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  1. If they did launch as an OTA subchannel, they would also have to talk to cable and satellite companies for channel space which would subject them to blackouts if CBS and the providers can't agree on a deal. If they stream directly on their website, they don't need to worry about that.
  2. Parts of the CBS Broadcast Center still remain closed so there is limited operations still ongoing for CBSN and for WCBS-TV. There are select hours for the national CBSN feed at 10am ET with Anne Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers and 1pm for Teena Ninan. Other times CBSN Boston handles the daytime that isn't covered by breaking news. As for WCBS-TV, they would have someone in the temporary studio and someone at home (5om had Maurice Dubois from home and 6pm with Dana Tyler and both had Kristine Johnson back at HQ)
  3. Doesn’t CBS still have the old WLNY 10/55 studio in Melville or did they sell that off too? Last I heard of it, it was converted into a bureau for CBS 2
  4. NY1 has been on Optimum for years now. They only recently picked up the HD feed and moved NY1 to channel 8 to make way for the Optimum Channel
  5. According to FTVLive, after the ND Kris Knutsen fired GDLA anchor Steve Edwards after allegations of sexual harassment against him, KTTV never recovered. From what it looked like KTTV dug itself into a hole it couldn't get out of.
  6. Alex still does traffic, but has also been a fill-in anchor when needed, primarily on the morning, noon and 5pm newscasts. She also anchors for CBSN New York as well as the national CBSN, typically hosting the 1pm ET- 5pm slot.
  7. Before Alice bought Optimum, Cablevision back in 2013, laid off the entire on-air traffic team and switched to automated messages. http://tunedinnyc.com/2013/11/18/cablevisions-traffic-and-weather-makes-major-overhaul/ They would later simulcast select games from their high school sports network, News 12 Varsity and switched to infomercials overnight soon after Altice took over.
  8. Starting on August 1st, News 12 Traffic and Weather will become the new News 12+. Here is a promo on the new channel
  9. At the least the networks also own stations in the next market over, in Philadelphia. In the case of ABC, if things really went dire, they could get assistance from either their sister station in Philadelphia, WPVI 6ABC or their corporate cousins at ESPN in either their Bristol, CT studios or their South Street Seaport studios in Lower Manhattan, which was unaffected by the blackout. The blackout affected Fox News, since they were on Sixth Avenue but not WNYW, which is on East 67th Street. NBC also has studios in Wall Street for CNBC, if they couldn't make it to New Jersey. And if CBS ever needed some backup, Philadelphia sister station KYW 3 could pinch-hit. Fox could also rely on help from WTXF 29.
  10. IIRC over on WNBC a few years ago, Lester Holt hosted the 6pm edition of News 4 New York on Thanksgiving with his son, 4pm and 11pm anchor, Stefan Holt.
  11. Their Twitter handle @955PLJ is still up (as of June 1st, but who knows if it will still be up) , but the last tweet was the sign-off from Todd and Jayne. One of the studios who did jingles for them, TM Studios, saluted PLJ
  12. Per the NY Post, CTM seems to be clicking with viewers https://nypost.com/2019/05/29/gayle-king-already-a-ratings-a-success-for-cbs-this-morning/?_ga=2.93574365.1157626706.1559208938-amp-MSambGDh_qw5Tt1wjXe6Fg
  13. News 12 previously did have a Spanish-language newscast for its News 12 Interactive service. It was done for their Bronx and New Jersey stations. The experiment ended in 2013/14. Here is a 2012 News 12 The Bronx en Español segment
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