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  1. A Day with Dan Rather (1990), @5:34 Dan Rather & Tom Brokaw meet Dan Rather breaks down on Letterman over 9/11
  2. The only portion of Live's 9/11 episode I've seen was in the 9/17/01 episode intro in which aired clips of this. It was up on You Tube years ago. I wondered why they went ahead with the show. Was it because the studio audience was there, for west coast stations, or they expected to air this the following day? According to an interview with Kelly Ripa they did so with the assumption that they wern't pre-empted in other markets and they continued until stations across the country took over coverage.
  3. @8Viewer Odd but Interesting, WTEN an ABC affiliate using the CBS enforcer theme! Even more big name anchors filling in on the evening news: Ted Koppel in for Frank Reynolds: Connie Chung in for Peter Jennings: Katie Couric in for Tom Brokaw
  4. In the case of East coast stations, if a football game per say runs till midnight interupting the 11PM news, I would opt to pre record a full or truncated version of the newscast. I wouldn't want the anchors or reporters just waiting overtime for the game to end. But again, Im sure stations have reasons for wanting to go live and full length -- or whatever they do -- post game.
  5. 9/11/01: Live with Regis & Kelly featuring WABC news coverage
  6. Great! I preferred the CTM eye opener as it was more of a current events summary, than a promo for upcoming stories in the 7:00 hour like CBS Morninngs' is.
  7. WNBC's awesome News Channel 4 promo from 2003! WWOR 2005, UPN 9 News may have been at the bottom but the theme was fire. WCBS 2 from the mid 90s. That striking chord followed by the loud brass like opening was epic. WCBS from 1989-92. Back when the CBS enforcer theme went hard!
  8. WXTV's massive flat white box look is terrible compared to WNJU Telemundo 47's graphics. The graphics from WNBC are fine. The abrupt cold open with no announcer introduction is just too quick IMO, compared to their previous intros. Better than some other intros on this list but...NNN's truncated open compared to their previous grand animated intro, or the late Brokaw early Williams era open, sucks. FullSizeRender.mov
  9. Not their best work, lol! Though I prefer the placement of the ABC bug on KGO and KABC's logos over WABC's, it would be nice for WABC to keep it's ABC bug where it is to maintain some semblance of individuality from the other ABC 7s. It'd be cool if the different ABC 7s made the circles a different color or perhaps a different shade of blue for some uniqueness. A bit off topic but, out of curiosity did ABC deliberately go for the channel 7 dial in major markets?
  10. More big name anchors filling in on the evening news: Steve Kroft in for Bob Schieffer Leslie Stahl in for Dan Rather Matt Lauer in for Tom Brokaw
  11. Yikes! It has been season after season of unfortunate events for Wendy since she fainted on Halloween.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Some furniture, some trinkets, maybe a plant or too are my preference over soely video walls and a barren set. Today's studio 1a being the best example of this. If they decide to go the video wall route however, it looks awkward to me when we can see the monitor frames on a skyline shot rather than the skyline occupying the whole backdrop.
  13. Switched over to sister station Telemundo 47 for a bit and I must say their studio looks better than WNBC's. WNJU's set gives a terrace with a view kind of feel. I like that Ch 47's video wall occupies the entire shot, and you don't see the frames or wooden bottoms like Ch 4's set.
  14. Good luck Amy, she was great! Fox 5 seems to have high turnover so I'd prefer she go to a more stable station.
  15. Love the black L3's on KDKA's newscasts over the deep blue tone in the other O&Os.

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