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  1. It made no sense for him to leave GDNY, unless he was forced out, still unclear on the circumstances.
  2. Imo, HLN is past it's expiration date. It would be great to see Robin Meade on CNN in the A.M. though as someone said before
  3. The warm lighting looks good, compared to the washed out HD of the other stations. If anything WCBS can at least boast about their studio.
  4. Why has GD Wakeup has such a revolving door of anchors over the years, compared to the 4:30-7 slot on the other stations?
  5. MSNBC & Fox included! They aren't prizes either, but apparently obsessive and endless Trump coverage works in their favor compared to CNN. IMO It would be interesting to see a hard international focus on CNN compared to the America focused coverage on most US news media.
  6. On the subject of WSVN, though the tabloid style is not my favorite (hello GMA) the way WSVN delivered the format in the 90s and 2000s really showed why they dominated South Florida. The hype they brought to the news, especially with music and sets, was unignorable. Their news output is overkill however, imo, but it seems to work favorably for them.
  7. Lester is a solid evening/morning host and brings a great hard news presence. As for Nightly News, I liked Brian Williams in the chair more given his narrative style of delivery. No matter who is hosting, Today (GMA included) needs to dial back the silly human interest/pop culture stories and get back to it's pre 2013 tone.
  8. Hopefully 'Today' improves in the 20s. I liked seeing Hoda anchor with Lester this morning. That might be a solid paring with Al on weather, Carson on entertainment, and perhaps Savannah at the news desk.
  9. WABC is solid! The only thing I wish they'd work on is thieir studio and graphics. To have quality plus presentation would be the icing on the cake, IMO.
  10. In terms of the old studio, Im all for fully utilizing a resouce but, why does CBS repeatedly use studio 57 for almost everything?
  11. IMO, Politics is being done at nauseum by the networks. Look at MSNBC going full blown overkill on Trump coverage. Norah uprooting herself to go to D.C. just feels unnecesary given her uncertain future at the anchor desk. Look at John Dickerson. He gave up Face the Nation for CTM only to be shifted again to 60 Minutes. Outside of Norah, I think the struggle at CBS is that it feels generic and bland. IMO this includes sets, graphics, and anchor talent (minus 60mins & CBS Sunday Morning). The same could be said about its local O&Os, and CBSN (local) as well. None of the current talent on WCBS 2 in New York for example really stand out or have a commanding presence. The entertainment side of the network, though it does well in the ratings, has that generic ion televsion feel too. CBS literally pumps out a cookie cutter crime drama (some are actually pretty good) or sitcom at will call. Since the ratings are great in that regard, it aint broke so they won't fix it.
  12. I highly doubt Evening News moving to D.C. will help the show in any way. The whole 'closer to our nation's power source' angle IMO isn't special. IDK what they can do to stand out at this point. Perhaps a focus on international hard news might be unique in comparison to the U.S .focus on the other networks. In the extreme case, if the network were to replace Norah, what standout talent really exists at the network right now? Lol, if they gave it to Ted Kopel I'd definately tune in.
  13. Agreed about modern TV graphics being bland. Graphics are so flat and dull now. In regards to HD, high-definition has not been kind to cheaply produced daytime television, many local newscasts included. Case and point being Tamron Hall's talk show and 'The Real' talk show. The lighting on 'The Real' especially is so fluorescent and washed out.
  14. ABC's graphics are no prize either. NBC News has its flaws but it's graphics and studio design are usually the better of the 3 networks. You'd expect TV news graphics to get better as time advances but they seem to be getting worse.
  15. Who is running the graphics at CBS? CTM, Evening News and Special Reports lower thirds look like PowerPoint slide creations.
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