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  1. IMO thats the issue, more news. I'm not sure how high quality of a new product NBC News Daily will be if we use the Today Show and Nightly News as a barometer, not to mention MSNBC. Its probably going to be more of the same, COVID, Climate Change, Ukraine, Jan 6th/Trump, and Inflation, viral video, wash-rinse-repeat. Plus, I think the pessimism stems from the fact that daytime television is now beoming a vat of stale repetitive talkshows, and local news overload. As bad as soaps have become people still like the idea that a bit of traditional comfort viewing remained in daytime. If you think this is bad, WBBH NBC 2 in Ft Myers, FL barely has a daytime lineup outside of news. The only thing keeping them from a 7 PM newscast is Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!
  2. About a two years ago I though CNN was hopeless and done for, then a few rays of light in the post Zucker era. Will CNN finally be great again? Don't want to get my hopes up because the 2024 election is right around the corner so CNN might go back to non stop Trump coverage mode. Never forget when Ted Koppel told Brian Stelter the reality of what CNN had become:
  3. 19 years ago today was the great Northeast blackout of 2003:
  4. I was thinking of that pattern too, but I opted for the simplest split, Mon-Wed/Thu-Fri. Understandable. Profitability aside, my point was that the five new one-hour episodes per week model (37 min w/o commercials) is contributing to soaps quality struggles. Poor quality is part of the reason why audiences have drifted away from the genre. If soaps perhaps cut down on how many episodes they produced, it would lead to lesser *perhaps better scripts*, a smaller cast, thus more focused stories, (less people to pay), fewer sets, and a smaller budget. Better quality might not get Luke and Laura level audiences to watch in droves but it would get some of the dedicated fans who gave up to tune in again. I'm not sure if Days of Our Lives on Peacock will have a five day or one day per week output. I'm curious to see if fans of the genre would be accepting of a one new episode per week structure.
  5. For example CBS has two soaps. Y&R would air Mon to Wed from 1 to 1:30 and B&B would air Thu-Fri from 1-1:30. Give the affiliates that empty 30 minutes. (If this were a different time period I would say repeat that same pattern with As the World Turns and Guiding Light in that empty slot.)
  6. Didn't MSNBC see ratings imporvement in 2015 when Andy Lack lessened the opinionated programming and ran with more (albeit biased) news. Seems backward that they would move in the opposite direction. I guess they're trying to be the leftist answer to Fox News but it hasn't worked for them when they stray too far off from news. I loved the olden days when Alex Witt took up like 5 hours on wekends with "MSNBC News Live". Back when they were partnered with msn.
  7. The very frequent interruption of programming for "Special Reports" some of which could easily wait until scheduled newscast times, I'm sure has not helped daytime tv, especially soaps. The reports arent five minutes either, sometimes they take up a show's entire time slot with nothing but conjecture.
  8. And it's shocking that Y&R is still #1 because any current viewer of the show knows that nothing happens: the writing is stale, uneventful, and dry comapred to the other dramas on the air. But the soap has retained alot of veteran actors and hasn't fully sent their older cast to the backburner which may have helped them keep the #1 spot.
  9. Im surprised they wont just cancel her already. As far as I've read Hot Bench was a decent preformer in the ratings, yet they moved it to experiment with Drew Barrymore.
  10. I love Cindy on weekends against Pat Battle and Michelle Charlesworth. I dont necessarily think a 9am newscast is the best thing for WCBS, but I think the most sensible option would be to have Cindy do 9 AM and Noon, to relieve some of the hours off of Chris and Mary (working pre 4am to about 1pm). What happens now, Drew Barrymore sliced to a half hour or Hot Bench at 9:30? Elise is more suited for a serious nighttime newscast. John Elliot has the personality of an essentric/lively morning weather person a la Al Roker, Bill Evans, Linda Church, Willard Scott, Ira Joe Fisher, etc.. it was literally nonsensical to remove him from the newscast. What was the reasoning, to follow the mostly female anchor trend in the mornings? CBS has the look, all they need is just some more lively talent and locally authentic newscasts. Fox 5 and Pix 11 are really good at feeling like really local NYC stations.
  11. I think so! GH which will now be the lowest rated soap on tv may be the next to go after it's 60th. Either to Hulu or outright cancelled. CBS has always been more celebratory of it's soaps in recent years, but eventually Y&R and B&B will go to either to Paramount + or off the air totally.
  12. Just realizing that with DAYS gone, NBC Daytime has finally collapsed after years of faltering behind CBS and ABC in terms of soaps especially. It's amazing that cable was touted as the next big thing only to fall apart in just a few years once Netflix began streaming original content. Cable was like CDs & DVDs... replaced VCR/casettes only to not last as long because streaming took over.
  13. Do we see NBC News Daily lasting? ABC's The Chew and The Revolution are both gone. Surpisingly CBS has held down the Talk and Lets Make a Deal (replacements for As the World Turns & Guiding Light) for over a decade now. Yet another hour of news covering assuredly the same topics, or another celebrity guest talk show isn't really needed either, but we still have it. The only way I could see soaps surviving is if they're truncated to 30 minutes two or three days a week with cast trimmings, rather than a hard five day a week one hour model.
  14. Late but, after seeing this TMZ interview it's pretty evident why Wendy Williams was absent from her show's final episode.
  15. That Jay Scott has a great announcer's voice! Rolanda Watts great as always, wish she would have became a bigger newscaster outside of the talk show. WNBC was really graphically solid during the early 1990s.
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