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  1. And for all we know in the coming years Sam will end up back at GMA or Lee will and Sam will end up back on evenings. The morning weather anchor slot at WABC might open again before long. I’ll put it to you this way. It’s not likely that Sam will last 26 years on mornings like Bill. Just think WABC could have really screwed this one up and made Sam the weather-caster for the evening newscasts and offered Lee mornings and then ticked him off and got him to leave.
  2. Well we now know that Sam is returning to WABC. Perhaps 3 years ago they didnt have a need to have a 5th weather caster and now with Bill gone they went for Sam.
  3. Now if only they bring back Roz Abrams. Seriously I wonder how they convinced Sam to rejoin WABC. It didn’t happen right away.
  4. Sams mistake was not leaving WABC for GMA. It was leaving GMA for the Weather Channel. Bill when he left WABC for AM America I believe came back to WABC in the same position that he had before. As for Sam I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he’s back as the GMA weather anchor within a few years. It seemed it took a few months for him and WABC to make this deal so who knows what might have been agreed to.
  5. In two to three years I predict the show will be a husband and wife hosted show with Tony and Katy.

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