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  1. Christine Sloan now with ABC News. NY based correspondent. No wonder I haven’t seen her for the better part of this year.
  2. Valerie Castro is now with NBC News & MSNBC. NYC based correspondent and substitute anchor for early mornings on NBC.
  3. …. and still is a member of the NBC O&O. Just not in Boston. Plus he knows in NYC it's a different playing field. He did 7 Years to be exact so he knows the rules.
  4. The short answer is NO. She's been active on her twitter feeds. If she were to leave there are NOT many options b/c Ken and Shirleen are #1 on the time slot and everyone thinks that she may go back to WABC. Only way I see Lori leaving WNYW and heading back to Lincoln Center is a very bad rift between Rosanna and her.
  5. Phil has started and filed his first report on Tuesday. There is a rule in journalism that the expression of personal views does not reflect of those at Television stations. So.. in theory what ever he says on his twitter page are his own personal views. If WNBC wanted to past judgement on those views he wouldn't be there and we would have a different conversation. As long as he can do his job properly and doesn't create a toxic environment at WNBC in which I'm pretty sure they don't tolerate.
  6. Phil Lipof first day at WNBC- 10/13/20.
  7. Basically a demotion. What's not broken doesn't need to be fixed. But if PIX is trying to catch WABC and WNBC for top morning show between 4:30-7, they still have a long shot.
  8. CNBC & MSNBC have different audiences and plus there won't be a Joy Reid vs Shep Smith as he may crossover to MSNBC & NBC at times for Breaking News and other related work at the NBC Networks. Smith's show start mid-to late September.
  9. I don't see WNBC management making any moves with regards to David's co-anchor anytime soon. If I were a bettor Rana should deserve the top spot. I also too like Jen Maxfield. However, Gilma Avalos is fine on the weekends. Now, I could only see Kala staying if she's out on the field. However, if she decides to leave. WNBC would be the logical place for her. Look Myles Miller is there and he's doing very well there. So the possibility of 2 PIX alums at WNBC is not far in reach.
  10. Either Breaking news anchor during the AM or 6PM news or simply out on the field reporting.. I personally don't think that WNBC is ready to fill that slot as of yet... Still too early to tell on that. Stacey only left a few months ago. Newsrooms are cleaning up shop in other places. Not in NYC as of yet. Insert Treadway & Rama at 6PM... That's if PIX management wants to go that route.
  11. Wow.... Newsroom changes already... I could see Dan, Betty, Byron, Ben, and Marisol going bye-bye soon. Nexstar I tell you.. UPDATE: Craig Treadway is moving to evenings. Uncertain with Kala Rama
  12. Gilma returned last night at 11. She was in studio while Adam was home.
  13. Looks like WCBS got spared so far... But long time WCBS TV Alum and CBS News reporter Don Dahler was one of the laid off so far.
  14. Didn't know David Ushery was also a WABC alum.. How long did he stay before making the switch to 30 Rock...
  15. I've been off the grid for a while but just noticing that every CBS O&O except NYC has laid off part of their staff.

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