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  1. Well, according to the WaPo, Fox may have intended on having a limited presence at the Cup but a last-minute sponsorship may have prevented that from happening. https://awfulannouncing.com/advertising/wapo-qatar-airways-sponsorship-fox-world-cup.html
  2. Nope, per her Instagram, she jumped to 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ck1_9-jOQ87/
  3. NYTV

    In Memoriam

    A sad loss for the NBC Universal family as Gerardo "Jerry" Valdez, the VP of News at Telemundo Houston KTMD-TV 47 passed away following his battle with cancer. He joined them in 2014 following his run at KTRK ABC 13. He was 54. https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2022/10/jerry-vazquez-loses-cancer-battle.html?m=1
  4. It should also be mentioned that this is a return to NYC for Verma, who started at News 12 Bronx / Brooklyn.
  5. Strange because their sister stations in Philadelphia also used it, so what would replace it.
  6. Think of it as 1A and 1B: 1010 is big in NYC while 880 is big in Long Island / Westchester, but it's no slouch.
  7. Per the FTVLIVE, CNN anchor Jim Sciutto has been suspended and is currently the subject of an internal investigation following an unsanctioned stopover in Amsterdam after an assignment https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/10/6/cnn-suspends-sciutto
  8. Here's Lori's goodbye on The 6 O'clock News https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjJjKcxAmVh/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY%3D Here's the YouTube version: Edit 2: NYC Mayor Eric Adams was in studio to congratulate Lori on her retirement https://youtube.com/watch?v=dpEcxeJV7P0
  9. Well, the networks already have a newscast of sorts running from D.C.--all the sunday talk shows--and Andrea Mitchell hosts her MSNBC hour from there too.
  10. NYTV

    In Memoriam

    WWJ-AM 950 Detroit overnight anchor Jim Matthews and his family was attacked in their home in Chesterfield Township, Ill., in a murder and attempted suicide. Jim passed away, while the other victims are still recovering from their injuries. He was 57 years old. Here's a report from Fox 2 Detroit. Here is WWJ Radio's report https://www.audacy.com/wwjnewsradio/news/local/wwj-overnight-anchor-jim-matthews-died-today-at-age-57
  11. Something tells me that local KTLA management may follow him out the door over this as well.
  12. WNYW currently has "Good Day Street Talk" hosted by Antwan Lewis, airing Sundays at 6:30AM. To date, both WNBC and WXTV Univision 41 are the only NYC-area stations without a weekend AM political/current affairs show.
  13. Longtime New York City anchor Lori Stokes announced on Instagram that she will retire from television news on Sept. 30th. She's currently the 5, 6 and 10pm news anchor at WNYW after her long tenure at WABC-TV. https://www.instagram.com/p/CifcsIpgNcB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. On Sept 11th, KTTV Los Angeles meteorologist Mary Yoon announced she's leaving Fox 11 on the 24th. https://twitter.com/MaryYoonWX/status/1568862311414398978
  15. On Sept 11th, Mary Yoon announced she's leaving Fox 11 on the 24th. https://twitter.com/MaryYoonWX/status/1568862311414398978
  16. Yeah, most of the NYC stations had retired the talent opens by the mid 2000s, WNBC retired theirs when they returned to the News 4 New York name in 2007.
  17. I believe they were refering to the Eye motif, not necessarily the "gun violence" per se
  18. Well no need to lose your lunch over it, pal
  19. After the TVNC report regarding the workplace environment at News 12, owner Alice launched an internal investigation which led to GM Jacques Natz's ouster https://tvnewscheck.com/journalism/article/news-12-gm-jacques-natz-ousted-after-internal-investigation/
  20. Didn't CBS do a "News Central" at its LA duop some time back?
  21. To date, the only news programming on My9 is the Sunday "New Jersey Now" political show. At least with 10/55, CBS does have both the 9pm newscast and the weekly "Exit 10/55" political show. If FCC hadn't dispensed the "Main Studio" rule, that could've prevented the stations moving elsewhere
  22. NYTV


    Personally, I have nothing against Austin, and I want him to succeed. However, if station management is not going to give him some financial support, there's nothing that can really happen here.
  23. I'm more curious as to how My9 is still a thing. I wonder if the upcoming changes to the 9pm news on 10/55 might actually lead to more news there.
  24. NYTV


    Honestly, if management is not going to give Austin any kind of support, they aren't going anywhere.
  25. Perhaps a throwback to the 1997 logo
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