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  1. I get the whole balance out MSNBC idea but there are too many hyper partisan opinions out right now. CNBC should just stick to business news. Hypothetically if they did run with that idea, I would rather see a scenario such as a conservative like Ben Shapiro 8, a liberal like Rachel Maddow at 9, and a moderate/independent at 10 play out. This as opposed to MSNBC simply skewing liberal and CNBC conservative.
  2. No matter your politics, imagine seeing one subject dominate a 24/7 News Network day in and day out. Are there not hundreds of countries in the world from which we can gather interesting stories to air on a Non-Stop News Network ( this goes for Fox and MSNBC as well). Its sad how far modern tv news has spiraled.
  3. Best looking set in the market! I like the idea of separate anchors from the morning crew doing the noon news. I've brought this this up before, but it seems like a lot for the anchors to have to be at work from pre 4/4:30am to post 12:30/1pm (if it exceeds 8-9 hours basically)
  4. I wonder amongst the vets: Dana Tyler, Chuck Scarborough, and Earnie Anastos, where the ratings stood between the 6PM newscasts.
  5. Earnie leaving was so quiet. Did WCBS or WABC give it a mention?
  6. I'd take AMC & OLTL back with good writers in the 1/2 hour format at 1:00. Due to financial reasons many have addressed, thats unlikely.
  7. I like Michael Strahan but he's not needed at crowded GMA. He was good with Kelly Ripa, but Ryan Seacrest is working out fine. Another issue was that GMA 3 was just another face in the already saturated lighthearted--opinionated banter--current events--games and celebrity guests talk show circuit. But hell, I can stomach them over The View. Had Kelly Ripa decided to leave LIVE instead of Michael, I could definitely see Kiki and Sarah working out as his co hosts given their chemistry.
  8. Im fine with Dan Rather as Cronkie's successor, he had a straightforward delivery and that commanding anchor presence. His fault was shooting himself in the foot with his own political agendas. What CBS This Morning lacks is GMA and Today's brand recognition, and a good on-air look ( in all fairness Today and GMA's graphics aren't all that either). In CBS's defense, I like their story choice over NBC & ABC. They take their time compared to the ADHD paced, flashy graphics presentation on NBC and ABC. ABC News has gone full tabloid, accompanied by endless Disney promotion. NBC is like the middle ground between the two, but Nightly News, Meet the Press, and Today, along with MSNBC are all shadows of their former self quality wise. CBS News has potential but they need to fix their on air look, develop better talent, and find a stable lead anchor. Perhaps a focus on global hard-news could help them differentiate themselves in the evening from NBC and ABC?
  9. When did CBS get this bad? Perhaps the first strike was Cronkite's retirement, and Rather's firing the second. It's graphics have been subpar for about the last 15 years, and their talent is "just okay" aside from the veteran reporters. Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes are the only gems right now at CBS, IMO. CTM lacks alot but it's easier to sit through than the fluff on GMA & Today.
  10. Strahan, Sarah & Keke had good chemistry. I think one weakness was the program being disjoined from the first two hours of GMA. Since OLTL and AMC were axed the time slots have been unstable. Yet, ATWT and Guiding Light's repalcements The Talk & Lets Make A Deal have some how managed to last a decade now.
  11. WNBC always had the best sets and graphics in NYC (minus studio 7E and 3K maybe).
  12. Studio 3C looked good when it debuted back in 2012, and was a definite upgrade from Studio 7E. 3K however looks cheaper in comparison.
  13. Wouldn't want to see Bookman and Toress broken up.
  14. How long are some of these morning news anchor shifts? I've been seeing Mary Calvi introduce the Phil Murphy press briefings during Y&R at 1 pm. Being that AM anchors shift would start prior to 4:30 a.m. , I would have assumed that they'd be off work by now.
  15. Come to think of it, home boradcasts wold have been a great idea all along. Then again, there could be logistical issues (if any).
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