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  1. They (WNBC) can't seen to get it right with the anchors for 11AM. All the other O&O's either have or already got their 11AM anchors right..
  2. Weird things going on at 11AM.. Adam K. in the anchor chair today.. No David, No Jummy today.
  3. Source: Insider Radio: http://www.insideradio.com/free/adios-espn-deportes-radio-network-to-shutter-sept/article_8892da58-8cdf-11e9-ab98-2f5f57b2b3fa.html Million dollar question is what happens to the 44 affiliates that currently have ESPN Deportes?
  4. Here's the answer to CBS Evening News: It's staying in New York City.. No Washington DC move as of yet... Per Adweek: https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cbs-news-executive-vice-president-kim-godwin-will-launch-cbs-evening-news-with-norah-odonnell-this-summer-from-new-york/405664/
  5. ... also back at 12noon. I guess the Elise thing was short term! Glad John is back.
  6. .... and that's why they are #1 while everyone else is trying to figure them out.
  7. Congrats to Stefan! Looks like a little bit of more David at 4:00 for a while until Stefan returns.
  8. I believe they are on double duty this week 11AM and 4PM. I believe Stephan and Natalie are off for the week (I could be wrong), and Stacey may be off this week (11AM) She didn't broadcast yesterday (AM). However anchoring 5P. PS: I wonder who is going to replace Jummy when she goes back home to DC (WRC) on 7/1
  9. I don't know if appropriate to post via world news. However, Dan Harris leaving nightline anchor-correspondent chair after 6 years. However, will continue GMA Weekend duties.. Reported on: Ad week.
  10. WNBC has it's I-TEAM reporters on scene for the helicopter crash. Pei-Sze Chang, and another reporter on scene, Jonathan Dienst and Tom Winter with article. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Midtown-Manhattan-Accident-Sixth-Avenue-Midtown-Accident-511081461.html
  11. Maurice & Kristine anchoring the "Breaking News" on 7th Avenue. Breaking in from coverage on CBSN-New York with Dick Brennan. 4 reporters are on scene. (2) from WCBS-TV (2) from CBS News radio 880.. Studio is down the block on 6th Ave.
  12. I'm 95% positive that he does the forecast at CBS2 Studios as the WCBS-FM is on 6th. John as also done weather segments on WCBS News radio 880 I want to say Middays 11-1 before Lonnie comes in for early PM drive-time 2-4.
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