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  1. PBRTV suggests that the Jeopardy/Wheel switch may be a CBS thing, for uniformity nationwide. https://www.pbrtv.com/wpxi-flipping-game-shows-july-4/
  2. Have Jeopardy ratings declined notably since trebek? That could be the reason, a weakened Jeopardy as opposed to Wheel?
  3. ...and Inside Edotion and Entertainment Tonight on WTAE. I wonder if Jeopardy having two rotating hosts instead of one is a factor in the decision. WPXI had the pair that way for decades.
  4. Good riddance, The Final Word doesn't hold a candle to KDKA-TV's competing Sports Showdown. I believe WTAE has a competing sports show as well.
  5. Apparently it did better than Kelly Clarkson which they banished to 3am where it still airs.
  6. https://www.pbrtv.com/holden-returning-to-cleveland-roots/ WPXI reporter Mike Holden returning to WEWS in Cleveland where he was an intern. His family still resides around Cleveland with his father very ill.
  7. Although unlikely, it would be neat if NexstarCW became more of a full network. With a nightly NewsNation block once or twice a day. Maybe other cheap programming cobbled together from their various resources. Although unlikely, it would be neat if NexstarCW became more of a full network. With a nightly NewsNation block once or twice a day. Maybe other cheap programming cobbled together from their various resources. Nexstar being in a unique position of being able to own many of their stations. Would Nexstar have to swap their network affiliates? Seems like it would be awkward running affiliates for other networks. Also,is there any possibility this doesn't become WGNA 2.0. Trib wanted to compete on the scale of USA and TNT and failed big time.
  8. KD has always been dominant at noon. 30 minutes is more than enough time for news. There's other dayparts they can sell ad time. I wouldn't mind y&REASON moving to 3, Since wpxi moved days to 1. That said, I barely follow the soaps anymore. Hypothetically if b&b moved to 2 it should be an hour, standing fully on its own. Talk has always been a waste of space/vanity project for Moonves's wife and she's not even there anymore. Also one hour newscasts on 4 and 12 were no brainers cause Y&R was killing everything at 12:30. The day late Access Hollywood on ch 4 was a slot warmer for ages. CBS/WB will probably retain some minority share to justify keeping the name the same for a while.
  9. No. Y&R's 12:30-1:30 slot has been key to its success over the decades. Gets a half hour jump on the other channels starting shows at 1. By 1:30 all the hour shows are in progress so you've got a built in audience at 1:30.
  10. 700 Club is no worse than that waste of space, The Talk on CBS. CBS should've let that show die ages ago. It'll never be The View no matter how hard they try.
  11. I can't see WPCW being dropped. KDKA-TV has always been one of CBS's strongest stations. Having a second station is beneficial for additional news and sports programming and to place pre-empted cbs shows when necessary.
  12. https://www.pbrtv.com/powers-coming-to-wtae-tv/ WTAE-TV (4) announced Tuesday the appointment of Kristen Powers as co-anchor of the 11:00 p.m. weeknight newscast along side Mike Clark. Powers comes to Pittsburgh from Washington, D.C. where she has worked at Sinclair owned WJLA-TV (7). In addition to Washington, Powers has also worked at stations in California. She has a master’s in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from Syracuse University. She earned her bachelor’s at Marquette University in her hometown – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Powers says she’s admired Pittsburgh for years and is looking forward to calling the area home. She is also looking forward to getting involved with local charities. She will be on the air beginning in late June.
  13. https://deadline.com/2022/05/byron-allens-allen-media-group-television-1235016746/
  14. Probably not, IIRC Judy and CBS didn't part on good terms. That's why CBS decided to "screw it" and just cash in on decades of reruns, figuring the casual viewer wouldn't notice anyway.
  15. Mornings have always been a stronghold for WTAE, like Noon on KDKA. KDKA used to be stronger at 6pm as well, with their hour long cast.
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