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  1. WABC has always struggled graphics and studio wise but their current look is just bad. Even their 90s L3's had a pixelated look about them that was below the compeition:
  2. She gives a supunkier version of Jodi Applegate vibes.
  3. Surprised to see ABC using the bulletin branding as late as 2004. I wonder when they completely dropped using that and just stuck to special report. Special Report is a little overused for repeating events such as the impeachment trial or January 6 hearings. The live coverage designation, like back in the day, would be better suited for such events.
  4. I'm surprised Fox 5 sought outside talent to fill the Wake Up slot with outside talent. Reagan Medgie seemed like the perfect fit for an AM anchor position.
  5. I like how Fox 5 DC integreated FNC's graphics for the hearing. NBC should have just kept it's regular Special Report graphics rather than the usual topical ones used here. It looks too boxy, very MSNBC. Their nightly news graphical concept is also very nice, it would be a good L3 outside of that broadcast.
  6. Surprisngly no appearence from Wendy Williams on her final show, not even a recorded message. Will all thse shows going away I wonder how much longer daytime dramas can hang on for, especially with Y&R and GH celebrating their 50th and 60th anniversaries repsecitively in 2023
  7. good that dan has a co anchor for the full block now. the formatting of GDNY was strange for a while. hopefully bianca will be with ro until 10am.
  8. Is this a dreamNever thought I'd see the day anytime soon!
  9. Agreed! "Happening Now" works just fine if newscasts need some false urgency. While we're at it, can we stop overusing "breaking overnight", speaking in half sentences, overdramatizing "severe" weather that happens all the time and using the present tense for everything. Don't get me wrong, news always needs a little spice of drama but these days we've just gone over the moon.
  10. Looks like Bill is reporting from home.
  11. Im surprised Fox National broke into local morning news for the Queen's Jubilee and ABC and CBS didn't.
  12. Norah O Donnel off on two critical nights. Is she on vacation or sick?
  13. History of Channel 7 Miami. Loved the affiliation change and "news station" revamp portions.
  14. This set was much better than the cheap blue looking one that followed it. Nothing beats their 1992-95ish set though!
  15. Ch 4 is my go to station for NY and I consider them the next best after Eyewitness News, but it does feel discombobulated at times. The transparent desk and topical video wall cheapens their on air look. Not to mention Studio 3K was already a downgrade from 3C. A studio upgrade really neeed to accompany their graphical update. Their anchor lineups seem mixed up.(Not that the average viewer cares but..) on Today in New York, one day Michael or Darlene is solo, the next they're together. I would think if someone is off or on vacation WNBC would get a substitute to help tackle the 3 hour broadcast. The same with Weekend TINY. David & Natalie anchoring 4, 7, and 11pm solo with no clear pattern of who anchors what newscast. I'm sure Chuck could handle an extra half hour so they could at least utilize him for 7pm as well. Obviously there's no rule in stone that a local newscast must have dual anchors, but the chemistry between partners on-air really does lift a broadcast.
  16. I wish networks industry wide could just take a stand and make all content hard factual news, so audiences have little option but to consume it. But I guess that won't happen so here we are...
  17. Yes! I've totally noticed the not speaking in complete sentences. I dont mind compacting and simplifying information but this feels dramatically dumbed down.
  18. This week in history 5/11/81, Bob Marley died. One of the few pieces of coverage I could ever find. It's a surprisingly short obit considering Marley's magnitude. You wouldn't even realize that he died that long ago given how often his songs are played today. CBS Evening News:
  19. This is not limited to GMA but has anyone noticed reporters increasingly speaking in the present tense? Example: Last night, Speaker Pelosi landing in Ukraine, speaking with President Zelensky about Putin's next move. I suppose this is to make things sound more dramatic or current? I've noticed this happening in about the last two or three years, especially on GMA.
  20. Again, I wonder if on air social distancing makes sense because staff may be interacting in close quarters behind the scenes.
  21. This day was coming, had a feeling she was headed for retirement soon. Sad to see Judy go. At least she'll still be around for select projects.
  22. Mike Jerrick is going viral over his "gardening tool joke". Surprised he didnt almost get suspended for that, lol. He's truly the Greg Kelly/Karl Stefanovic of Philly!
  23. CNN + had good graphics that would do well on the tv network with a few tweaks.
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