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  1. Probably posted before, but lots of great promos here.... WTAE-TV 25th Anniversary- Dec. 16, 1983
  2. I can't see there being room at KDKA for it between their local talk show at 9. Dr Phil at 3 and local news from 4-7. Maybe something goes over to sister station wpcw, like when people's court needed to make room for Dr. Phil.
  3. Superdude

    The "3" Thread

    Ed McMahon was Johnny Carson's sidekick but he didn't get billing either.
  4. WPXI in Pittsburgh see things differently. RTM remains at 1pm while Kelly Clarkson airs at 3am.
  5. Superdude

    The "3" Thread

    I think 5's logo is clean and sharp looking. The 5 is bold unlike 'Circle 3.' The 5 also pops against the blue and doesn't have the distracting outline like some past logos had. For 8, so many fox locals have the same boring, corporate look.
  6. Actually WTOV used it until the summer olympics in '88 when they debuted a new logo with the '86 peacock.
  7. KDKA: 1993 series on the Pittsburgh radio scene at the time.
  8. Its kinda nice to see some long lost traditions return.
  9. I just rescanned and dabl is on a new 2.3 and starttv is still on 2.2
  10. DABL, the new 'live well'-esque cbs diginet came on the air at 2pm on kdka 2.0. Crossing Jordan and starttv were on at 1, martha stewart is on now. Soft launch I guess, samething happened with Decades.
  11. Superdude

    WJZ 7PM News?

    So one less hour newscast at 6. I've always found national news at 7 as a nice alternative to dumb game shows and gossip mags.
  12. Last month KDKA quitely added a 2hr Sunday Morning newscast from 7-9. Bumping an hour of cbs e/i, joel osteen and a public affairs program. Both TAE and PXI have had neescasts there since the 90s.
  13. In Pittsburgh, Tamron will be replacing Steve at 3 on WTAE. Looks like Kelly Clarson will go to WPXI.
  14. A compilation of channel 2 promos, mainly from the 80s and 90s.
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