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  1. A few quick thoughts: For a market of it's size WISC-TV (Channel 3000) has done a phenomenal job covering the protests. NewsOn/SBTV (and the stations that utilize them) need to do a better job serving up live breaking news. Couldn't watch KARE/KSTP via NewsOn Friday and Saturday despite the fact they were live. In fact, a lot of news stations need to start taking streaming a lot more seriously. CBSN's simulcasts of their local stations just further goes to show the utility of having 24/7 streaming operations. I didn't get why they needed CBSN Minnesota, CBSN Pittsburgh, etc. I get it now.
  2. They must have changed it back recently. It was still cached on my computer as the old logo, but when I right-clicked, viewed image, and refreshed it changed to the Circle 3.
  3. One has to think it's to split the workload between KPIX / KCBS, so as not to overwhelm the KCBS staff.
  4. It looks like CBSN is running taped programming right now. Isn't "Red and Blue" with Elaine Quijano usually on at this time?
  5. WLUK debuted the new graphics at 5pm today. They kept Aerial as their theme.
  6. I'm not going to lie, part of me was hoping they'd adopt the Sixeme Son "oohs and ahhhs" just to watch the world burn.
  7. I noticed that WLUK has been incorporating other elements of the new graphics package into newscasts. I'm surprised how long it's taken them to get the rest of the package implemented, and I'm curious if they drop Aerial when they do.
  8. I watched at least a portion of all four games this weekend. Pat McAfee needs to be part of more NFL broadcasts. It sounds like ESPN is including them very similarly to how they incorporated Booger McFarland into the broadcast during the 2018 season. Even though he's on the sideline he can still chime in any time. It works much better, in my opinion, because Pat is more entertaining and has more insightful things to say. I personally enjoyed the ESPN presentation better. The FOX broadcast did feel like a regular NFL broadcast. That's not a bad thing, but that's also not a good thing. I'm not a fan of Curt Menefee in the booth, but it could be worse. The new rules are awesome. Even though New York was up 20 pts on Tampa Bay it didn't feel like Tampa was completely out of it because of the 3 pt conversion rule.
  9. TMJ4 dropped the “Today’s” from their logo on Twitter.
  10. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/1/22/breaking-first-on-ftvlive-seattle-gm-headed-to-la Looks like you're right!
  11. You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn't stop to think if you actually should.
  12. Not going to lie. I sat here waiting for images to load before I saw your note.
  13. hfiles

    Out & About

    Knight Rider's slightly unhinged cousin?
  14. I wish HLN would do more non-political news as a contrast to CNN. Or that CNN would stop being so fixated on 24/7 Trump coverage.
  15. CNN is utilizing HLN as a "CNN2" today. Impeachment coverage on CNN. Trump News Conference coverage on HLN, complete with CNN anchors/reporters and CNN graphics.
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