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  1. WGN and KFOR have the updated footers on their respective websites...since they're all on WordPress VIP, it was probably just a matter of editing the footer.php file in the templates, with variables in place for the Scripps stations (e.g. "if siteName = localtvkstu" or something of the sort) to reflect that verbiage.
  2. "Chicago's very own" indeed.
  3. Some KWTV goods. This is the TV9 I remember growing up with before moving north. (And we won't discuss my mother's seeming infatuation with Mitch Jelniker...)
  4. In some stations/markets, it might be...but this is WBBM. They're in the throw-anything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks phase, like it's going to do much for them anyway ratings-wise. (And yet Black Rock hasn't done too much about it, sooo...)
  5. I'm gonna agree here...there'd be wine-fueled riots in front of 190 N State if Bachelor was bumped. Though @24994J has a point, maybe they're testing the waters in case Ma Bell doesn't blink. Not that a standoff with the House of Mouse would last long anyway...
  6. okiechi

    The "3" Thread

    Or copied it from the New York MTA. I've seen some bad design decisions in my time - working in IT, its inevitable I suppose - but this...I can't even wrap my head around this one.
  7. They go by ABC 7. As for here in Chicago, at least when talking in the office about whatever may be on TV on any given day, I never hear them refer to it as ABC 7 - always as "Channel 7". Just as WGN is always, well, WGN and not "Channel 9" but I digress.
  8. Some assorted goods from the home state, including a couple of hourly updates (one at the 6:25 mark, another at 7:26...the latter during the transition from the Gilmer package to the Wow+Flutter package).
  9. It all comes down to money; if the program costs next to nothing to make but manages to bring in ad dollars locally, it's a winner in their book.
  10. New CW26 ads are rolling out - figuratively and literally - on CTA buses up here. (They advertise a lot on the buses and on L rail stops, so if people weren't aware of the change before, they sure are now.)
  11. And as soon as IT comes in, there's going to be the inevitable "No, you can't update this, you're gonna break this that and the other"...followed by the email chains with bosses CC'd when IT updates it anyway. (Good times.)
  12. Just what WBBM needs to turn its fortunes around!!! (Pardon me while I stifle this laugh...)
  13. Agreed, buuuut unlikely. I think Tegna's deal with Lakana (if they still host with them) is going to win out.
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