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  1. Late to the party, so CNN will have News CENTRAL and NewsROOM now? It's clear that NewsCentral will be the main dayside brand but how will this differ from Newsroom? I'm glad to see Newsroom still around but I'm surprised they didn't just MSNBC it and unite all of dayside headline coverage under one brand.
  2. True...but the o&o have a single owner and the same format so it's easy to pinpoint what their issues are. For the affiliates which have multiple owners, and multiple factors at play, it's more difficult to pinpoint why they aren't successful. Some posters have said it harkens back to the '94 realignments. Others have pointed out CBS affiliates do well in small and rural markets.
  3. Thank you for clarifying that the WNBC situation was budget cuts. I wondered why they would wreck their solid news product in the mid-2000s, for all the crap you listed coupled with a sub par studio and worse graphics. News 4 really improved in 2012! I do however appreciate that CBS O&Os don't have a billion hours of news compared to their counterparts.
  4. Focusing on WCBS, alot of their troubles stem from a mass talent firing and re-branding in 1996. They abandoned the good "Channel 2 News" format which boasted a tabloid feel and commanding news theme ---though the NY Times says it performed behind CH 4 & 7. It was replaced by several rebrands, studio, talent and graphics changes, until they finally stabalized in 2007. 10 years of instability! In the last 5 or so years WCBS has lost some 'flavor' and I'm not sure where they stand in the ratings today. "Channel 2 News" final era (1993-1996) 2 News (1996-1997). The set and graphics were fine. The music, format changes etc though... "CBS News New York" generic pharmacy jingle 2023
  5. (Skip to 2:32) My knowledge of the Chicago market is still growing so I was surprised to see the legendary Bill Curtis/Walter Jacobson pairing still intact as late as 2013. I wish stations weren't so averse to do male pairings these days.
  6. In the event that Kimmel goes I'd like to see ABC keep doing a late night talk show. As much as I like Nightline, it's nowhere near the intelectual program it was under Ted Koppel. Jimmy can be great. His issue is over reliance on Trump for material, especially his virtue signal ladened monolouges. His segments outside of that like Liewitness News, Baby Bachelor and Unnecesary Censorship are hilarious. Otherwise, I find myself turning into Fallon, someone who covers Trump briefly and moves on to other material, keeping his politics at minimum.
  7. Nice and clear talent line up too. not confusing to know which time your favorite personality will be on.
  8. Yes! CBS shows appeal to an older audience. I can also see why CBS stations do well in rural smaller areas. Historically the network has run rural comedies like Green Acres and in the 90s *shows* like Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Walker Texas Ranger etc. Today they've got an endless portfolio of procedurals. It's definitely a watch with your grandparents kind of channel which must trickle down to the newscasts.
  9. My theory for the affiliates is that their struggles stem from the '94 realignments. They lost some stronger affiliates, left to pick up weaker ones. Look at ATL, CBS lost WAGA 5 to Fox, so they had to settle for WGNX 46, a weaker station with a dial number up in the boondocks. For the owned and operated stations I'll say again...CBS O&O newscasts have a very generic, corporate, "Spectrum News" like feel, that isn't always authentic to the markets they're in. Big example, the CBS' defunct "Nowcasts". WUPA's version, produced in NYC, felt so out of place in a country/soulful/hip hop city like Atlanta. WCBS' Mary Calvi and Chris Wragge could do one of those nowcasts because they don't add any extra personality to make it feel like you're watching a New York morning show. This in contrast to the loud-brash-Brooklyn Rosanna Scotto on GDNY or the Jamaican Dancehall or Street Soldiers segments covered on WNYW. Even though all o&o station groups duplicate their formats across markets, ABC, NBC, and especially FOX & CW stations are great at adding local touches.
  10. Not to turn this into the CBS thread but the issue there is that if their national news brand is not doing well outside of two shows, does that justify duplicating it on the local level? If anything, CBS stations need to be seeking separate identities. I'll save that for it's designated thread. Fox O&Os, like ABC stations, are a prime example of duplicated yet still locally fresh format. WAGA feels authentically Atlanta as WNYW feels uniquely NY with personalities like Rosanna Scotto, and segments covering say Jamaican Dancehall culture... despite both stations being "Fox 5 News" with the same graphics. Again WABC does this well also. Back to WABC, I have to agree. Left to their own volition, Channel 7 has shown us for decades how bad their sets and graphics can get.
  11. True. I see both sides. I agree with the idea of identifying a similar product via aesthetics through several markets. Not to drift off topic but, comparing the more successful ABC O&Os vs CBS O&OS...I don't mind duplicating a look just with added personal touches like KWY doing green instead of the standard CBS blue and white. I know the argument is a similar look for content sharing but the audience does not care if WCBS takes a KYW green graphic. The issue becomes when stations sound like a bland corporate carbon copy and not locally authentic. Look at WCBS with its pharmacy jingle ringtone open and clean corporate feel which doesn't match the vibe of a gritty intense city like New York. In contrast, even though WABC is one of ABC's many Eyewitness News copies, it still feels locally authentic to NYC with its diverse set of long-tenured reporters and its "flashier" (as some have said) format.
  12. I'm not saying I necessarily disagree with some of the points Rosanna made. But, she (as usual) drifts into editorialization. Sanctuary "Trap" for example is a loaded title. "This is coming to a city near you, unfortunately" which she said, is also another iffy statement. That's fine for Fox News Channel, but very slippery for her already compromised 'neutral image' role on GDNY.
  13. Very underwhelming, especially for Graham which has some good looking stations. They should have taken a page from sister station WJXT whose set looks way better. IMO, stations need to tone down the video walls, quit the furniture minimalism and get some physical set pieces.
  14. Interesting catch. Just this morning my local CBS affiliate skipped Face the Nation (for the first time that I've seen) and aired E/I programming instead. The did however air Sinclair's Sunday morning political show "Full Measure".
  15. Yep! I wasn't sorry to see Don go, he was one of many annoying cable pundits. I just didn't like the circumstances under which it occurred.
  16. Pardon me for me for being facetious, but the video *wall* would look better and more seemless without that red thing (a table?) in the background.
  17. Agreed. The concept is not horrible. The L3's just look too cartoonish, flat, fat, and white. The graphics looked better in the CBS News Mornings shot, maybe because it doesn't have the ticker and the upper subject bar weighing it down. Broadstroke: As time advances television graphics are not.
  18. The network keeps making adjustments to this show (and it's predecessor's) graphics that aren't better. The CBS logo needs to be shifted to the right to fill the dead space where the ticker ends. Excluding the ticker, this was probably the only decent L3 CBS This Morning/Mornings has ever had:
  19. I think that's what help sets Today and GMA apart and ABC vs NBC as a whole. Today/NBC was the sleek urban show/network and ABC/GMA was the more homely middle America network/show. I would take physical pieces over the proliferation of bare video walls that we have today. that's basically the modern version of the 70s chromakey set trend.
  20. Pulling for big names much like Fox 5!
  21. Snippet from Today in New York, 2007. WNBC's looked really good aesthetically here, and they had good talent. So, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what caused them to drop in the ratings to the point of cutting newscast at that time? Was it simply because WCBS made improvements and displaced them for second in some timeslots?
  22. That column was nice and it worked! Embrace it, maybe even stick a Today Show rainbow at the base, similar to the 80s.
  23. It looked better when the camera feed monitor was frameles
  24. Yikes large white box L3s. At least the time-temperature bug looks less cramped. Having just discovered the Morgan Murphy group, I will say some of their stations's graphics and sets look better than some stations at larger companies like Sinclair.
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