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  1. Today Show (2003): Allied forces take over Baghdad: CNN (2002): End of Ground Zero cleanup ceremony. Was surprised to find the exact date the tragic site was finally cleared:
  2. Makes sense, I even notice that programing guides isolate the 6am block on most stations instead of listing it as one big 4/4:30-7am block. Was thinking the same. Oji, Marisol and Ben could soely take over the 10am hour since it's all fluff and GDNY isn't on the air as competition at that time. But, if Dan and Hazel haven't complained then no issue.
  3. So Dan and Hazel will be anchoring from 6-11am now according to the new promo. I'm sure they want to push the main morning anchor duo but John & Kirstin from 4-7, then Dan & Hazel from 7-11 would be a more even split.
  4. I get your point. I've always wondered if drivers really pay attention to traffic reports on tv, especially in this digital age. But then I also question the same for tv weather reports. Outside of big storms like blizzards and hurricanes, does the average viewer take the time to sit down and watch the extended forecast or do they just google "7 day forecast"? But weather reports definitely top traffic updates in terms of audience relevance, IMO.
  5. Dan Rather reporting from the Sunday Morning set made the novelty of this even better. WABC 1977: Love the steps concept, especially the diagonal shots where you can see one anchor behind the other WABC 2001: Aaliyah's death, I've struggled to find news coverage of this online
  6. (2003) CBS News Coverage of Saddam Hussein's capture. Interestingly, it looks like Dan Rather is reporting from something similar to the early 90s set of the CBSEN. Even more odd is that in the beginning portion, the mid 90s red/yellow L3's are being used before transitioning to the usual blue graphics.
  7. Best of luck. On her note about sleep, starting work at 3 something in the AM isn't an east task, kudos.
  8. Flat but with gloss, not bad!
  9. Bob Schiffer filling in for Scott Pelley, apparently this is Bob's last time ever at the CBSEN desk. ImWish he'd stayed on as anchor from '05 until his retirement.
  10. Copy. I was also wondering if talent push back was a factor in other stations not going so early, but definitely the financial aspect is foremost.
  11. I wonder if it's ratings that's stopping other stations from expanding to 4, or if that's what caused caused WPIX to cancel it's first attempt.
  12. The Election Night graphics were on point https://www.newscaststudio.com/2021/11/03/msnbc-2021-election-virtual-set-extension/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialpost&fbclid=IwAR0bwkmsqpC6XWAc9VEEDKGLruUG5bW3_abjPH_9Zn3uAqAXt_ZqRkj1HQA
  13. I question if no Gayle would help the ratings. Alot of tv news viewing is about who's reporting the story as much as it's about the story itself. Gayle King (especially being Oprah's best friend) has name recognition, as did Charlie Rose. Now they were still in third despite two recognizable media personalities, but I wonder if CBS This Morning would have made it this far without them. CBS Saturday Morning has a great team and good story choice. I'd say it deserves be #1 on Saturdays, though I do enjoy Weekend GMA more than tit's weekday counterpart. I agree with the co
  14. FNC's studio, graphics and lighting looked so good on WNYW.
  15. I like Bianca but GDNY is still flat in the post-Greg era. IDK where the morning ratings stand but Pix 11 has a real opportunity here.
  16. Agreed! CBS has the best reporting of the big 3 as evidenced by 60 Minutes, CBS Mornings and CBS Sunday Morning. They just need better on air presentation (graphics wise) and a strong lead anchor. As for CBS primetime, it's number one in my assessment because it has shows like SWAT, NCIS and FBI that an older somewhat conservative audience can still enjoy. CBS primetime doesn't take risks. They stick to a formula that works for them: crime/law dramas and sitcoms.
  17. Dan was a solid anchor despite his moments. CBSEN under his tenure was just as good as NNN and WNT, I guess someone had to be in third place and it was him. To me, CBS has remained third because of their competition. Brian Williams had a commanding presence and a narrative delivery style that made me at least want to tune in. Plus, NBC typically had the best presentation. ABC had more recognizable and better fitting anchors: Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer and David Muir. To me, Couric's tenure inserted too much soft news. Pelly came off as too stiff, Jeff Glor wasn't well
  18. Broken record but IMO, eighty-sixing Norah will accomplish nothing (ratings wise) without some major talent acquisitions and formatting changes on CBSEN. ABC is doing a good job of grooming talent like Whit Johnson, Linsey Davis and of course George Stephanopoulos if there is ever a vacancy in the evenings. NBC has really taken the time to build up Savannah Guthrie and Tom Llamas for prominent roles should any major anchor departures occur. They've even developed Craig Melvin, who I'd consider as a stand by candidate for future Today main anchor. CBS hasn't really groomed new tale
  19. I don't think either Savannah or Ann were the right successors for Meredith in 2011. Natalie perhaps, but I don't see many full episode clips on YouTube where she substitute hosted to make a full assessment. Amy Robach was solid when she anchored with Lester. As for modern Today, Savannah has been trying and Hoda is okay. The biggest issue is story choice and on air appearance at this point.
  20. It's just odd! One morning Michel or Darlene are anchoring alone with no subsititute, on 3 hour broadcast. NBC 4 and Fox 5 are having some odd anchor situations at the moment. WCBS and WABC have been consistent for the most part with anchor arrangements, and making sure each broadcast has two hosts. Simplest arrangement Mon-Fri Darlene & Michael 4-7am Adam & Gilma at 11 and 4 David & Natalie at 5 & 11 Chuck & (anchor X) at 6&7
  21. A Day with Dan Rather (1990), @5:34 Dan Rather & Tom Brokaw meet Dan Rather breaks down on Letterman over 9/11
  22. The only portion of Live's 9/11 episode I've seen was in the 9/17/01 episode intro in which aired clips of this. It was up on You Tube years ago. I wondered why they went ahead with the show. Was it because the studio audience was there, for west coast stations, or they expected to air this the following day? According to an interview with Kelly Ripa they did so with the assumption that they wern't pre-empted in other markets and they continued until stations across the country took over coverage.
  23. @8Viewer Odd but Interesting, WTEN an ABC affiliate using the CBS enforcer theme! Even more big name anchors filling in on the evening news: Ted Koppel in for Frank Reynolds: Connie Chung in for Peter Jennings: Katie Couric in for Tom Brokaw
  24. In the case of East coast stations, if a football game per say runs till midnight interupting the 11PM news, I would opt to pre record a full or truncated version of the newscast. I wouldn't want the anchors or reporters just waiting overtime for the game to end. But again, Im sure stations have reasons for wanting to go live and full length -- or whatever they do -- post game.

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