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  1. The 6 looks ok but not really a big fan of "Idaho news" and its' font
  2. But they are now using 13 News for their newscasts, sadly. They got new gfx today
  3. Oh yes. Here are the weather graphics, weather open, and BIG BONUS! They aren't using NXT! Yay.
  4. WTHR just launched their new graphics here at noon. Actually, I'm pretty impressed with the way they handled the graphics. I don't like the new "13 News" though.
  5. How can I join the Discord? There's something here on the TVNewsTalk website that says you can join it, but it won't let me.
  6. WBIR has been doing social distancing throughout the week. They have that huge six foot wide monitor now with their new set, so they've been cooperating with it pretty well.
  7. So I saw this on KFSM's Facebook page. Looks like they could be getting TEGNA-fied just a little.
  8. Some parts of the set remind me of WUSA's current set. (mostly the brick in the background). For the past couple of months, they have been making minor adjustments with the kitchen and interview area for Live at Five at Four. For the kitchen, they repainted it white and for the interview area, they changed the background of the photo. I think they want to give the studio a modern look, with an East Tennessee "Straight from the Heart" approach.
  9. Just went to the WBIR studio yesterday for a shadow with their chief meteorologist, Todd Howell, and a couple of engineers were telling me that they are working on a new set which should debut in a couple of months. They are making 2 giant rooms into one big set. The new weather center will take up a lot of space and the green screen or "Weather Wall" will be much bigger and will go all the way from the ceiling, continuing onto the ground. They have not said anything about it on TV or online, but I do know that they are going to put in the studio in the nexts couple of months. Couldn't get a p

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