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  1. They tried to muffle it out it seems haha.
  2. Is this some "kiddie" network? Who the hell uses a Gmail address? Seems very unprofessional.
  3. Of all time? That can include international news right? I give to you... Zambia's KBN TV. I pulled the whole clip from this CNN article. This intro is just awful. 10000000_848251545780264_4577125092730518056_n.mp4
  4. I always thought that WPLG and WSVN shared one. Not surprised that WFTS leads the coverage for Tampa Bay. WFTS and WFLA always talk big about their helicopters. WPTV is also Video (promo) Newscast launch segment below. WPTV was very proud to present their HD helicopter.
  5. Anyone else feel that the new website design is slower than before?
  6. https://www.wzzm13.com/video/features/welcome-our-new-paws-with-a-cause-dog-rae/69-8236060
  7. So they'll be using the Scripps CMS?
  8. Wonder how this happened? Credit WFTS Facebook.
  9. Out of curiosity, does Scripps archive/import the station's previous website files and convert it to fit the new one?
  10. Well, the community director position at WFTS is being terminated on April 5th.
  11. Seems like changes coming to WTSP. They misspelled the side text....
  12. Many others use Lakana though as well. https://www.lakana.com/clients.html Wonder if we could see them also switching to WP?
  13. Not a moderator... BUT check attached. https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/guidelines/
  14. During parkland, Local Media Sites especially WSVN couldn't handle the traffic. WordPress VIP fell FLAT.
  15. My guess is, it's all managed by lakana. I could be wrong but the login pages for publishing are all StationID.lakana.com It's clear as day here in the footer
  16. Interesting. Doing a quick google search, WPTV was looking for a producer for the show not too long ago. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/wptv-the-now-producer-at-the-e-w-scripps-company-1072845171 Wonder if other stations will follow?
  17. https://www.wfla.com/ also seems to be different. More and more broadcast groups seem to be using https://www.lakana.com/index.html vs the former WordPress VIP or https://web.liferay.com/products/what-is-a-portal/enterprise-cms Noticed that more and more news sites are switching to AWS. Most likely to handle breaking stories and scale better, I assume?
  18. Sorry if this is sort of offtopic. However, I never knew how often news stations "pool" or use media from other sources. Particularly CNN NewsSource. Although, I can't say I'm surprised. Must be a hell of a lot cheaper than having journalists and reporters everywhere. Now that I think about it and "look out" for it, I notice it. Sometimes it's plain as day when certain stations forget to cut their stream before CNN NewsSource does That's a shock. Can you elaborate?
  19. Any idea as to why she's leaving?
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