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  1. Their Twitter handle @955PLJ is still up (as of June 1st, but who knows if it will still be up) , but the last tweet was the sign-off from Todd and Jayne. One of the studios who did jingles for them, TM Studios, saluted PLJ
  2. Per the NY Post, CTM seems to be clicking with viewers https://nypost.com/2019/05/29/gayle-king-already-a-ratings-a-success-for-cbs-this-morning/?_ga=2.93574365.1157626706.1559208938-amp-MSambGDh_qw5Tt1wjXe6Fg
  3. News 12 previously did have a Spanish-language newscast for its News 12 Interactive service. It was done for their Bronx and New Jersey stations. The experiment ended in 2013/14. Here is a 2012 News 12 The Bronx en EspaƱol segment
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