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  1. WCBS news promo for father and son meteorologists Storm and Frank Field. WWOR 9 News (2001) I didn't realize Rolland Smith kept working into the mid 2000s. Really like his vocal delivery.
  2. Wow these are awful. their idea of re-branding is let's just add rounded corners to the existing graphics and thin the typeface. Based on the CNN plu graphics CNN can do better.
  3. The 2010s documentary is as good as I expected it to be. The Trump episode felt a bit rushed. Surprised Trump didn't get two hours especially if peak tv did.
  4. Liking the visiuals on the top video, but the gum drop music
  5. And in David's potition, I wouldn't want give up a mid day shift for 2:00 AM wake ups.
  6. Yes it is included according to NBC 2's website. Surprisingly they run two news operations on at competing times instead of similcasting or reducing the other to a junior station.
  7. Back to decline of local news, I believe shrinking newrooms and the rise of the Multi Media Journalist position is a huge contributor. I'm seeing so many local stations with less than 10 reporters who have to edit, film, write and report all in one. Unfortunately, the increased work load hasn't translated to higher pay, especially not now with shrinking revenue streams. But a job requiring reporters to move to small market boondocks -- often away from any familial financial support structure--must pay better. It's crazy that people employed in television are paid retail level wages and need to live with roomates despite working a job requiring a bachelor's degree. To add to that, reporters are locked into to two to three year contracts sometimes with post employment non compete clauses. IMO get rid of or shorten contracts for reporters (at least those being paid low in smaller markets). Stop post employment non competes (in states where it's legal). People care more about where anchors land than reporters. This is a big ask but raise the pay. It allows people from diverese fianncial backgrounds to enter the field. A job requiring a degree should at least pay $1K a week, or at the very minuimum allow for the worker to have all basic needs met. Have realitic deadline and story output expectations as newsrooms shrink. Many reporters are qutting the industry over burnout. Journalism is a great and exicitng field but it has major drawbacks.
  8. Across-the-board in multiple markets, anchor lineups are getting very chaotic and confusing. Back in the days it used to be Team A: Mornings & Noon. Team B 5pm. Team C, 6pm and Night. With the advent of excessive newscasts, lineups have gotten odd including switching every half hour.
  9. That's two major anchor changes on this new show (in all fairness because of the Don Lemon situation). I wonder if long term CNN will stick with this.
  10. These light elevator music/pharmacy themes don't work. Is WCBS in last place? I'm curious to see the numbers. The station was really on the right track from 2007 to about 2015/16ish. This light corperate jingle doesn't work for a place as gritty and fast paced as NYC. ABC 7's theme captures the right essence. Power, force urgency, much like CBS 2's mid 90s theme.
  11. Agreed. Looking at WTVJ around 1992, you really see the 'SVN effect. In my own bias..As someone who got up really early mornings for work, and hearing many journalists talk about the negative sleep effects of 2 AM wake ups, I'm not so set on early morning live broadcasts.
  12. IMO it's better they don't start the newscast at 4 AM, at least from the talent's point of view. I like that they rerun the 11pm broadcast at that hour. If this pushes Sherri Shepherd down one hour hopefully it knocks Byron Allen's fake Justice with Judge Mablean off the schedule---(even though I love her). It's strange that a market with such leisure and culture as Miami/Ft Lauderdale doesn't have a lightweight morning newscast. Even the 9am hour on WPLG and WFOR are straight news. (Not counting Deco Drive or 6 in the Mix). Looking at the quieter overlapping market West Palm, Fox 29 is straight news from 7-9. WPEC and WPBF are also strictly news at nine. Thats five hard newscasts at 9am in South Florida.
  13. The minor fame part works out well too because there's less of a public microscope on you.
  14. Agreed. IDK about the pay part but Russ Mitchell left CBS News in 2009 to take a lead anchor position in Ohio. Contessa Brewer went from MSNBC to WNBC. I've seen reporters in bigger local markets go down to smaller markets in order to get a anchor position. Example Sheldon Dutes or Jummy O from WNBC going to Orlando and DC respectively. Sometimes taking a step down can make for a more comfortable working/living position, or a larger role in a smaller organization. Exactly. The person who made the claim about Shirleen not being nice to work with, I'm not saying it's false, we just need more context and specifics. Yes, one complaint makes it comfortable for others to speak up, but it also looks fishy if people out of the blue start complaining about someone after one allegation. From personal experience...you can't base your opinion of someone by other people's judgments, BUT you can use it as a warning.
  15. That's what CNN does, compromise it's little integrity for a temporary rather than long-term ratings bump. MH -370 is the prime example. Is that the best CNN could do graphics wise??? SMH. Right now MSNBC has the best sets and Fox News has the best lighting. None of the three cable networks have strong graphics.
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