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  1. WBAY posted a time lapse of construction on their website: https://www.wbay.com/2020/09/18/watch-timelapse-captures-construction-of-new-action-2-news-studio/
  2. Gotta pay for that new set somehow!
  3. Make that two new newscasts to go with the new set. Action 2 News Mid-Morning debuts at 9am on Monday.
  4. WBAY is adding a new newscast to go with their new set. Action 2 News at 4:30 with Chris Roth starts on Monday, September 14.
  5. I hope they can do something to spice up the portion of the videowall that doesn't have the weather graphics. You can hardly tell that that white/gray flying rectangle background is even on the other screens.
  6. I re-listened a few times and agree it's not the same voiceover artist. I'm not sure if it's the microphones they use, but both voiceovers sound very... flat? Lacking a certain warmth in the quality? Does that make sense?
  7. New music Same graphics Same voiceover
  8. Whoa! Out of nowhere here comes WBAY getting a new set!
  9. I want to say it's Peter Dean, who is credited as the voiceover for WEAU in Eau Claire.
  10. Because every CNN/US show has to open with the universal intro.
  11. The XFL Sale is official. New ownership group takes over in two weeks!
  12. I'm interested to see if the XFL returns in the "traditional" ten week season, one week playoff for the top two teams in each division, and Championship game format, or if they're going to do something more like the twelve-week tournament format that was pitched in part of the sale process. Source: XFL News Hub And if the NFL season goes the way I expect it to, the XFL might be our next good chance for football.
  13. The 2020 relaunch proved that spring football can provide an entertaining product with a following. It was just poor timing that COVID came along and cancelled the second half of the season.
  14. A few quick thoughts: For a market of it's size WISC-TV (Channel 3000) has done a phenomenal job covering the protests. NewsOn/SBTV (and the stations that utilize them) need to do a better job serving up live breaking news. Couldn't watch KARE/KSTP via NewsOn Friday and Saturday despite the fact they were live. In fact, a lot of news stations need to start taking streaming a lot more seriously. CBSN's simulcasts of their local stations just further goes to show the utility of having 24/7 streaming operations. I didn't get why they needed CBSN Minnesota, CBSN Pittsburgh, etc. I get it now.
  15. They must have changed it back recently. It was still cached on my computer as the old logo, but when I right-clicked, viewed image, and refreshed it changed to the Circle 3.
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