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  1. Interesting, looks like they took them down this morning. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for these! Couldn’t screenshot YouTube TV on mobile and Forgot NBC uploads them to YouTube. The new use of the set looks great!!
  3. The boarded up one was from today. The other one was from Oct 27th.
  4. Could a refresh be coming to 1A? I noticed on the outside shot out of the open this morning, 1A was all boarded up. They also did the show from the big wall area only. Not sure if they are renovating or it’s boarded up for post election reasons?
  5. Lester is finally back in the main studio tonight for the first time since the pandemic began I believe. I’ve missed all the cool shots they can do there! They stopped cool shots even before the pandemic and normally just did OTS shots except on Sundays but it seems they brought it all back.
  6. No headlines at all tonight. The open then straight out to the first story.
  7. Surprised they didn’t have any back up plan. Was CBSN actually live? Hard to imagine why they couldn’t even address it or pivot to top stories asap unless it was recorded.
  8. They will be ending their agreement too. They both might have made the decision in January but the contract wasn’t up yet because they both used it last week.
  9. They launched the new set during their noon newscast today.
  10. I think the new studio looks really good. I’m thankfully they are back to using monitor OTS instead of graphics! I always felt the graphic ones were very cheap looking. I’m also glad they are moving around to use different parts of the studio and standing sometimes unlike WNT. I agree the graphics are trending more towards WNT now with the movement and such.
  11. So far I’m loving Norah, the blue, and the new music. I hope when the show moves though they use more monitor shots.
  12. Wow all these sets are looking amazing!!
  13. First impressions are that I like the look more than I thought I would! Love the large eye with text just before the eye opener (looks a lot like GMA). Not sure on the supers though. My local affiliate doesn't use the ticker. But the new supers have a line and then room for a ticker with the background still there so it just looks like wasted space.
  14. Here are some images of how it looks on air. A couple of critiques I have is that when the talent is standing in front of any of the monitors looks like they are pushed up against the monitor as close as they can. With some much room in the studio I think they should move them forward and add some depth! I'm also not sure why they put all the monitors so close together and right next to each other up against the wall. In both the times they used the monitor off to the right the talent was covering up part of the text that filled the monitor. Overall a HUGE improvement from their previous set.
  15. Here is a facebook live tour

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