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  1. I'd imagine CBS may be requiring stations to air CTM in its entirety, and live 7-9AM, as part of any and all affiliation renewals. We've seen it with WWL moving the 7-9AM edition of its long-running Eyewitness Morning News to WUPL for CTM to air on WWL. I'd imagine we could see WFMY and a few other CBS affiliates having to air CTM in its intended 7-9AM slot.
  2. It'll be interesting to see whether Morgan Murphy Media has plans for KOAM (Joplin, MO) and KAVU (Victoria, TX) to get resigned logos with play button icon and graphics package, and music package, and set makeovers like KXLY and WISC.
  3. I'd agree. If Fox and Nexstar were/are smart, they would be better off keeping KDVR and KWGN together.
  4. TEGNA acquiring WTHR and WBNS. Those stations, IMHO, would've been more suited for the likes of Graham, Hearst, or Terrier. The soon-to-be former Dispatch stations wouldn't see changes to their graphics and music packages for at least another 6 months to a year. It wouldn't surprise me if TEGNA could have their sights set on WRAL, KSL, and/or the Griffin stations in Oklahoma. Nowadays, local media owners have adopted the "go big or go home" mentality.
  5. WIAT look would be good too, if WTVW/WEHT pass on WISH look.
  6. Glor wasn't given a chance to prove himself during his very short time as anchor of CBS Evening News. In a way, he pretty much got a raw deal in the midst of CBS' on-air personnel changes. Unless he's got a couple more years left on his current contract, and isn't where he can leave CBS to find work at a competing network.
  7. I'd prefer WDJT use CBS Local (Arnold) or CBS Enforcer (Gari) for graphics update if you ask me. Aerial doesn't seem to fit the CBS O&O look.
  8. I like WISH style set better than the dalek set. Hopefully Nexstar goes with the WISH look at WTVW/WEHT, and has plans for set makeovers at additional stations.
  9. I believe WSB will be picking up Tamron Hall for 3PM. Kelly Clarkson could go to WAGA or be picked up by WPCH, WATL, or WUPA, if WAGA passes on Clarkson. WSB may keep RTM at 10AM, much like WXIA keeps DBL at 2PM.
  10. I'd anticipate ABC O&O's shifting RTM to late night slot when Tamron Hall debuts. I figured it was a matter of time that Millionaire would be canceled. I too would agree that it hasn't been the same since Vieira left the syndicated version. Vieira did Millionaire while she was doing The View and Today. Regis Philbin did prime-time version that lasted a few seasons, and his version was good too. I'd guess the reason Philbin didn't do daytime version would be his commitment to his morning talk show. I'd imagine reruns of Millionaire to air on GSN.
  11. Better 11Alive logo idea... Times New Roman 11 in a circle, ALIVE (NBC peacock) to the right of the circle 11. The current 11Alive logo is a bit of a disappointment. Or bring back the late 80s/early 90s 11Alive logo, back when 11Alive was doing good.
  12. Tonight will be Jeff Glor's last CBS Evening News broadcast. It'll be interesting to see whether he's being reassigned to a different position at CBS, not sure how long he's under contract for, or if he could be considering jumping ship, if a competing network could buyout his contract. Not sure if Norah O'Donnell will move to CBS Evening News right away, or if she has to wait till late May or early June. CBS Evening News moving from NYC to DC will likely be around late August and early September. NY Post reported recently on Ann Curry being in talks to join CBS. We don't know whether that'll happen, or if Curry would be smart to find work with a network that values journalists that don't have overinflated egos, and/or political biases and agendas, and are independent thinkers (examples I can think of being Sharryl Attkisson and Lara Logan, and those 2 didn't deserve the shameful way CBS treated them). CBS This Morning has seen quite a bit of turnover since Charlie Rose was let go. Bianna Golodryga had a very short-lived run there. John Dickerson moving to 60 Minutes. Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil being paired with Gayle King.
  13. New WIAT CBS 42 set looks nice I must say.
  14. I don't know whether Boston CBS O&O (WBZ-WSBK) carries Wheel and Jeopardy either. I notice Access Live hour-long daytime show isn't seen in a lot of markets it seems. Unless NBC gives its stations the freedom to air syndicated and local shows of their choosing. Ellen's pretty much been a staple to NBC O&O's for just about her shows entire run. Fox O&O markets that air TMZ on TV do good to carry TMZ Live daytime show. Not sure if it's a contractual obligation. I'd imagine Extra will be replacing canceled Page Six TV.
  15. With Extra leaving NBC O&O's to move to Fox O&O's, and Billy Bush joining Extra, it seems obvious Extra is going in a new direction for its 26th season. It'd be interesting to see whether NBC O&O's are looking to expand local news line-up (either adding half-hour 7PM newscast, Access air at 7:30PM... Or 6PM news expanded to full hour, NBC Nightly News moved to 7PM, and Access at 7:30PM... Or half-hour 7:30PM newscast, similar to what Tribune experimented with in mid 90s at a couple of its stations)... Or NBC could explore acquiring a different newsmagazine show to replace Extra, or give something new a test run. Or if People TV proves successful for Meredith group, I could see NBC showing interest in acquiring and expanding it to additional markets. With Natalie Morales out at Access and Access Live, even though she's still employed by NBC, we're waiting to see whether rumor of Mario Lopez joining Access is true.
  16. It'll be interesting to see whether additional stations with dated news sets get makeovers soon, including with Nexstar-Tribune merger. I'd imagine TEGNA debuting its cloned set design (seen on KING, KUSA, WUSA, etc.) to a few more stations in 2019 and 2020. Agree with KYW needing set makeover. I'd imagine them getting cloned look of KCBS, WBBM, and WCBS. Also hope Fox gets around to KDFW as well, after WNYW debuts its new set.
  17. I like the idea of TEGNA or Scripps competing against WJW at 10PM. Or they could do nightly 9PM newscast, since WUAB 43 discontinued 9PM last year.
  18. I also couldn't imagine KUSA 9, KPNX 12, KFMB 8, and WWL 4 getting the hashtag treatment either, as those stations get good ratings. For example, WWL is smart to keep its longtime Eyewitness Morning News name for morning show.
  19. I do stand corrected there. MyNet kind of stayed with WOIO 19 and WUAB 43 family. I kind of look at MyNet as another PTEN (programming service from the early-to-mid 90s).
  20. TEGNA seems to be leaving its mark on a lot of its stations. WXIA 11 with the Atlanta Alive and #MorningRushATL concepts. KXTV 10 with Morning Blend concept. KHOU 11 with #HTownRush concept. Wouldn't be surprised if Get Up DC! on WUSA 9 evolves into #DCRush or #BeltwayRush concept.
  21. It's possible Nexstar, which is working on acquiring WJW 8, could be interested. Wouldn't rule them out entirely. WUAB 43 carries MyNet and CW programming. WBNX 55 is completely independent of any network affiliation and/or programming service.
  22. I could see Scripps (owner of WEWS 5) or TEGNA (owner of WKYC 3) being interested in acquiring WBNX 55.
  23. I believe WSLS and WVTM have done better under their respective Graham and Hearst ownership. When Media General owned them, they didn't do too good of a job with those stations. Graham is moving WSLS to newer building. Hopefully Hearst has plans to build new set for WVTM.
  24. It's possible the FCC and DOJ could force Nexstar to divest WTTV or WXIN, as overlapping isn't allowed (top 4 in terms of audience share). If one of them has to be divested, Nexstar would have to choose which station it intends to keep, and which station it intends to sell.
  25. B&C reports on FCC reviewing Indianapolis, and whether the WTTV and WXIN duopoly has to be disbanded, or if it'd be allowed to stay together. TEGNA buy-ups has yet to be approved. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/fcc-sets-stage-for-review-of-nexstar-tribune-tv-station-spin-offs
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