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  1. New local talkshow "Talk Pittsburgh" will take dr. Phil's 3pm timeslot starting march 20th. Dr. Phil will finish his run on kdka's sister station wpcw at 5pm replacing the also cancelled people's court. Also, a few hours ago i noticed a new 11.4 on wpxi's signal. Currently its the PCNC (Pittsburgh Cable News Channel) aka PiCNiC channel.
  2. Are the scripts at least based on real court transcripts like the original divorce court, the judge and superior court were bavk in the day? I could see it being more economical using actors as opposed to flying people in from all over. Not my cup of tea for sure.
  3. Weigel Broadcasting Co. is flipping its digital broadcast network Decades into the sitcom-centric Catchy Comedy on March 27, Variety has learned exclusively. The over-the-air network will focus on a library of classic comedies, with an emphasis on key female stars including the signature shows from Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett. But also central to the Catchy Comedy lineup are key series from Norman Lear, as well as some of the most lauded sitcoms of all time – including the original “Night Court,” which is back in the spotlight thanks to the success of the revival series on NBC. Unlike Decades, which wasn’t measured by ratings, Catchy Comedy will be Nielsen-rated. “That takes it into a different sphere, in terms of advertiser availability and access,” said Neal Sabin, vice chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co. “There are many advertisers that won’t look at these networks unless they’re rated, and we’re pretty confident that we have something here that will rate well.” https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/decades-network-catchy-comedy-night-court-1235521267/
  4. 11 has favored saturday jepoardy for a long time, at least a decadd but probably longer. For many years they aired a "classic" judge judy after jepoardy during the non-football season.
  5. Also, the same station that chose to air kelly clarkson at 3am in favor of Right This Minute at 1pm.
  6. Its not, but I think this is more of a slam on RingTv leading off an hour against kelly clarkson and dr phil. Hence Jeopardy Secondary is now leading into RingTv. Prob fogure 5th hour of today would do less harm as a lead-in than an hour led by a half-hour Amazon commercial.
  7. Looks like WPXI reshuffled things around with jeopardy second run at 1 instead of 3:30 then dish nation instead of 3pm. NBC News Daily now airs at 3 instead of 1 (where they aired days for many years) leading into the news at 4.
  8. I like the abc tweaks, makes it a little bolder. Hate the miniscule cbs eye. The peacock doesn't look right without the white. I liked their 1980 peacock the best with the tail feather and two feathers for each color.
  9. https://www.The Other Site.com/2022/12/07/nbc-new-peacock-logo/ NBC Updates the Peacock. Removes white border and changes font. Peacock beak extended. Like ABC a couple uears aho, the tweaks are made with mobile devices in mind.
  10. Good. LMAD is a natural pairing with TPIR in the AM.
  11. The network stations should pull the 10/9 newscasts off the Fox stations. Let the Fox stations invest in their own news departments or resort to old Coach reruns.
  12. This article seems to think that it's practically a done deal.. https://tvnewscheck.com/journalism/article/with-nbc-near-certain-to-cut-primetime-prepare-for-a-10-p-m-news/
  13. Why not? People watch the Olympics. Plus its gotta achieve a broader audience than what they have now.
  14. I admit I was wrong, I really like this new arrangement. It has more of a sense of urgency than the original, the "bed" portion is also well done.
  15. They'd have to unload a bunch and streamilne.
  16. 22 WPNT in Pittsburgh is airing now at 10 (where it used to air) instead of iCrime. I thought SC was pulled out of syndication? Obviously a sudden change not reflected in the web listings yet Ugh. Just for Laughs belongs at 3am. Such an awkward show, you know it's South African because nobody talks- just generic goof music. As a Christian I disagree that Preacher TV would be thar horrible. With that said I don't see the local news bubble bursting, throw on stories from the network feed, repurpose stories from othe dayparts and bam collect the local $$.
  17. Where's Kate snow? I thought she was anchoring. Nvrmnd. I see it's mainly the west coast affiliates. We east coasters get these two randos instead.
  18. WPXI will have just for laughs gags at 3 for a week at 3 until ring Nation debuts the week after. Ring nation and faytime jepoardy replacing the judge judy hour at 3. Judge Judy will replace Maury at 5 on WPGH.
  19. Saw a promo that wpxi will be starting jeopardy reruns at 3:30 replacing the second run of Judge judy.
  20. Looks like Jennifer Hudson is the new Kelly Clarkson as her show replaced The Real at 1:05 on WTAE-TV. Hopefully Clarkson on WTAE at 3pm won't tank the 5pm news. WPXI had her show at 3am for a reason. I wonder what WPXI will have at 3 instead of Judge Judy? Hopefully not more news.
  21. Too bad the cbs theme is pretty vacant sounding compared to the other two. So boring sounding compared to the other two. The best version was the bombastic arrangement during the later Rather years, that was pretty pretty good. Same across the board, local TV is so homogenized-- more than ever.
  22. All Hearst stations must be doing them, WTAE is doing the same.
  23. They're so desperate in making Peacock successful that they're willing to sacrifice the network in the process.
  24. No, actually the first year of Judge Judy aired at 12:30 on WTAE-TV after the noon news.
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