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  1. Agreed. GMA is just over the top tabloid, with frequent usage of "breaking overnight", "shocking" and "dramatic video". (Today is following suit). There's some good bits you can get out of the first 30-45 minutes, but that's about it. I find myself tolerating Weekend GMA better. I don't' mind a distinction in the morning shows. One being the high energy show like current GMA or the Today Show in Australia, one being the slower paced more intellectual program like CBS This Morning or the old U.S. Today show, etc.. . But GMA can be unwatchable at times especially with the silly Disne
  2. They've updated it to red, unless its just for the inauguration
  3. Primetime was interrupted yesterday due to the Capitol Hill riots. None of NBC's lineup aired on the east coast I believe ABC as well. NBC finally broke from coverage at 11:00 p.m. Eastern, after about 11 to 12 hours of continuous coverage.
  4. The new Weekend Today set in Washington DC looks pretty good. Dare I say better than studio 1A!
  5. As said many times before it's too local news. The graphics are okay but could stand to be less flat with a lot more shine and gloss. As for the evening news theme I wish they'd bring back either the Dan Rather theme or the James Horner theme from 2006.
  6. The new intro is okay and the graphics are decent. Wish it were longer though.
  7. Agreed about the male presence to balance it out.
  8. WPIX in 2010 CBS News Special Report intro 2018-2020.....just too flat and cheap looking IMO
  9. I agree, NBC is usually the best at this. I suppose they didn't recreate Democracy Plaza because of COVID. They really use the Rockefeller Center space well by projecting the CGI electoral map onto the ice skating ring, and projecting vote totals off the side of 30 Rock.
  10. Favorite Openings: WSVN 1993, flashy tabloid awesomeness! WSVN 1995: Equal flashiness! WNBC had a great jazzy redesign in the late 80s early 90s. Great quality for the 80s and very New York City oriented. WNBC 4 in the mid to late 80s, featuring the signature lightning bolt striking the four logo. Their graphics prior to this were great as well Finally, IMO the last decent graphics package The Today Show had, from 2009
  11. I agree (with the exception of maybe CNBC for Wall St coverage). These networks have gone off the deep end. Asking to cut back on the 24/7 news cycle is basically asking to reverse time. Plus they bring in money so that wont happen. I suppose the most we can do at this point is improve what we already have.
  12. @wabceyewitnessAgreed about Fox 5 in the evenings. Anything outside of GDNY is irrelevant. The same for the alternative, WPIX since Jim & Kaity left the 10pm slot.
  13. Politics aside, you'd have to admit the amount of cable news airtime Trump has had (especially on CNN & MSNBC) since 2015, is insane. Unfortunately, some viewers will eat that right up. Hopefully cable news, late night comedians, and comedy news hosts will diversify their content post Trump.
  14. I don't recall Sukanya filling in for Rosanna on any occasion, with Greg as co-host. It would have been interesting to see those two big personalities mesh for a day.
  15. Agreed about Greg on Newsmax. As for Shirleen, she has been an awesome Lori Stokes replacement on WABC. None of Fox 5's news casts are all that these days. 'Street Soldiers' is the occasional draw in for me.

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