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  1. If Pix is smart. Jill needs to be full time at this. She’s been there for quite a while.. I find it kinda hard to find a new traffic reporter at least in New York City. I don’t even know if shadow traffic (the company) exists anymore. A lot of the reporters that were in that company were eventually elevated to their current positions at the O&O’s in NYC.
  2. First Betty leaves the station Now, Marisa is leaving for better pastures. Damm, 48th and 6th is gonna have some familiar faces in NYC media in the next week or so. Congrats to Marisa. Well deserved. She paid her dues at PIX.
  3. That part..... Good to know. Never knew that 6th Avenue provides some coverage when WNYW is down.
  4. She only going a couple of avenues down to Midtown. Good for her. Hopefully, her contract doesn’t stipulate that she has to go to East 67th Street to cover for WNYW weather team.
  5. I'll say this. Betty has done very well for the past 4 years at pix and they are to willing to accommodate. So it's safe to say she's in a good place to demand early morning hours. Also, that newsroom just got a recent news director from West 57th Street which partly tells me that Hazel has good history with the recent ND. Pix is competing for a top spot to edge out GDNY. Personally I feel they can do. GDNY is completely done in my book. GDNY hasn't been the same since the days of Lyn Brown, Julie Golden, Larry Hoff, Felipe Luciaino, Jim Ryan, Dick Oliver, Gordon Elliott, Robyn Carter, Ma
  6. Part of me thinks this was Betty's choice to request a move to 4:30AM. My overall evaluation with John and Betty in the morning is very good. They both have good chemistry. Now the question is will another change happen if this pairing doesn't work? Dan and Hazel was also very good this past week. I wish both early AM shows a success.
  7. Man, I used to remember Jim Watkins during his days on WNBC. All of New York media was very talented during the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. Those were the good ole days. Lynn White was excellent in what she did while at Pix 11.
  8. She's doing quite fine in real estate. She doesn't need to be back in TV Business. Ain't she get bumped for Suki in 2005 and speaking about Suki, I was watching a few old clips of Suki during her WCBS days. Honestly, only if she would of stayed at WCBS. I guess no one wants to be # 2 behind Dana Tyler.
  9. Last night's game is an example of a very tight game which could of went into overtime. It's good business for the NFL and for the O&O's that carry the game. I could see the problem why especially for east coast news that news may go into 1AM depending on the NBC O&O. NBC might need to an abbreviated news cast to supplement for the halftime show.
  10. Hazel and Dan on this morning at 7AM. Betty and John this morning at 4:30AM.. ... a new day at Pix 11 Morning news. I wonder what change is next?
  11. Part of me tells me that Pix is gonna do Betty dirty with this installment. But, there's no mention of Betty leaving. However, another part of me is that Betty might be doing 4:30AM-7AM prolly gives her time to see her kids for school. In all seriousness, whatever the situation is it doesn't look good for Betty right now. The bigger part is that why is PIX trying make all these changes. Is it me or Nexstar is trying very hard to be #1 in the New York media market. Because if that's the case.. It's not working. They are not getting past WABC and WNBC for the # 1 spot. Pi
  12. I really hope Newsy gets on the ground running this time. Congrats to Rob and since NOLA is a bit of a distance from Atlanta. He's closer to home.
  13. It's Kirstin Cole's spot officially if they make the right decision. However, also I'd put Shirley Chan in the running. Although, she's the additional coverage when Tamsen or Kori is out.
  14. I want to say Dan Mannarino, but I'm not fully 100% on this.
  15. Kirstin Cole or Kala Rama gets the vote to work AM with John Muller.

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