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  1. It was clear he and Rosanna were chummy with Trump, but I never imagined Kelly was this radical.
  2. Why Greg whyyy? He leaves a high rated morning show on a number 1 market Fox O&O to pedal conspiracy theories on a low brow far right cable network that most of the country hasn’t even heard about? It would be nice to have Greg back but his image is definitely tainted. As for Dave Price…it’s just that he was not Greg Kelly. Greg & Ro had an unmatched chemistry and made the simplest things on the show like a cheap Halloween or Super Bowl party, interesting.
  3. It’s time for them to get back their actual desk or an entire studio remodel to take it a step further. WCBS has the best set in the market right now, I’d say WNYW is the only one that comes close.
  4. @SoFloTVClassics getting some real WSVN vibes from that 1992 WTVJ clip! cool.
  5. Chuck is headed to retirement (I hope the legend can anchor right up until the end!!!) so I get the light workload. I would swing him at least an extra half hour at 7. The station would presumably however, prefer to build up a new newscast around talent that isn't close to retirement. Suggestion: 11am Adam & Gilma 4pm Adam & Gilma 5pm David & Natalie 6pm Chuck & Natalie 7pm Chuck & David 11pm David & Natalie
  6. Wow! They have Natalie doing the 4, 6, 7 and 11 broadcasts! I'm surprised they didn't try to mix-and-match the pairings a bit.
  7. Fat chance but....Mike Jerrik from WTXF would be an awesome fit. If my memory serves me right, didn't he anchor with the always-bouncing-around-stations Jodi Applegate briefly in the mid 00s? Speaking of Jodi, it would be cool to have her back on WNYW again, on GDNY Wake Up if possible.
  8. Adam and Gilma are good together, I wish they would just solidify them at 5:00, and have them do 7:00 if WNBC decides to stick with a 7pm newscast.
  9. I don’t think Fox 5 has anyone right now with a strong enough personality to anchor next to Rosanna at Good Day. They need to seek outside talent. I wasn’t a fan of the Dave Price/Rosanna Scotto reshuffling, but Dave Price might as well have stayed on the job if Greg Kelly was just going to leave in a few years. At the very least we got 2 to 3 more years of Greg and Rosanna after he came back. I think the only way Lori would have fit into the evenings on WABC is taking over Diana Williams’ slot —after her retirement —otherwise the lineup was solid as it was. I agree wit
  10. Memories of Pat Battle & Carolyn Gusoff growing up on weekend mornings
  11. I would agree with the sentiment that overly ornate graphics are distracting. ABC (and NBC) News especially use way too many transitions effects and fast paced edits during a story that make your head spin. Despite their atrocious lower thirds, CBS news is good at using minimal on screen transitions and effects during a story, and instead use more zoomed in/out still images on shows like 60 minutes and CBS This Morning. In terms of minimalism, I myself prefer a transparent screen bug when the L3 is absent, and graphics that are moderately sized, and bear some transparency. I also support the
  12. This strikes me as an unnecessary fix of something that isn't broken: What is up with this flat trend?? It's like news graphic design is getting cheaper and unimaginative as time goes on. Sports networks like ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, and FS1 are really exceeding news outlets at set and graphical design.
  13. The new logo is not an upgrade, its just oversized and flat. The current logo is the best ABC ever had.
  14. I noticed this trend as well in an old videos from the Eyewitness News vault. From the tone of their '92 Gotti verdict coverage, it was clear they believed (and rightfully so) that John Gotti deserved to be behind bars. I was surprised at their lack of neutrality on the issue, as evidenced by some of the metaphors that (specifically) Jim Dolan used in his report. On the flip side, I love the colorful language that they used in their coverage. It felt engaging rather than just someone reading current events to you.

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