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  1. I don't mind all the shows being under a single brand but MSNBC should have stuck with the 'MSNBC Live' brand IMO. It gives a continuous coverage feel, and average viewers probably just say their watching MSNBC rather than the program name unless it's Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid etc.... The new L3's are more of the same but I prefer them over the previous package. Regardless cable news could stand to diversify itself from this heavy white box look. No gloss, no shine no transparency, just flat and white. From what I've seen sports channels like ESPN have completely outdone cable new
  2. What is the alternation pattern for WCBS between the main set and the CBSN set? So far it seems they use the CBSN studio for noon, 6 p.m., and weekend evenings and nights, and the main set for all of the times. In other words, anytime there's a solo anchor broadcast?
  3. I like that outer borough centric approach. But instead of Queens, I'd say move to Brooklyn which seems to be the second epicenter of the city now. The older WPIX had a more urban appeal maybe they can bring that vibe back. ( Fox 5 sort of has that going for them with Lisa Evers and Street soldiers). Perhaps they could attempt a WSVN tabloid hard-boiled type newscast to set themselves apart from the other stations. Was always curious how that approach might work in New York.
  4. Hopefully not. Neither she nor Lori can carry that 3 hour broadcast solo. Can't belive it but the PIX 11 Morning News is beginning to grow on me with that team vibe they have now.
  5. I've been noticing Rosanna anchoring GDNY solo. I'm surprised they wouldn't give her a fill in host for that 3 hour slot.
  6. if only morning news sets could look that great again.
  7. The new Fox o&o logos are too plain. The blue/red rectangle logos and WNYW's 90s logos were more creative.
  8. WSVN Again! This short lived, car racing video game sounding theme from 1998. Starts at 0:10 WSVN 1991. I love the striking cord when at the start of their promo (0:00) and the news theme at (2:20)
  9. I Remember those days, Half and Half, One on One, Moesha, and yes Girlfriends and the Parkers. The black sitcoms were the only great thing about UPN to me. I wish BET would rerun all those shows , (and others) instead of their current crap lineup. UPN among it's flaws had waaay more character than My Network Tv— which is basically generic ION television junior. The CW is like a lesser version of the WB to me, which I also miss for nostalgia sake.
  10. WABC and WNBC New York. Their new set, Studio 3C in 2012 was great until they downgraded to 3K in 2016. It looks so empty and barren. Their social distancing anchor desk is even worse. WABC has always had a great news team but an iffy on air look. Sister stations KABC and KGO have an on air look that would be cool for WABC to replicate.
  11. Last off topic thing to add, agreed about Elizabeth vs Ann.
  12. Agreed! Plus, special events like the Inauguration or the Election, they can co-anchor. Tom is okay but I doubt he'll give CBS the rise it needs. Heck the only person I see at CBS with has the "presence" to be lead anchor is Ted Koppel, lol. If only he were younger and up to it! If he didn't retire in '05 he would have been a solid replacement on WNT instead of Vargas and Woodruff. Speaking of Elizabeth Vargas, I always thought she had a good personality for mornings. I saw her co-anchor on a 90s Thanksgiving Edition of "Today' and she was pretty solid.
  13. I'm inclined to agree! David Muir has a personality that can shift from the "seriousness" and breaking news to the fluffy crap of GMA. George is more stiff. He's good at hard news, breaking coverage and politics. But yes, it does seem odd to have George come in to anchor coverage in the afternoon when David is there, then alternate weekends on This Week. I'm surprised they don't co-anchor coverage of events like Lester and Savannah do on NBC. Hypothetically, if they wanted to compromise George and David could do a dual head anchorship like Huntley/Brinkley. They could split duties
  14. Crazy! I was just tinking about Matt Gutman's previous suspension when I saw him reporting on the Tiger Woods crash. Lester is pretty solid as anchor of Nightly News, David Muir is pretty good too (ABC News however....). The only Evening News anchor I see could being unseated in the near future is Nora O'Donnell, not that CBS has anyone better at the moment.
  15. If Lori were to move to evenings, they should get a solid male co-anchor for her at 6 and 10. A separate anchor duo could take over noon and 5. As for Good Day New York, Rosanna Scotto needs a Greg Kelly/ Mike Jerrik/Karl Stefanovic type personality to balance her out and really make the show lively again.

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