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  1. Did Drew Carey rejuvinate Price's demos? I guess it is an old people's show but from the way Drew put it in the latest special, people still think of it as Bob Barker show. This I would have to attibute Y&R's longevity to veteran cast member stability. Other than that the show has been stale since it's creator's death in 2005.
  2. The 10 am slot helped send Guiding Light to the grave. For whatever reason 11am to 3 pm, exculding noon, seems to be the best time for a soap. I believe in parts of Canada it airs at 4:00pm. Y&R (at least back in the day) had a serious and shadowy yet glamourous tone that would make it fit in the evening, especially as it gets dark early. LIVE feels like a morning show because of it's light tone. In my personal preference, not based on anything, the lighter shows like Kelly work earlier in the morning, while the more "serious" or mixed tone shows like Judge Judy and Oprah fit great in the late afternoon, especially before the news.
  3. Fair points. I had it as 5 and 11, as that would allow Team B to come in 3:30pm to 11:35pm, giving them not too much over 8 hours of work.
  4. That's good because morning start times have been increasingly pushed earlier and earlier over the years yet the noon responsibility has not changed on many stations.
  5. Broken record but...I think stations should get away from morning news anchors having to do the noon because of that long stretch of hours, working from about 3:30 am to 1pm ish. If anything: TEAM A 4:30-7, GMA cut ins, 10am TEAM B: Noon, 4, 6 TEAM C : 5 & 11pm.
  6. Off-topic from WABC...Though I can admire Bond's presence and his no nonsense attitude, I think that his style should not be duplicated. I'm more of a keep it to the facts less of your feelings believer. I would accept Bond's style strictly in a commentator role, however. As for the WABC Seventies clips, again, colorful language, but we could do without trying to make up the viewers' minds for them.
  7. Circling back to an earlier discussion of Bill Ritter's editorializing, and someone's characterization of Eyewitness News NY as tabloid, I'm realizing the station has a long *history of editorialized or colorful language in reports. Look at John Johnson's report on NYC's urban *decay from 1978 from (9:46-11:13). "We spend 20 million when where SHOULD be spending $500 Million." "Pieces of rot..", "It hurts to tell you we have only allocated less than half a billion this year". "The Woolworth building is just a symbol that makes us more noble than Peoria, and the city of New York goes begging." Fantastic descriptive language that don't dull the report, bull still a testy step into opinion. There was this report on John Gotti's conviction. Jim Dolan's classification of the jury as "12 courageous New Yorkers..." or Bill Beutel saying he can "only look at the moon through jailhouse bars". Again colorful language that makes the report interesting. Some could argue tabloid. Some could argue a testy step into editorializing.
  8. NEW: WABC (2003) Bill Beutel retires. He and Roz Abrahms should have anchored together *permanently* at some point. That would have been a solid counter to Chuck and Sue.
  9. agreed. We need warmer lighting in this Hi Def era. Cold washed out lighting looks horrendus on HD screens.
  10. Amazing and historic footage. What makes this unique from any other coverage that day was live audience reaction to the events as they happened. Thanks for the notice. I wonder where this actually aired?
  11. He was there in the late 90s, early 00s.
  12. I'm saying he works there now, so would WNBC be the only station he's never been on?
  13. Not the best, not the worst. Better than a lot of Nexstar
  14. 22 Years Ago today: First Regis & Kelly after 9/11. @MD TVI had no idea Al Roker was still on Live at 5 as late as 2000.
  15. Agreed! Has Ernie been on every station in the market now? Only exception I can think of is WNBC.
  16. Ernie looks GREAT!!! I would love to see him on the weekends with Kaity.
  17. Cool Hand Luke please!!! Otherwise keep the current theme.
  18. Rather, Jennings and Brokaw were all solid on that day. Which of the big 3 networks, did you find handled the tragedy the most masterfully? I think, during the attacks, The Today Show was strongest in coverage. Just watching The Today Show from that era, especially how they handled 9/11 and the following days, it felt like a public affairs program, rather than what it devolved to now. For the Wed-Fri following the attacks, I would say ABC News was really strong.
  19. And let's add the (not quite newscast, but locally produced) New York Live at 11:30am on WNBC. It's not half bad and I would take that as a full hour at 2pm instead of Dateline. I'm glad to have Sam in a hosting role. SPECULATION AHEAD: I'm sure Sam would love to be back on GMA, but since they have someone, this is a great slot for his personality. Morning meteorologist and Co host on the #1 station. I definitely would have updated the set and graphics to debut a new show, but as others have said, they plan on moving HQ so at least update the graphics. Hopefully 7 doesn't revert to a traditional newscast. In this saturated market, format diversity is needed. Ironically, light news is itself becoming saturated as every station in NYC does it now, lol.
  20. Probably mentioned here already, but for the first time as my memory serves me stemming from childhood, Dr. Phil will not be on the WCBS lineup. Judge Judy is pushed back to 3 o'clock with Hot Bench returning to the channel and taking the 4 PM slot. I'm surprised they didn't put Hot Bench at 3 and leave Judge Judy as the lead in to the 5:00 news. TV passport also shows Dr Phil reruns popping up at 3:00 p.m. on WPIX! I see family feud now on the WNYW line up at 6:30 after the news. This is a good move.
  21. Still, in NYC, I assumed only anchors were making those numbers. I didn't pucture big apple reporters making past $80K unless they were long tenured like NJ Burkett or Jim Dolan. It's refreshing to see a news agency paying far more than a liveable wage.
  22. Cool! Had no idea journalism was still paying that high on the local level, even in a top market.
  23. As much of a let down Licht's tenure was, I agreed with his vision. Cable news is a cesspool of opinions and people need a source that gives them fact-based information. The notion that because MSNBC and Fox News are winning with partisan formatting, CNN should pick a side too, is disappointing. A third, middle of the line cable option is a solid idea. CNN as a legacy network is in a good position to accomplish that, rather than startup NewsNation. I agree with Licht here (The Atlantic via The Daily Beast): "We are not an advocacy network. And if you want to work for an advocacy network, there are other places to go,” Licht said. “You can find any flavor of advocacy in a news organization that suits your need. We are providing something different. And when the s**t hits the fan in this world, you’re not gonna have time for that advocacy anymore. You need an unbiased source of truth.” And I find this line from CNN's article after his firing to be troublesome: [Licht's] approach resulted in programs that were reminiscent of the old Headline News, with shows throwing everything but the kitchen sink at viewers. Viral trending stories and weather forecasts were weaved into show rundowns, put on par with the actual, consequential stories of the day. ...Under Licht, many CNN journalists simply felt restrained as they delivered the news, unsure whether stating the truth on the contentious, politically charged issues that saturate the daily news cycle might land them in hot water. ...Without Licht at the helm, CNN has gone back to its roots, choosing instead to focus on the biggest stories of the day. In the last few weeks, CNN has provided viewers with critical wall-to-wall coverage of Donald Trump’s arraignment on federal charges in Florida, the Titan submersible tragedy, and the abandoned insurrection in Russia. In summary, CNN hosts hated that they couldn't blab their opinions during political segments and they couldn't hyper focus on one story all day long. It's ironic that they say CNN is "going back to their roots" which for them is the Jeff Zucker version that caused their decline to begin with.
  24. Well, that I understand because WGN has news from 4-10a uninterrupted then again from 11am to 1pm. I just found this to be an odd format for a regular two and a half hour morning show.
  25. The question is, why does My Network TV still exist. I'm surprised it hasn't gone the way of UPN/the WB.
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