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  1. Last month KDKA quitely added a 2hr Sunday Morning newscast from 7-9. Bumping an hour of cbs e/i, joel osteen and a public affairs program. Both TAE and PXI have had neescasts there since the 90s.
  2. In Pittsburgh, Tamron will be replacing Steve at 3 on WTAE. Looks like Kelly Clarson will go to WPXI.
  3. A compilation of channel 2 promos, mainly from the 80s and 90s.
  4. WTAE-TV 4 Action News, 1985 Full 11pm newscast with Paul Long and Don Cannon. Nice cut of Hello News at the close, followed by two bumpers.
  5. 4/23/1979 WGN-TV Night Beat, back half Close starts around 12:00 in.
  6. I wonder who will replace Mario on Extra. I don't think his current co-hosts there are strong enough to carry the show.
  7. Just caught it on WPXI, took up the whole break before Nightly News
  8. Talk shows are cheap, much cheaper than a mon-fri. If any soap returns it would be on a weekly or twice weekly basis and most likely stream oriented. The most likely scenarios would be either a hard or soft reboot so the PP era can be forgotten about. The one thing going for the shows is brand/ip familiarity.
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