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  1. So far I’m loving Norah, the blue, and the new music. I hope when the show moves though they use more monitor shots.
  2. Wow all these sets are looking amazing!!
  3. First impressions are that I like the look more than I thought I would! Love the large eye with text just before the eye opener (looks a lot like GMA). Not sure on the supers though. My local affiliate doesn't use the ticker. But the new supers have a line and then room for a ticker with the background still there so it just looks like wasted space.
  4. Here are some images of how it looks on air. A couple of critiques I have is that when the talent is standing in front of any of the monitors looks like they are pushed up against the monitor as close as they can. With some much room in the studio I think they should move them forward and add some depth! I'm also not sure why they put all the monitors so close together and right next to each other up against the wall. In both the times they used the monitor off to the right the talent was covering up part of the text that filled the monitor. Overall a HUGE improvement from their previous set.
  5. Here is a facebook live tour
  6. On your second point they usually say "we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds" because there is a 30 second network ad that is suppose to play before the local covers. The rest of the wx hits toss straight to the locals.
  7. I believe they still go upstairs for the second hour with the studio audience.
  8. Here are some screenshots from all the angles they used the first day for those who haven't seen. I can't believe they would put anything in front of those Times Square windows. At first it looked it was just a bad depth effect behind the anchors but it I guess it's actually a hallway.
  9. Bianna Golodryga Out At ‘CBS This Morning’ And Leaving Network, Sources Say
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