't renewed. She only spent 3 years in Philly and now she is out..
  2. Congrats to him. He's a true professional in this business and in the tri-state area. To make the jump from one good station to the next in the same market is no easy fate and to work with the greats like Gabe Pressman, Chuck Scarborough and others that's a honor well deserved.
  3. So: WNBC wins at 6 & 11 WABC wins for 5PM WCBS came close at 11PM. My opinion really: I feel that WABC and WNBC are both best in what they do. Both have gotten better throughout the years and CBS is slowly creeping back. Better reporters and anchors for both WABC and WNBC.
  4. News 4 at 11AM: Michael G in for David Ushery.. Matt B in for Dave Price today.
  5. Which means Rob & Michelle may be back this coming weekend or next. They ran promos for Shirleen's return. Unrelated: Did anyone get a peek at the November book for any of the stations?
  6. Okay.. Makes sense. Is she a full-time or freelance Westchester-Hudson Valley reporter.
  7. PIX just picked up a new reporter: Rebecca Solomon. Unsure which station she came from before going to PIX.
  8. Mike just needs to keep his day job as a sports analyst..
  9. Correct- per this article from TV News Check: https://tvnewscheck.com/article/241369/cbs-launches-cbsn-san-francisco-bay-area/ Article by: Mark K. Miller. CBSN Minnesota either 12/1/19 or within the first week of December..
  10. Before you know it she may be back at WCBS TV doing guest features on CBSN New York.. But geez. How does she do it? Gotta be that good Staten Island Charm.
  11. Here's the thing about this list. Although I do respect Scott's opinion. However, I see he has a bias against some stations in the Northeast. Although he does have WRC-TV- NBC O&O. When I look at this list, although diverse. It's mostly Southeast, and I know he is from Florida. There are good stations out in the Northeast that do deserve to be apart of this list.. WABC and WNBC respectively, Philly stations WPVI, WCAU, Baltimore: WJZ, Boston: WBZ, Connecticut: WVIT
  12. I say December debut for CBS Bay Area.. Philadelphia, Sacramento and possibly Dallas-Fort Worth for 1st Quarter 2020 all others within the 2nd Quarter 2020 for primary season.
  13. So.. Seattle, Milwaukee and Charlotte are about to become Fox O&O's beginning in first quarter 2020 according to this article from TV SPY. Article here: https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/fox-acquires-stations-in-seattle-and-charlotte-from-nexstar/217652/
  14. That is a copy. Cuz, as I was watching their morning news segments I'm like to my head I know I've seen those graphics from KGO & KABC. (Although KABC has smaller graphics) which falls in line of KTRK and KGO.. Glad that I got Fox26 Houston right as an O&O. I'm not 100% sure if CBS and NBC have O&O's in Houston?
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