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  1. Good Morning Britain will not air next week due to rising COVID-19 cases. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/gmb-cancelled-good-morning-britain-itv-b1979893.html
  2. Today's London game on NFL Network has CBS graphics and commentators for the game and FOX graphics for the halftime show.
  3. Looks like a rip off of the WBAY logo.
  4. That was all I could think of when they said that on CBS Mornings. I can't wait for Gayle King's Top 10 Lists to debut.
  5. The lower thirds look like it should be called "CNN Mornings." Especially when there's breaking news and the orange turns red. Also, my local affiliate still has the wrong time zone and wrong weather on the ticker.
  6. First glimpse of the new ticker. Also, my CBS affiliate is airing the WCBS ticker for some reason.
  7. I liked it the first time when it was called CNN Pipeline.
  8. Part of me thinks that he's going to sit out for a few weeks, and then come back with his tail between his legs. At least, given the way that Suzanna spoke about him.
  9. Thank you! I wasn't sure if this should be a whole new thread or not. I'm curious to see how they handle this on the show tomorrow morning.
  10. Piers Morgan is out at Good Morning Britain. https://deadline.com/2021/03/piers-morgan-meghan-markle-suicide-comments-ofcom-investigation-complaints-1234709963/
  11. Hey Scripps, I have a million dollar idea for you. Acquire all the WI Stations and do the following: New Newscast - Wisconsin Tonight (6:30pm) - Yeah, I know. You've tried it before and it didn't work. Now you have 3 markets more worth of stories to tell in 30 minutes. Make it a deeper look at stories from across the state. Anchor it out of either WTMJ or WKOW. Model it after KARE11's Breaking the News. Make sure it's not just a Milwaukee/Madison-focused newscast. Air it state wide. Replay it on the sub channels at 9:30pm. Merge "Wake Up Wisconsin Weekend" with "TMJ4 Today Saturday/Sunday." Add the new newscast to WGBA. Or, if you deem Milwaukee too important for a shared newscast, just do this to WGBA.
  12. I'm curious to see who gobbles up the WI stations. The amount of stations that would need to be divested made me think Gray wouldn't have been a good fit, but obviously they saw things differently.
  13. I liked the part where the F-Bomb was broadcast on a cable channel for children. I'm surprised they didn't air the game on a 7 second delay.
  14. https://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2021/01/11/cnn-announces-new-washington-based-anchor-roles/ The most notable change: The Situation Room becomes an hour-long program. Is this the beginning of the end for Wolf Blitzer at CNN?
  15. I must be in the minority. I had flawless video for the entire game. It made me wish the NFL would launch their own streaming service.
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