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  1. I hope a less polarizing show will do well in primetime cable. Only time will tell.
  2. I doubt it but if so Vlad is not the answer. They'd need a well known perhaps older female talent to go up against Hoda and Robin.
  3. Vlad seems like a nice guy, good for him. This reminds me of when CTM tried to add a fourth person with Bianna Golodryga. This might work as Vlad would be heavily involved in the program doing features more so than the actual fourth host. It does seem like CBS Mornings/CTM is rather unsettled however.
  4. Even in the last package they were using their early 2010s enforcer theme as the close. Agreed, the new theme is bland and forgettable. The orange looks good. They maybe just need to blend in another color so it doesn't look overwhelming.
  5. What is it about network news that so many of these personal scandals occur? Perhaps these workplace scandals happen in all industries but network scandals are magnified because they're on television? Whatever it is, this must make aspiring journalists be cautious of entering the profession.
  6. The set and graphics look great. The L3s however are terrible. Alot of unknown faces at WPIX from that video. Oji was great, she had personality.
  7. Are News 12 anchors that well known to require a non compete clause? I find those strange. We want you out because we dont want to pay you a certain amount, but we also don't want you working anywhere else. Agreed. NYC is a saturated media market. The entire appeal of News 12 was hyperlocal focus on overlooked areas in a massive media market. Now that News 12 has lost it's defining trait, the only reason to watch is a quick news update at anyhour.
  8. Dan Rather live from a Hurricane! (1995)
  9. Wishing Hoda the best. The set looks good when they utilize seasonal flowers/plants. The orange horizontal bars are a nice touch as well.
  10. if that were to happen, it would be cool if the first half hour focused on domestic events and the second half hour focused on global events.
  11. I used to wonder why networks don't do this during off seasons. The question with classics is, how will they hold up in the ratings against new episodes on other networks. That's why I think the elimination of 10pm might have to be on all three networks for it to work.
  12. Nexstar has a really cheap look about it. Of all the non O&O media conglomerates, Graham seems to have the best graphics packages.
  13. She was pretty good. Hopefully she has a job elsewhere.
  14. The difference is though NBC wouldn't be adding a late night talk show in primetime, they'd just be moving the local news up an hour. Fox has had local news at 10 for years, so it's not implausible that it could work for NBC. I do agree that NBC will be at a disadvantage from CBS and ABC. All big three networks however need to consider this because it's clear they're struggling to fill programming.
  15. So basically she was the unofficial but permanent news reader?
  16. Speculation, but I'm sure Sam would love to have his GMA job back. He took a chance on the weather channel gig, much like Josh Elliott the grass wasn't greener on the other side. At least Sam has the good position of AM metrologist for the #1 station in the #1 market. It's crazy how brief and how long ago that era of team Robin, George, Lara, Josh, Sam was. They were a good team. Has the news reader been filled since Amy was let go? ABC might aswell put Michael or Lara in that role instead of adding another person to the lineup.
  17. Yes I did. We're differing in our definition of "conflict talk". I should have used a different term --tabloid perhaps--- as the poster used "conflict" to describe what Maury later became. When I say "conflict talk" I'm referring to tackling topical/tabloid issues which is exactly what Sally, Donahue and Montel did. Plus, certain Maury conflict/tabloid segments like out of control teens were were also on Montel and Sally. As for what I called extreme talk, yes Jerry drifted from his OG format to the Richard Bey route by the late 90s early 00s.
  18. Correction noted. Now I'm seeing that. At first there was some conflicting accounts as to wether this was Griffith's or CBS' move. Despite the cost angle I'm surprised CBS would allow this for their longtime #1 soap. I guess the network feels Y&R is indestructable? It's stayed ontop with piss poor writing for this long. Not anymore. WXIA has local lifestyle show Atl & Co at 11 am, paid programming at 11:30, then news from 12-1.
  19. Can she take Tamsen's spot as evening anchor anchor instead please.
  20. The KPIX Late News format feels like trying to add a sprinkle of seasoning to otherwise bland food. CBS still cannot shake this inauthentic corporate looking format that they have on their local stations. Other than anchor personality, background music choices, graphics and how they write when they report all contribute to the "spice" of a station. Tegna has this issue to. KTLA is a good example of a station that has cookie cutter corporate elements but still manages to have its own individualistic spark. Fox O&Os are also somewhat good at this too.
  21. Back in the day there was a saturation of conflict talkers: Montel, Sally Jessie, Donahue, and extreme shows like Richard Bey, and Jerry. Now we have a saturation of soft talk shows: Sherri, J Hud, Kelly & Ryan. Now we need a healthy balance. Tamron Hall has the middle ground feel that Oprah used to have. The catch is, EVERY tv show tackles social issues, so yet another show having "hard conversations" might be exhausting. Any hard discussion talk shows need to have honest wide ranging opinions not just cookie cutter PC/right vs left stuff that you get on The Talk or The View. I would say we need more local talk shows but 8 hour Fox/CW morning news blocks past 8am are basically just that. I wonder what the next option to fill airtime is: sitcom reruns on big three networks? Reality show reruns? You know they've given up when paid programming gets day slots ---WXIA!
  22. Propecy again fulfilled. Rachael had a good run and a good show, the program kind of just faded to the background in the last few years. Now...all eyes on Divorce Court in the next few seaons. We really new some new blood in daytime, not just more newscasts and not current events discussion shows that regurgitate the pop culture stuff on newscasts. EDIT: The future of the remaining soaps will be the biggest blow to daytime. CBS heads just fired Y&R's entire breakdown staff --not that they were doing a good job though.
  23. Cool to see Stacy Ann back in the mornings as she had Inez's job on GDNY.
  24. Lol, The agenda will be complete once WCBS gets the rebrand.
  25. Maybe they can beat 11 Alive but Fox 5 and Channel 2 have better looking and smoother flowing newscasts than ANF.
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