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  1. This is unwanted attention, an unncesary distraction, and disheartening for the spouces involved. Lets be fair though. People in every day jobs mess around with their coworkers. This is only a big deal because the parties involved work on TV and have the media exacerbating their liaison. The other outlets might want to tread carefully and be self reflective regaurding workplace gossip. As the mutiple scandals in pervious years have showed us, alot of news agencies have skeletons in their closets. This may follow the usual pattern. This one scandal will suddenly open the door for a multitude of allegations about numerous things from people who were quiet for years. We're talking alot about morality clauses and Disney. Let's not forget Disney owned ABC is the same network that aired Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and other raunchy shows, not to mention General Hospital on right after in most markets, lol. I'm sure a decent swath of the public doesn't even know that ABC is owned by Disney to make that brand connection. It reminds me of when Paul Pierce was fired from ESPN for that considerably mild video where strippers were walking in the background as it "wasn't a good look" for a Disney company. This despite the majority of ESPN's audience being men, many of whom are watching in barbershops and bars (who probably wouldn't mind) given the conversations that occur in those spaces. Overall, a company has a right to tell its employees to be careful of what they do on their personal time, as not to negatively affect the company's image. But, like this case, everything doesn't require disciplinary action.
  2. Ad revenue is the obvious answer but HLN might aswell go off the air totally.
  3. ABC O&Os are the perfect example of streamlined with a touch of individuality. There are umpteen ABC 7s with roughly the same logo, branding themselves as Eyewitness News. The vast majority of them are the number one station in their markets, and despite there duplicated formats, the stations have seeds of uniqness that make them authentic to the cities they broadcast to. Pardon the ancient example but, Van Amborg was uniquely San Francisco as Grimsby & Beutel felt very New York.
  4. Speaking in generalities... IMO: A consensual relationship with your co-worker (given that both of you are single) is messy but not morally wrong. The problem becomes an awkward work environment if the relationship ends. This might be unpopular but dare I say it: A boss and their subordinate having a consensual relationship is also messy --and should be avoided -- but isn't morally wrong either, given that the subordinate is not being granted unearned work privileges and that the boss doesn't try to retaliate if the relationship ends badly. It's best to avoid s$&/$ing where you eat as the saying goes, but life happens. As someone pointed out earlier, this will be buried in the news cycle in the next 2 to 3 weeks, and ABC should probably weather through the storm rather than overreact. Let's hope nothing nefarious on either Holmes or Robach's parts comes out in the next few weeks.
  5. Today Show blooper clip from the 60s or 70s in color.
  6. Agreed that that west coast ABC's look far better. Their late 00s package was the cleanest to me:
  7. It's too much of a mouthful. CBS News New York NOW on WLNY etc.. CBS News comes off as clueless at this point. They don't seem to get that their news product is generic, and that streamlining everything into that same generic format just adds to the problem. CBS O&O's local newscasts have no personality or originality. They reek of corporate blandness. Channel numbers are becoming less relevant, but I wouldn't say they should be dropped from branding all together. This! New talent has to get a chance, but just reporting the news isn't enough. There has to be some personality and flair to it , which a lot of the newer talent lacks. People can get their news from anywhere. You as a station have to give them a reason to come to you (within the boundaries of good journalism of course).
  8. Hopefully there's prenups involved for both their sakes. If that would do any good.
  9. Entertainment Tonight is reporting the same thing Was thinking the same. Honestly, both of them came out pretty well and the show is going on with an extra hour added at that. The ET report made the comparison as well. Agreed. You often see coworkers more hours a day than family, so it's natural that as human beings feelings develop. Extra marital affairs are wrong, but it's not the public's business. Audiences should be focused on TJ and Amy's work as journalists, not seeking personal narratives. (TO BE FAIR one could argue that journalists hunt personal narratives in other peoples lives, but want to privacy when it comes to their own). Morality clauses can be an overarch. Cheating on your spouse shouldn't affect your job unless you're in a position like a religious institution or something of that nature. Where does the line begin and end for how much work can dictate your personal life? It can be tricky.
  10. Robin would thrive on a local morning show like Good Day NY, KTLA Mornings News or WGN etc.. HLN has been gone for years and the channel might as well shut down.
  11. Totally agree. WABC would be even stronger with a cleaner on air look. WCBS, WNJU and maybe WNYW aside, the remainder of the market's sets aren't that great.
  12. Today show 1999. It's usually hard to find Today content from the late nineties as opposed to the 80s or late 2000s.
  13. WNBC (and WABC) with their topical video wall graphics. While creative, it doesn't look the best...
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