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  1. Her farewell is tonight at 6.
  2. I figured. I always liked how kd would traditionally say 'stay tuned for (name of show here)' at the end of the newscast. Many other stations don't bother, its a nice touch. I'm shocked they didnt have the 6:56 adbreak last night. That used to be a big ad revenue spot, especially during the PA lottery years and kenny ross. I guess with current world events the ad sales aren't optimal.
  3. KDKA-TV seems to have eliminated the 6:57 intershow break between the news @ 6 and CBSEN @7. I'll have to see if they still have the 12:27 break before young and the restless.
  4. In Pittsburgh, KDKA-TV is still doing the one anchor route for the 4-7pm block. Ken Rice usually, but sometime Susan koeppen or keistine sorensen. Stacy smith does the wall street update from home with other anchors contributing to segments. WPXI has two anchors, david Johnson on the main set and peggy finnegan on the side set. Sports have been done from home and I noticed the weather started to be done from home, at least the two female backup weather people. Can't comment on WTAE, their signal doesn't come in here since the switch to digital.
  5. Nick Cannon show officially announced for a september launch. No test shows will be done, as they feel they're not needed.
  6. Last night was Chase Williams last night on sports at WPXI in Pittsburgh.
  7. WPXI weekend anchor Ryan Huston tested positive for Covid-19.
  8. Longtime reporter Bob Allen retired from KDKA-TV 2 today at the end of the 6:00 newscast.
  9. We have the technology, why not? Eventually the fad will fade like most fads do. Its interesting times indeed.
  10. Former KDKA-TV (2) reporter, Christine D’Antonio announced today that she is returning to the air at WPXI (11) effective next week.
  11. Silverman sowed the seeds that led to the big turnaround. The network was such a mess, it wasn't going to ve a quick fix.
  12. Almost the end of December and Kelly Clarkson is still at 3am.
  13. Probably posted before, but lots of great promos here.... WTAE-TV 25th Anniversary- Dec. 16, 1983
  14. I can't see there being room at KDKA for it between their local talk show at 9. Dr Phil at 3 and local news from 4-7. Maybe something goes over to sister station wpcw, like when people's court needed to make room for Dr. Phil.
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