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  1. Agreed about the male presence to balance it out.
  2. WPIX in 2010 CBS News Special Report intro 2018-2020.....just too flat and cheap looking IMO
  3. I agree, NBC is usually the best at this. I suppose they didn't recreate Democracy Plaza because of COVID. They really use the Rockefeller Center space well by projecting the CGI electoral map onto the ice skating ring, and projecting vote totals off the side of 30 Rock.
  4. Favorite Openings: WSVN 1993, flashy tabloid awesomeness! WSVN 1995: Equal flashiness! WNBC had a great jazzy redesign in the late 80s early 90s. Great quality for the 80s and very New York City oriented. WNBC 4 in the mid to late 80s, featuring the signature lightning bolt striking the four logo. Their graphics prior to this were great as well Finally, IMO the last decent graphics package The Today Show had, from 2009
  5. I agree (with the exception of maybe CNBC for Wall St coverage). These networks have gone off the deep end. Asking to cut back on the 24/7 news cycle is basically asking to reverse time. Plus they bring in money so that wont happen. I suppose the most we can do at this point is improve what we already have.
  6. @wabceyewitnessAgreed about Fox 5 in the evenings. Anything outside of GDNY is irrelevant. The same for the alternative, WPIX since Jim & Kaity left the 10pm slot.
  7. Politics aside, you'd have to admit the amount of cable news airtime Trump has had (especially on CNN & MSNBC) since 2015, is insane. Unfortunately, some viewers will eat that right up. Hopefully cable news, late night comedians, and comedy news hosts will diversify their content post Trump.
  8. I don't recall Sukanya filling in for Rosanna on any occasion, with Greg as co-host. It would have been interesting to see those two big personalities mesh for a day.
  9. Agreed about Greg on Newsmax. As for Shirleen, she has been an awesome Lori Stokes replacement on WABC. None of Fox 5's news casts are all that these days. 'Street Soldiers' is the occasional draw in for me.
  10. The Nightly News studio looks good. Again NBC comes out as stronger of the big 4 in graphics and set design. I'm liking the gloss, shine, and slight transparency to NN's lower thirds, rather than the boxy, Windows 10 style, flat, solid color graphics trend. I wish they'd apply something like this to MSNBC's plain white box look (especially their COVID graphics). The abbreviated Nightly News intro is too short. It'd be cool if they utilized something similar the late Brokaw early Williams era opening sequence.
  11. It's time for a graphical and studio update. 3K looks so barren, even before the COVID desk modification.
  12. I miss the sounds of phones ringing in the background of the old ABC Newsroom set.
  13. Get well Al! Not you too! Been wondering about Barbra. That's sad! All the legends I grew up with (Regis, Alex Trebek, etc..) and am now old enough to appreciate, are passing away. Hopefully Ann comes or is invited to the 70th. She was a critical part of that show. I read an article sometime ago in which the writer remarked that NBC's biggest mistake was bringing Ann to the anchor desk, to begin with. Do you all agree? Ann put in her dues as news reader so she was due for elevation to the seat. I will say that she didn't have as much chemistry with Matt , as did Katie
  14. Lori does her best on GDNY. IMO, she's better suited as a straight anchorman as she was on WABC, rather than a breakfast show personality like Greg and Rosanna. I wouldn't mind her at 6. If this is a thing, I hope she gets a co anchor, rather than going solo. What's the general feel about Steve and Dari? It feels like they just speed through whatever's on the teleprompter with no "presence" or "persona" added (for lack of better terms). I'm surprised Dari (and Steve) have lasted this long.
  15. Saw that too. Biden always seemed to be ahead by the most points on Fox. The other networks appeared to more cautious with calls.
  16. Really wishing this all gets resolved on election night! But alas, this is 2020
  17. It's almost like Frank McGee. It's well reported that he was misogynistic and created a toxic work environment for Barbara Walters. It makes no sense however, to sanitize history and act like he didn't host the show, There's a difference between celebrating someone and acknowledging their existence or contribution to the show's history.
  18. It's understandable that Matt wouldn't be invited to the 70th Anniversary celebration should it occur, but he was on the show for 23 years it makes no sense to act like he never existed. They shouldn't cut him out of flashbacks as he was involved in momentous coverage like 9/11, Bin Laden's death, and the 2000 election. The same goes for Ann Curry and Deborah Norville. Perhaps they could briefly acknowledge him to get it out of the way so his lack of a presence there doesn't overshadow everything. I like the election set up. I wish they'd include more of a tangible physical set, ra
  19. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When you're a journalist on a network that's supposed to be considered objective, you have to be very careful about expressing political opinions on a personal and especially a professional social media account. Personally I'm kind of weary of news organizations having people follow journalists on Twitter. For me I rather just see what the reporter has to report at allotted news cast times and that's it, unless it's a commentator like Rachel Maddow or Ben Shapiro who people follow explicitly for their opinions. I know it can be frustrating when the Presid
  20. I especially liked his chemistry with Tony Yates whenever she filled in.
  21. Politically unbiased shouldn't equal softball questions or not searching for truth, holding people accountable etc... As much as I like the attempt by WGN, national news coverage is so saturated, so how will they stand out. Outside of WGN, I hope some international news devoted outlet gains traction in the US.
  22. Come to think of it, I respect that CNBC knows it has nothing new to cover after 7 ET (unless it simulcast CNBC I for overseas market updates) so it just airs non news business-related programming. I'll take that over the other networks that use speculation, and partisan commentary to fill dead air. Even when there were reports of shots fired near the Capitol building, CNBC briefly broke into programming, said they'll come back when they know something, and returned to business news. I liked that in comparison to the other cable networks that speculated for a good bit around the events. Many h
  23. I see a 7pm newscast airing tonight on WNBC, in addition to a rerun of Nightly News at 7:30 again. When did this resume? I agree with @Roadrunner that 5:00 feels better with two anchors. 6:00 would feel right with a dual anchor format too, IMO. Hypothetically if Chuck ever got a co anchor again at 6:00, I like his two veteran rapport with Pat Battle anytime she's filled in. She's the best on Saturday mornings so understandably they wouldn't mess with that. If Dana Tyler —as someone mentioned—got a co anchor at 6:00 again, Dick Brennan might be a good fit. Stations reall
  24. Yes!! Good to have the quasi old theme back. The 1978 version followed by the late 90s/early 00s were my favorite. Now if only we can get John Williams' theme back on NBC's Today.

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