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  1. I especially liked his chemistry with Tony Yates whenever she filled in.
  2. Politically unbiased shouldn't equal softball questions or not searching for truth, holding people accountable etc... As much as I like the attempt by WGN, national news coverage is so saturated, so how will they stand out. Outside of WGN, I hope some international news devoted outlet gains traction in the US.
  3. Come to think of it, I respect that CNBC knows it has nothing new to cover after 7 ET (unless it simulcast CNBC I for overseas market updates) so it just airs non news business-related programming. I'll take that over the other networks that use speculation, and partisan commentary to fill dead air. Even when there were reports of shots fired near the Capitol building, CNBC briefly broke into programming, said they'll come back when they know something, and returned to business news. I liked that in comparison to the other cable networks that speculated for a good bit around the events. Many have said CNBC has declined, I don't watch it enough to make that comparison, but I still respect it as a cable news channel.
  4. I see a 7pm newscast airing tonight on WNBC, in addition to a rerun of Nightly News at 7:30 again. When did this resume? I agree with @Roadrunner that 5:00 feels better with two anchors. 6:00 would feel right with a dual anchor format too, IMO. Hypothetically if Chuck ever got a co anchor again at 6:00, I like his two veteran rapport with Pat Battle anytime she's filled in. She's the best on Saturday mornings so understandably they wouldn't mess with that. If Dana Tyler —as someone mentioned—got a co anchor at 6:00 again, Dick Brennan might be a good fit. Stations really mix it up a lot now, compared to times past where noon & am often shared the same anchors as did 6 & 11pm.
  5. Yes!! Good to have the quasi old theme back. The 1978 version followed by the late 90s/early 00s were my favorite. Now if only we can get John Williams' theme back on NBC's Today.
  6. I wonder if the ratings are a result of the audience genuinely liking the program, or picking the best out of an unfavorable situation (the situation being modern tv news). The average non news junkie viewer might not draw comparisons to the Jennings or Cronkite eras of news----so modern WNT may not seem tabloid to them----thus high ratings? IDK.
  7. "Breaking as we come on the air tonight" is equivalent to Good Morning America's breaking overnight for every living story which Today has co-opted. It does make the evening news feel like Inside Edition as Chopper4 mentioned earlier.
  8. The music used during the headlines teaser is pretty good. Though the headlines preview is a bit long, the soundtrack builds drama, urgency and anticipation.
  9. 4:30-11 a seems like a lot especially since anything past about 8:30 am is infotainment. Will this really help PIX?
  10. Wow! Good luck to Stefan, I do like Adam and Gilma as a team.
  11. Cool! I wish the Cool Hand Luke theme would return one day. Good luck to Tim ! I had literally met him pre pandemic aboard the final ride of the r42.
  12. I agree with the point about human connection. Yes I might have a favorite anchor based on their delivery, reporting style, or personality. Likewise, I might have a favorite anchor pairing for their chemistry. Overall however, in watching the news, I like the anchors based on how they do their jobs. Personal narrative kept at a minimum. The human connection aspect should be more important for someone like a talk show host.
  13. I agree on World News Tonight. It follows the typical ABC format of overdramatizing the news, and adding breaking to every story. (In all fairness CBS, NBC CNN and MSNBC abuse breaking news as well). Just like Good Morning America, they've found a format that maintains a leading audience at the cost of the product. Nightly News is decent but the on-screen graphics packaging is too flashy and ornate. They switch between images and b-roll at an ADD like pace. I like CBS News' style (especially CTM's) of focusing on an still image for a few moments before transitioning while not overdoing it with the graphics. Nora is passable at best. She's better in the mornings. Lester and David are alright, the problem is just NBC and ABC News overall. I honestly don't know where CBS can go from here. Who does the network have that can fill that role? They perhaps need to snatch a famous face from another network, and --- as I've suggested before--- follow an international hard news format to differentiate itself from NN and WNT. 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning are the best things on CBS right now. I wish CBS This Morning would reach first or second place in the ratings so that the other networks might try to copycat with more intellectual story choices in the AM.
  14. Would love Lori back at WABC. She's okay at GDNY but is a better for a traditional newscast like Eyewitness News, IMO.
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