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  1. With NBC moving its network news operations over closer to Capitol Hill, after departing WRC's Nebraska Avenue building. It'll be interesting to see whether WRC newscasts may move into old Meet The Press studio and Telemundo newscasts gets WRC current studio space. I guess we may wait and see.
  2. WGCL/WPCH's current broadcast home, 425 14th St, opened in March 2001 back during the very short-lived "Clear News" era. Before settling at their current location, previous location was 1810 Briarcliff Rd, from the WHAE, WANX, and WGNX eras. I couldn't see Gray moving WGCL/WPCH out of their current location. Changes to newscast graphics, set, and theme music could be likely to occur late 2021 or early 2022, depending on how long it takes for FCC and DOJ to approve and Gray to close on purchase.
  3. With COVID-19 dominating the news cycle. WNYW Fox 5 NY appears to have made a change to its 10PM opening. Instead of the standard "It's 10PM do you know where your children are?", NYC viewers will be seeing... "It's 10PM, stay home, stay safe, stay strong, we're all in this together." Video:
  4. Not sure what the morning newscasts are looking like for Atlanta, as I'm not really an early riser. WSB, if they have Fred Blankenshipb Linda Stouffer, Carol Sbarge, Brian Monahan, and Mark Arum spread out or in separate studios or home. 2 nights ago, with WSB weather, I saw where Brad Nitz was home and Glenn Burns in studio at chromakey wall. WAGA, not sure what Good Day Atlanta team's social diatancing looks like. Not sure of WXIA's Morning Rush team social distancing set-up, and whether Atlanta & Company show is still doing shows or is on hiatus. WGCL, if they have Karyn Greer and
  5. I'm very pleased CBS was able to find a temporary home for WCBS till the CBS Broadcast Center can safely reopen. Yes Network set looks very nice I must say.
  6. Atlanta... WSB 2: separated. As of tonight's 11PM news, Jovita Moore at main anchor desk. Jorge Estevez in the stage right story presentation area. Zach Klein was in sports bunker area of WSB-TV building, not in actual news studio. Didn't catch weather to see if Brad Nitz was in weather area. WAGA 5: 10PM had Russ Spencer and Courtney Bryant in separate parts of the studio. 11PM had Tom Haynes solo. Chief meteorologist David Chandley doing weather at chromakey wall. Not sure if Ken Rodriguez is doing sports segment in studio or the sports bunker area of WAGA-TV building.
  7. I doubt NBC would return 2 hours of daytime programming back to its affiliates. My thinking would be... Why not bring back the soaps? I miss seeing the soaps, especially Another World. At least NBC still has Days of our Lives, which got renewed for its 56th season.
  8. With WCBS producing new nightly 10PM newscast for WUPA (CW 69 in Atlanta), I saw where that newscast was placed on temporary hiatus. With CBSN Boston temporarily taking the reigns of CBSN New York and CBSN National... The show must go on.
  9. I could see WNT returning to the 1996-2012 Edd Kalehoff theme with a few updates amd remastering working. We'll see what ABC has planned when newly updated studio debuts.
  10. I agree that the 4th hour would work well with live studio audience. I'd imagine NBC may be testing the waters on having Hoda and Jenna in studio 6A on Thursdays and Fridays to see whether they'd want to do studio audience shows 5 days a week. I'd also imagine NBC continuing to tinker with 4th hour. I could see 4th hour getting renamed to "Later Today", and maybe adding 2 or 3 additional female co-hosts to the panel if they decide to go studio 6A permanently. 4th hour doing Today's Talk discussion (equivalent of Hot Topics) at the start of the show. Keeping segments, like Ambush Makeo
  11. I'm kind of thinking that too. Even FTVLive reported that this stunt CBS has opted for is a "money grab". WCBS 2 NYC producing WUPA 69 Atlanta newscast, KTVT 11 DFW producing WKBD 50 Detroit newscast, and WFOR 4 Miami producing WTOG 44 Tampa Bay newscast. (1) Better scenario would've been having a competing station produce newscasts. Atlanta, having WSB 2 do WUPA newscast. Tampa Bay having WTSP 10 or WFTS 28 do WTOG newscast. Detroit, having WDIV 4 do WKBD newscast, if WWJ 62 relaunching news department isn't on CBS' agenda. (2) Another thing worth pointing out, CBS may not be e
  12. I saw where AJC Radio and TV Talk picked up the story about CBS looking for to do local CW affiliate 10PM newscasts. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/the-starting-hybrid-local-cbs-national-news-program-february/9ZyHFtJP9nOeDtCBfsL6YO/ I'd agree with others about Detroit that it wouldn't hurt CBS to restart WWJ news department from scratch. Stations doing local news is cheaper to produce and more profitable, even if the ratings aren't the absolute best. I also noticed Seattle being missing. I have yet to see on-air promos on WUPA promoting new nightly 10PM newscast.
  13. NBC did a good job on its NBCU Boston Media Center project, along with investments made in other NBC O&O properties in the past decade (including Philly, San Diego, LA, and Dallas). NBC Boston News set looks good. I'd be interested in seeing NBC investing in new state-of-the-art digs for DC, and closing longtime Nebraska Ave location.
  14. That has me wondering, and I'd imagine others could easily be wondering the same thing about whether TEGNA's upper management is losing their minds. Better idea would be to The Story with Dan Haggerty in 7PM hour to keep traditional 6PM newscast in place. I would think TEGNA needs to wipe the slate clean and focus on doing real, substantive journalism at its stations, and not pawning off fancy names for newscasus (seen in Sacramento, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, etc.) as news. If Eyewitness News/Action News names and concept worked on their stations, I'd welcome a return to t
  15. Besides Cox grounding WFOX-WJAX chopper, Scripps is also moving in the direction of grounding WCPO chopper. It's possible that miz-sized to smaller markets may not be able to fly news choppers long-term, and that trend could eventually find its way to larger markets. Plus flying drones looks to be more economically viable. Or stations doing like a decade ago of sharing news chopper to focus other resources on other things, if they wish to fly news choppers a little while longer. I'm also thinking along the lines that Durden's departure wasn't voluntary. I liked hearing his traffic rep

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