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  1. Prefer the KABC graphics. The current WABC package looks flat and bland. These graphics were my favorite of WABC's. Clean, sloid, and the triangular mics were a nice touch.
  2. Dave Price would be great in the AM. Good luck to Chris though, can't believe he's leaving.
  3. Relax TRIES is exactly what I meant. Both programs could have easily been ruined by now with needless tweaks and format changes but they've made an effort maintain quality and consistency. Anything else sarcastic, or would you like to show off some more in a chat about newscasts (of all places). @Action Newsroom
  4. CBS News still tries to have decent programming like 60 minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. Likewise, CBS This Morning (though it pales in comparison to the heyday of GMA and Today) still attempts to avoid the sillyness of the modern Today Show or the full blown tabloid style currently on GMA. Its also dissapointing to think that the days of the mega anchor person like Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite and Edward R Murrow are behind us. Someone who you could count on to be behind the news desk for YEARS. Aside from the changing nature of how we consume the news, and several other factors, perhaps the biggest flaw for CBSEN has been that everyone since Rather's (or even Scheiffer's) departure, hasn't had the "commanding" lead anchor presence & spark like Cronkite, Brokaw, Jennings, Huntley/Brinkley, etc had.
  5. Woahhhh......stong reaction. Easy, its just a discussion, just sharing ideas. I did not write, nor did I mean to imply that Jim and Kaity were coming back. I simply suggested that seeing them at 10pm again would be great. Might not be realistic but nothing terrible about stating that it would be cool if they'd return. The last thing I would want to do is spread misinformation. And since Jim and Kaity were removed we havent had an anchor pairing that lasted as long as them, which isnt't fake. The saturated 5-7 pm part is also not fake either. Channels 2,4,7, and 5 all have newscasts at 5 and 6pm so it was a suggestion that PIX stick to mornings and 10pm. Moreover there were two attempts at a 6:30 newscast which havent lasted. Awards dont necessarily equate to viewers or actual quality, there have been complaints in the thread about WPIX, there is even a how to fix WPIX idea thread which means that despite awards there is some desire for change at the station amongst viewers. As for the Barclays set, it was just a suggestion that they could go back to the idea, and build off of it. I like channell 11 news, and there is nothing wrong with sharing a desire for some tweaks at the station. Yes accuracy is important. Spreading "fake news" was not the intention of the post. We get passionate about this common subject of intrest but we can share ideas or unpopular opinions.
  6. For a while actually, good in the sense that it allows the o&o's more of a measure of individuality.
  7. Going waaaaay back here, the "steps"/platform leveling design of the 70s was cool, since every station set is the same these days (desk, video wall displaying skyline), a modern take on this might be a unique way to switch it up:
  8. Noticing ABC's O&O graphics aren't as uniform as NBC & CBS. Liking KABC's on air look. It'd be cool to see this used on WABC.
  9. It would be great to see CNN go back to an actual newsroom styled set. WSVN had had some decent looking sets in that relm. WSVN Newsplex:
  10. At this point, WPIX might have to go back to news at 5-9 am and 10 pm only. The saturated 5-7pm slot is already dominated by WABC, WNBC, and WCBS, who all have basically identically formatted newscasts. WPIX has always been a standout in the mornings and at 10. With Greg Kelly out at GDNY for about a year now, better graphics, a better set, and maybe (another major overhaul in the mornings) might give them a boost. A massive move would be to improve their street side studio at Barclays Center and do a Today plaza styled show. GDNY did this well when they went live from Times Sq for the super bowl. Likewise, a Jim Watkins/Kaity Tong 10pm reunion would be awesome and well overdue. WNBC pushed Sue Simmons out and hasn't had a solid replacement for her since. Just like WPIX pushed Watkins and Tong out for Applegate and we've had musical chairs at the anchor desk ever since.
  11. The local news in NYC is feeling saturated with chs. 2 4 5 7 11 & 10/55 all having newscasts, with roughly the same reporting style (5 &11 having a few unique tweaks), plus 24/7 repeats on News 12 & NY 1, and CBSN NY It would be nice to see WNBC relaunch a good quality version of the old "Live at 5" (before it became a regular style newscast). The 4pm newscast is unnecessary. I can't see WNBC beating Eyewitness News or Judge Judy at 4:00. With all the news in NYC, more newscasts are just over the top. Perhaps the stations should adopt a less is more attitude when it comes to news output.
  12. Hypothetical.....Today overhaul suggestion: Anchors: Lester & Hoda Newsreader : Natalie Morales Weather: Al Roker Eliminate the 9-11am block, bring back the pre 2013 show format
  13. GMA within itself became a clone of today when it moved to Times SQ in 1999, and now Today is getting beat in the ratings by it's once lesser duplicate
  14. I miss how Today was up until Meredith left....CBS This Morning is almost the closest thing to that now, the more intelligent of the morning shows but it still pales in comparison to old Today Yes, Fox stations are excessive with local morning news from 4:30-10am, or even KTLA 4am-12pm....local news is becoming saturated, GMA and Today should stay but CBS given their history might have to keep their options open in the AM Scott Pelley is a decent journalist but he was a bit stiff/bland for the evening news....the broadcast hasn't been itself since Dan Rather cooked his own goose or even when Bob Schiffer left
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