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  1. Per her social media, any references to PIX11 has been scrubbed. Most likely an announcement is forthcoming
  2. Is there any tangible data to prove the supposed "disproportionate volume and prominence of such pieces are difficult to view as anything other than propagandistic in intent"? If so, what are we comparing this from the previous year? And if someone is counting this, where do the other stations fall in this?
  3. Well, it actually wasn't their building but the studio used by "Telemundo Lubbock". Telemundo is actually in the process of building things from scratch, including appointing Tony Canales of Telemundo Houston to build the place up. https://www.mediamoves.com/2021/10/telemundo-completes-ramar-acquisition-taps-tony-canales-to-lead-new-mexico-stations-launch-newscasts.html
  4. Actually the "CBSN" brand, both nationally and the local ones are to be rebranded as "CBS News"/ "CBS News (local), which will include a new look for the service. (The national CBSN will move into Studio 57) Perhaps this may also mean a new studio for the CBSN New York service.
  5. NYTV

    Amy Freeze

    Yeah, the last time that happened, WNYW had to move in briefly while the technical issues were rectified. Shepard Smith would end up hosting the 10pm news for the night. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2018/08/22/fox-5-new-york-outage/ In fact, their sister station in DC, WTTG, helped Fox News Sunday when a fire in the building where their bureau and studios are located forced a relocation https://www.newscaststudio.com/2019/01/20/fire-hits-building-housing-fox-c-span-msnbc-studios-in-washington/
  6. NYTV

    Amy Freeze

    Why would you not want her to cover for WNYW? When WNYW had computer issues that ultimately preempted the 5 and 6pm newscasts, Sixth Avenue filled in.
  7. So what will the national CBSN be? Or will they keep that name?
  8. The last time NBC cut away from an NFL game, we now call that game the Heidi Bowl. Unfortunately, News 4 New York, barring severe weather had to wait them out.
  9. Well, a similar thing happened when Betty was arriving at PIX and the then-news director had directed the talent to make announcements on social media to welcome her. Sukanya had refused and was immediately fired for it http://tunedinnyc.com/2017/05/18/sukanya-krishnan-fired-at-wpix/
  10. Perhaps getting called up to Newsnation? Betty does have national news experience between her CNN and CBS runs
  11. The home station for the Giants is WNBC and the Jets are on WCBS-TV. The only way WNYW would carry it if it's airing on the Fox network. This year through 2023, TNF is exclusive to Amazon Prime with simulcast on OTA TV Stations in the local teams' DMA
  12. Yet there seems to be a separate one for ads, such as this one
  13. There's also WABC-TV's eventual move to 4 Hudson Square within the coming years, so perhaps they may do an entire overhaul once they do. Here's a refresher for the unaware: https://www.amny.com/real-estate/an-inside-look-at-disneys-anticipated-hudson-square-hq/
  14. In addition to Jose moving to 10AM, the 10AM hour will be based out of the Telemundo Center in Miami and he will leave the anchor position at Noticias Telemundo, but will remain hosting specials
  15. After they've spent years re-integrating Viacom back into the fold, I don't see that happening.

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