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  1. You beat me to finding it, I remember this. I’ve missed it. I think at one point they moved it to the end of the show.
  2. The full goodbye show can be seen Here. The show had a Facebook group following of around 19K.
  3. KTLA has canceled “5 Live”, their steaming show that airs online 4PM weekdays.
  4. Loving the old nighty set they are using. Also the anchor lineups are great. It's also nice having Steven Romo and Morgan Chesky filling in on Morning News Now this morning. Hopefully it happens more often!
  5. I thought it looked like they were reading prompter off camera when I was watching. That picture explains it, not a fan of that setup. Also don’t like how some of the monitors you can see the individual led border lights reflecting off the ground. Needs a light strip diffuser over it. Also you can see the main desk cord in some of the shots, should have been wired to back behind the desk. Overall a much better set. Glad they finally got an upgrade.
  6. Whatever they do can they please stop saying "If you can't watch live, set your DVR's" at the end of every broadcast. Even the fill in anchors are forced to say it. It's just embarrassing they still say this.
  7. I really like the new music, set, and graphics! Very clean and polished.
  8. Interesting, looks like they took them down this morning. Thanks!
  9. The boarded up one was from today. The other one was from Oct 27th.
  10. Could a refresh be coming to 1A? I noticed on the outside shot out of the open this morning, 1A was all boarded up. They also did the show from the big wall area only. Not sure if they are renovating or it’s boarded up for post election reasons?
  11. No headlines at all tonight. The open then straight out to the first story.
  12. Surprised they didn’t have any back up plan. Was CBSN actually live? Hard to imagine why they couldn’t even address it or pivot to top stories asap unless it was recorded.
  13. They will be ending their agreement too. They both might have made the decision in January but the contract wasn’t up yet because they both used it last week.
  14. I think the new studio looks really good. I’m thankfully they are back to using monitor OTS instead of graphics! I always felt the graphic ones were very cheap looking. I’m also glad they are moving around to use different parts of the studio and standing sometimes unlike WNT. I agree the graphics are trending more towards WNT now with the movement and such.
  15. So far I’m loving Norah, the blue, and the new music. I hope when the show moves though they use more monitor shots.
  16. First impressions are that I like the look more than I thought I would! Love the large eye with text just before the eye opener (looks a lot like GMA). Not sure on the supers though. My local affiliate doesn't use the ticker. But the new supers have a line and then room for a ticker with the background still there so it just looks like wasted space.
  17. On your second point they usually say "we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds" because there is a 30 second network ad that is suppose to play before the local covers. The rest of the wx hits toss straight to the locals.
  18. Bianna Golodryga Out At ‘CBS This Morning’ And Leaving Network, Sources Say
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