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  1. 33 minutes ago, Greggo said:

    I thought Tegna was supposed to be giving up on this crap?!?


    4 hours ago, MorningNews said:

    The value of just doing a traditional newscast without the gimmicks is super lost on these stations now days. I do like Dan Haggerty though.

    That has me wondering, and I'd imagine others could easily be wondering the same thing about whether TEGNA's upper management is losing their minds.  Better idea would be to The Story with Dan Haggerty in 7PM hour to keep traditional 6PM newscast in place.

    I would think TEGNA needs to wipe the slate clean and focus on doing real, substantive journalism at its stations, and not pawning off fancy names for newscasus (seen in Sacramento, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, etc.) as news.  If Eyewitness News/Action News names and concept worked on their stations, I'd welcome a return to that.

  2. On 1/13/2020 at 11:42 AM, Greggo said:

    Longtime WSB chopper pilot Jason Durden posted on Twitter that he’s no longer with the station. Pretty abrupt. Last time in the air was apparently last week. Sister stations WJAX and WFOX grounded their chopper. Surely the mighty WSB wouldn’t have gone that route, too. Or would they? 



    On 1/14/2020 at 8:39 AM, ScottJ said:

    That's probably what happened now that WSB is owned by a hedge fund, which are always looking to cut costs whenever possible.


    15 hours ago, rkolsen said:


    They are keeping their helicopter, Jason just retired.


    15 hours ago, Greggo said:

    I think you mean “retired.” That post makes it pretty clear it wasn’t his choice. The whole “changes ... can happen at any time” part is pretty telling. FTV has a vague(ish) quote from the news director claiming they’ll still have a chopper. Perhaps they went from 2 to 1. Or they found someone who works for less $$$. Something’s definitely up. 

    Besides Cox grounding WFOX-WJAX chopper, Scripps is also moving in the direction of grounding WCPO chopper.  It's possible that miz-sized to smaller markets may not be able to fly news choppers long-term, and that trend could eventually find its way to larger markets.  Plus flying drones looks to be more economically viable.  Or stations doing like a decade ago of sharing news chopper to focus other resources on other things, if they wish to fly news choppers a little while longer.

    I'm also thinking along the lines that Durden's departure wasn't voluntary.  I liked hearing his traffic reports on WSB radio (AM-750/95.5-FM and B-98.5) during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and his time on WSB 2.  Hopefully Durden may find work elsewhere... Perhaps another Atlanta TV station would be smart to hire him.

  3. 3 hours ago, Weeters said:

    WTMJ is in bad need of a new set (or at least a major refresh), especially since they started wallpapering it and removing duratrans, leaving the LED back lighting exposed (behind the plexi on either side of the desk). They now have the oldest set in the market, and both WITI and WDJT have essentially received two new sets in the period that WTMJ set has been up.


    My fear is, since their studio is round, they'll be convinced that the best use of the space is a green wall and floor.

    Besides WITI's recent refresh and WDJT, I think WISN got its new set not too long ago.  I'd certainly agree with WTMJ needing a major upgrade... Assuming Scripps has plans to invest in Milwaukee.

  4. It'll be interested to see whether the new WCNC set will be Joe Lamberta design with Innovative Environments fabrications, similar to what KHOU and KTHV got in 2019... Assuming they don't go with Jack Morton PDG design (seen on KING, KUSA, WUSA, WHAS, etc.).  If WCNC is exploring adopting a new on-air name, I could easily see "NBC 36 News" or "WCNC 36 News" name replacing "NBC Charlotte", assuming TEGNA doesn't damage them like it did WKYC, WXIA, and other stations.


    It'd also be interesting to see if TEGNA plans to invest in a new set for WKYC, and any other stations that have dated looking sets.

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  5. 5 hours ago, TheRyan said:


    Considering how close they are in the ratings to NBC Nightly News, I would think the network sees it as a necessary investment to keep them as competitive (in terms of visuals) as possible. 


    Besides, I think it's good they want to keep things updated for that studio--despite the planned move.   That studio has a lot of history and I'm glad they are going to keep it looking as good as possible to the end of its use.

    Valid point about ABC making updates to the WNT set is ABC can't and doesn't need to be becoming complacent.  Besides set and studio updates, we could see graphics updates as well.  We'll have to see how things play out.

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  6. I'd agree that the previous "This Is Home" (Gari) and the "Gannett" (Rampage) themes weren't too bad, but Gannett/TEGNA stations butchered them.  Graphics... I didn't really care for Pyburn graphics (used with Gannett theme).  The USA Today style color-coded graphics weren't too bad, although the color-coded tabs were a bit over the top.  I don't care too much for "C Clarity" (Sixeme Son) music.  Current graphics is okay.


    KUSA had its custom music (Third Street Music) from 1995-2009, and KARE had its custom music (also by Third Street) 1996-2013, as they didn't get Gannett package.  Their custom music packages could easily be their versions of MCTYW (still heard on WPVI) and Chroma Cues (WJZ's longtime theme music).  Portland and Bangor stations had "Good News" (Gari) for longest time.  WFAA having "The Spirit of Texas" signature in their news music, before Belo sold out.  It'd be a sad day for WNEP if and when they're forced to dump the Cliff Schwartz version of MCTYW for C Clarity.


    Besides TEGNA stations having newscasts with non-traditional names (like the current WKYC mess, WUSA's morning news, WTSP newscasts, WXIA newscasts, etc.), I wasn't a huge fan of the Rundown/Lineup concept.  I believe that was something started on WGRZ by their former news director Ellen Crooke, and she implemented it on WXIA, and Gannett forced it on other stations.  I also don't care for WXIA's current 11Alive logo either.  I'd have welcomed them bringing back their pre-1993 logo or variation, or maybe a circle 11 logo with the Times New Roman font 11 (1993-2019 logo) with the Alive and NBC peacock to right.  It's a thought.

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  7. On 10/16/2019 at 10:57 PM, RGSJenkins said:

    The new vo is Jeff Laurence, however the opens haven't been updated yet.

    I'm wondering if that's the same Jeff Laurence that used to be a radio DJ (once hosted a Saturday Night show on Atlanta radio station WSB-FM, known to Atlanta radio listeners as B98.5, till about 2001/2002-ish).  His voice sounds familiar.

    I could see Laurence becoming new voice to more local TV station newscasts in the near future, and maybe replacing any voiceover artists mulling retirement.

  8. On 12/13/2019 at 11:57 PM, JCB4TV said:

    In Atlanta, CBS had to buy WVEU (WUPA) when they thought no one wanted to affaliate with the eye before eventually moving to WGNX. In Detroit, CBS had a similar issue when they had to buy WPGR (WWJ) at the last moment while in Milwaukee CBS had to move to Weigel's WDJT. In 1994, all these stations were, as you expect, low budget, low rated, poor signal, independent stations that had to be vastly improved in order to gain respect in their communities.

    That is true.  For a time, original plans were for WATL 36 to pick up UPN, then WGNX 46 (owned by Tribune at the time) to pick up WB, and CBS to move to then WVEU 69 and start news department from scratch.  Those plans never came to fruition.

  9. On 12/11/2019 at 1:18 PM, TexasTVNews said:

    Well, hard to believe it's been 25 years since the big network affiliation switch that took place on September 3rd to December 1994.


    September 3, 1994...

    Cleveland: WJW (CBS to FOX), WOIO (Fox to CBS)


    September 12, 1994...

    Phoenix: KPHO (Ind to CBS), KSAZ (CBS to Ind)

    Kansas City: WDAF (NBC to FOX), KSHB (Fox to NBC)


    December 11, 1994....

    Detroit: WJBK (CBS to FOX), WKBD (FOX to Ind to UPN), and WGPR now WWJ (Ind to CBS).

    Tampa: WTSP (ABC to CBS), WTVT (CBS to FOX) and WFTS (FOX to ABC).

    Atlanta: WAGA (CBS to FOX), WATL (FOX to Ind to WB), and WGNX now WGCL (Ind to CBS).


    December 15, 1994...

    Phoenix: KTVK (ABC to Ind), KSAZ (Ind to FOX), KNXV (Fox to ABC)


    I could be wrong on the date in Phoenix's part of the affiliation change.


    I remember the big affiliation switches of the mid 90s.  Atlanta being my home market, I remember WAGA 5 ending its then 45-year union with CBS when they took Fox away from WATL 36.  CBS got lucky in a sense in going to then WGNX 46 (now WGCL), despite the dilemma of CBS almost having nowhere to go.  Next year will also be 40th anniversary of WSB 2 and WXIA 11 swapping out ABC and NBC.

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  10. On 12/9/2019 at 8:59 PM, tyrannical bastard said:

    Chattanooga went back to the future in a way, with WDEF's logo resembling the one it had pre-crescent.

    WDEF logo before 2005 crescent logo: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/logopedia/images/3/38/WDEF_1995.png/revision/latest?cb=20171110152952

    Present WDEF logo: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/logopedia/images/f/f7/WDEF_new_logo.png/revision/latest?cb=20160108223049

    WMBB had a very similar looking logo before 2004 variation of crescent logo: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/logopedia/images/5/50/WMBB_-_2001_again.svg/revision/latest?cb=20190625233436

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  11. 16 hours ago, TheRyan said:





    12 hours ago, C Block said:










    4 hours ago, Georgie56 said:



    That new Fox O&O graphics package doesn't look too bad.  Looks nice.  I'd imagine remaining Fox O&O's getting updated in the New Year ahead of the Super Bowl.  What would also be interesting to see is whether new "Beyond" music package from Stephen Arnold is fully implemented, and the "Fox Affiliate News Theme" from OSI is fully retired.  With Fox swapping Charlotte to Nexstar, in exchange for Nexstar swapping Seattle and Milwaukee to Fox, I kind of doubting WJZY would see graphics makeover.  KCPQ and WITI, it'd probably late Spring or early Summer when they'd get graphics makeover.  We'll see.

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  12. 2 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    The "6" and the crescent are long overdue for a change.  But seeing as how this station was the lone holdover of the old Media General package (and JDK music dumped only a few years earlier), it's progress, nonetheless....


    I'm surprised how many of the old MG-era logos are still being used.  They live on in Myrtle Beach, Tampa, Charleston, Greenville, NC (to an extent), and in places like Panama City and Wichita, where the former's logo not only survived it's sale by Media General to Hoak, but also to Nexstar, and the reunion with it's sisters under the MG-Nexstar merger!  Same with KWCH, which lives on through Gray who merged with prior owner Schurz.

    Don't forget about Chattanooga when MG previously owned WDEF.  Morris dumped the crescent from their 12 logo about a decade after MG sold it.  And I'd agree with WMBB's 13 logo needing makeover, and Gray's KWCH needing makeover as well.

  13. 9 hours ago, ABC 7 Denver said:

    Ugh. They need to get rid of the Media General era golden crescent. It's so antiquated and has never looked good.

    I'd certainly agree.  I believe the MG-era crescent logo has got to go too... And should've been gone quite some time ago.  Not sure whether Nexstar would bring back WJBF's Spartan-era 6 logo or a variation, or keep the current 6 logo but lose the crescent.

    10 hours ago, MidnightJunkie said:

    New Graphics to come for WJBF in Augusta, GA. (Monday???)  Which looks like it will be the KOIN/WJHL package. All of the weekend newscasts are being done on the desk the faces the newsroom, which has received brand new wall graphics. Possibly a new set on the way, but I wouldn't put my money on it. I would assume that if they were receiving a brand new set they would broadcast from studio #2, the former WAGT studio. I'm going to assume there will be new duras, at the very least.






    Vimeo video of the new graphics package

    MG-era graphics package from a decade ago was looking quite dated.  Hopefully those graphics are gone.

    I'd also agree on WJBF needing a new set.  And I too could see newscasts originating from the old WAGT NBC 26 set for a few weeks for main studio to get completely redone, and WJBF likely getting a new set design similar to that other Nexstar stations.  We'll see.

  14. 20 minutes ago, ABC 7 Denver said:


    So they lost their last Creative Director who commissioned a pretty descent package from Rey Rodriguez when he was freelancing (before he created Linear Drift) in 2014. In 2015 that Creative Director left the station and two years lader a new graphics/logo/music was created and implemented to mirror KMGH. The crappy 3D Peakcock in the OTS super is a graphic pulled from the 2002-2004 package.


    This is actually the best package they had but it was used for such a short time (3 years)!



    That video clip with KOAA graphics.  I happen to notice below the lower-third graphics what looks like "Line-Up" graphic, similar to what the previous Gannett/TEGNA graphics package had underneath its lower-third (Information Bar) graphic.  I kind of find that somewhat unusual for a station to not have Gannett/TEGNA ownership.

  15. 1 hour ago, Weeters said:


    Since this appears to be a cash grab for political ad revenue, this is probably the best and cheapest way to do it. This could very well be Scripps' entry into remotely-produced newscasts. 

    I wouldn't be shocked if the WPTV and WFLX deal is up at the end of the year. They could just reassign staff to the new WSFL newscast and call it a day.


    1 hour ago, TheRyan said:

    What are the ratings like for WFLX newscasts?  Do you think Gray Television would want to end their arrangement with Scripps?

    It would be interesting to see WFLX going in-house.  Not sure how big the WFLX facilities is and whether it could house a news department (studio and newsroom space).

    It'd remain to be seen whether Gray wishes to build a news department from scratch, assuming the arrangement with WPTV is to end, and if WPTV is tapped to produce WSFL newscasts.  Hopefully we learn more soon.

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  16. 52 minutes ago, TVNewsLover said:

    The rumor out there is that this was expected and the cast was aware as they are about 9-10 months ahead of taping schedule. Nothing to worry about. The renewal is expected in the near future.



    Hopefully NBC makes the smart decision in renewing Days of our Lives.  I'd prefer to see the soaps than see the train-wreck of cheap talk shows, game shows, and courtroom shows.  With head writer Ron Carlivati, it would be destined to get better.

    I miss seeing a lot of other canceled soaps.  As the World Turns and One Life to Live, near the end of their long runs were getting better.  Novel idea would've been for the soaps to be shortened back to half-hour in length, as less is more.


  17. 1 hour ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    WHNS perhaps?  I think their set was originally designed for widescreen SD.  It seems tiny and cramped, although it looks less washed out than it used to be.


    WALA's goes back to 2012, it was an FX job under Lin and refreshed in 2017 with their current graphics.


    Of course, there's Atlanta....why not blow them up yet again and give the old set to one of their more needy stations?

    There's no telling which Meredith stations could be next in line for set makeover.  I'd say KVVU looks to be due for a makeover, and I'd imagine them getting KPHO/WSMV set too.

    What stands out on the KPHO/WSMV set is the main anchor desk having what looks like a popped out LED box ticker display.  It'll be interesting to see whether KCTV gets that too.

  18. 1 hour ago, RGSJenkins said:

    The last time Chapin's voice was heard in NYC was between 2004-06 on WNYW, and on WNBC from 1995-03.


    Man, he sounds awful.


    4 minutes ago, NateinFLA said:

    Completely off topic (but it’s TVNT so 🤷🏻‍♂️) I have no idea why Bill St. James hasn’t been used by local stations as they look to replace CVD.

    I was thinking Scott Chapin was mulling retirement a few years ago.  It wouldn't surprise me if Ed Ansin, owner of stations in Boston and Miami made him a sweet deal to stick around a little while longer.  I'd imagine a few other Fox O&O's and Cox stations still have Chapin voicing their news opens and promos.


    Other voice-over I can think of, but not sure if any of the NYC stations use... Names like Bill Ratner, Bob Tracey, and Paul Turner.  I don't know if WPIX still has Jim Cutler.  Good female VO would be Roberta Solomon.  I'd agree that Charlie Van Dyke may be inching closer to retirement.

  19. 4 hours ago, TSSZNews said:

    It's weird because the previous FTN studio was perfectly serviceable for the Evening News and was only a year or so old - and IIRC Norah anchored EN from there a couple times and it looked really good.



    An 11PM or otherwise late national news won't work - too many are in bed by that hour and it would probably need to be "edgy" to have a snowball's chance. What I do think would work is someone expanding their evening newscast to an hour each night, so there's more opportunity to produce and air stories with depth and not try to jam everything most of the public already knows into 90 second packages--basically put on a watered down 60 Minutes, but every night. That's basically what Scott Pelley's Evening News was, and even in a 30 minute slot it was excellent.


    As the syndication market falters and more programming's coming in-house, I wonder what network would have the guts to try it. CBS, honestly, is a prime candidate. Their syndie arm just dropped the Insider and while Inside Edition filled the hole in a lot of markets, that time could absolutely be spent putting better content on the air. I bet plenty of station groups would love to not have to pay for another half-hour of programming for their stations.

    NBC wanted to experiment with expanding Nightly News from half-hour to full-hour back in the early 80s.  Those plans never materialized.  NYT article from 1981: https://www.nytimes.com/1981/09/20/arts/stations-board-passes-one-hour-nbc-news.html


    If CBS were to expand from half-hour to full-hour, one of a couple scenarios would have to occur.  Easy scenario I could think of would be CBS (A) rescheduling daytime line-up...

    The Price Is Right at 11AM eastern

    The Young & The Restless at 1PM eastern

    The Talk at 2PM eastern

    The Bold & The Beautiful at 3PM eastern

    CBS having the option of shorten Let's Make A Deal to half-hour, or cancel LMAD for either a new half-hour soap or expand B&B to full-hour.  Or if CBS wanted to move The Talk to 3PM eastern, and put B&B in 2PM eastern.  CBSEN air 6:30-7:30PM eastern or 7-8PM eastern.

    (B) CBS convincing its affiliates to air hour-long CBSEN, and having O'Donnell personally visit each of the affiliates.


    The only successful hour-long network evening news program would be PBS Newshour seen on most PBS member stations.  It would be interesting to see whether or not NBC would also want to revisit the hour-long Nightly News idea again, or if ABC could be thinking the same thing with World News Tonight.  Only time will tell.

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  20. 28 minutes ago, JRogotzke said:

    I have a question, if the CBS Evening News can't gain viewership and find stability, what if CBS moved it to a later time slot?

    I'm thinking CTV National News, BBC News at 10, CBC The National, that kind of route. I'm sure local stations and ownership groups wouldn't like the idea but it would set CBS apart from everyone else and have national network news when other don't, basically no competition. I don't know the feasibility of it or how late local news would work with the Evening News being on later (say 10pm in every market?) but theoretically it could work based off the success of other networks around the world that do it. 


    10 minutes ago, GoldenShine9 said:


    If it's at 11 pm (10 pm Central), the affiliates would likely scream at that thought. They would be forced to delay local news until 11:30 pm and it would bottle up everything else including late night shows. 


    As for news in the 10 pm (9 pm CT) hour, CBS could make their national news a full hour (or have a nightly extra like a relocated 48 Hours or 60 Minutes) but that would cost CBS an hour of prime time. Would the ratings justify it though? What kind of ratings does CBS network TV get in that hour? That might be something really worth considering. CBS affiliates would be able to have a full hour newscast in the 6 pm hour in all time zones in that scenario.


    1 minute ago, JRogotzke said:

    I was thinking have it air at 10pm in every market. Who cares if it's from a few hours ago, it can always be updated if needed and they have the "western edition" it's the same thing they do now. Local news could come on at 10:30 in most markets unless they choose to have the EN on at 11 then local at 11:30. In terms of the 9pm CT ratings, the other night (10/21/19) CBS got 5.4M viewers. But they wouldn't need to eliminate any of the shows they have, just delay local news by 30 minuets. 


    1 minute ago, 24994J said:

    IF they were to ever move 'Evening News,' there's no way in hell an hour (or even 30 minutes) of primetime gets dumped. COULD they consider shifting it to 7 ET/6 CT? Sure, but I believe a station or two out east just ended longtime 6:30 local newscasts so they could carry 'EN' at it's normal airtime, likely at the network's recommendation. CBS isn't moving it anywhere. They'll cancel it altogether, before they reschedule.

    I kind of don't see CBS wanting to repeat the mistake of filling 10PM hour Monday-Friday with CBS Evening News much like a decade ago how NBC filled 10PM hour Monday-Friday with Jay Leno's failed prime-time talk show.  Plus, I don't think CBS would want to cancel its news show anytime soon.


    Things to remember is: (1) Many TV viewers have lost faith in local and national news organizations for a multitude of reasons.  (2) CBS has never fully recovered from the mid 90s affiliation switch, where CBS lost affiliates (in Atlanta, Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay) to Fox, as well as additional switches that took place in Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Philly, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City about that same time.  (3) And whether it's Scott Pelley, or Jeff Glor, or Norah O'Donnell anchoring, or if CBS were to pick a name like Shephard Smith or Ann Curry, ratings aren't going to improve overnight.  This will take time.

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  21. 5 hours ago, channel2 said:

    Isn't Arnold pretty ruthless when it comes to taking packages out of the syndication market too? Fusion was exclusive to Fox stations and it was retired about a decade ago - it and Elevation have been retired for longer than they were offered at all!

    Other music packages Arnold has also since retired... Another Fox affiliate package Outlaw News went away about the same time as Fusion and Elevation.  I believe Global Village, News Edge, and WWL News have also since been retired.  I wouldn't be surprised if Signature gets retired soon.

  22. 9 hours ago, TheRolyPoly said:


    WKYC is making BOTH WEWS and WOIO look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more watchable by comparison.


    Also, I prefer Scripps over TEGNA anyways.

    It seems to me like TEGNA has lost its way.  Scripps seems tolerable.

  23. 29 minutes ago, Breaking News said:

    I mean both stations were apple & oranges back when WAGA was CBS.   Despite the numerous ownerships WAGA was solid. It slipped to third a few times, but was able to rebound.

    WGNX was an Indy outlet that just got a news department 30 years ago late 88/89, and WGNX got the CBS affiliate at the 11th hour, and as time went on. Tribune was only interested in being independent.  When

    WGNO & WGNX started to get a network affiliation.  They didn't do too much investment, but WGNX was solid.  As for Meredith, they bought the station with hopes of making it something big.  However, when numerous

    management styles, name branding etc.  It just hasn't done much for WGCL.  Meredith should return the WGNX call letters back to them and sell the station, and start all over like WIAT in Birmingham did in late 90s.


    I'd agree that WGCL 46, back during their WGNX days was very good, especially during the "Georgia's News at Ten" era.  That ended when WAGA 5 took Fox away from WATL 36, upon ending its then 45-year union with CBS.  Had CBS went to WUPA 69 (when it was still WVEU), it'd probably be another WWJ.  We don't know what WATL would've looked like had they affiliated with CBS.  WGCL having news department benefitted CBS greatly.

    Since Meredith acquired WGCL from Tribune, I'd agree with back-and-forth name changes between CBS 46 and CBS Atlanta, outside the infamous failed "Clear News" concept, as well as management and anchor turnovers, hence the "revolving door" status.  WGCL's ratings may not be the best, despite many opportunities recently to jump into 3rd place, and push WXIA 11 into last place.  At the same time, WGCL is profitable (making tons of money).  My guess would be as good as anyone elses... "status quo".

    I couldn't see Meredith doing a WIAT on WGCL, as "Daily News" concept would likely fail.  Not sure whether WGCL could experiment with "Eyewitness News", considering "Action News" is on WSB 2.

  24. 26 minutes ago, CircleSeven said:



    PLG doesn't want to give up one of their over-saturated news timeslots (9am or 3pm) to clear the program? That's pitiful.


    Giving up one of those hours wouldn't hurt.

    I'd agree.  It wouldn't hurt WPLG to sacrifice one of their newscasts.  Unless WPLG and its parent company BH Media have a similar dilemma like KSNV's former parent company Intermountain West Communications (predated Sinclair acquisition) did a few years ago, when their local news and local programming expansion went nowhere or was short-lived.

    I could see WPLG put Live with Kelly & Ryan back on at 9AM, and put Tamron Hall on at 10AM, and them keep 3PM newscast. 

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