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  1. Inside the Control Room: How NBC Will Cover the Tokyo Olympics 1,700 hours of Olympics programming on the air will come out of a 50,000 square foot nerve center of NBC’s Olympics coverage. And nearly 3,000 people between the U.S. and Japan will bring the games to your TV. https://www.nbcdfw.com/lx/inside-the-control-room-how-nbc-will-cover-the-tokyo-olympics/2686334/
  2. Audio too? I can't find their music anywhere.
  3. I didn't see WPLG becoming friends with E. W. Scripps Company... I too thought if anything it would go to WPTV considering it's already under the EW roof. Although makes sense given they're also doing Fox 29. If I recall correctly WPLG is part of Berkshire Hathaway
  4. Does anyone know if the station ended up burning down?
  5. They tried to muffle it out it seems haha.
  6. Is this some "kiddie" network? Who the hell uses a Gmail address? Seems very unprofessional.
  7. Of all time? That can include international news right? I give to you... Zambia's KBN TV. I pulled the whole clip from this CNN article. This intro is just awful. 10000000_848251545780264_4577125092730518056_n.mp4
  8. I was talking more LiveU packs and the alike.
  9. I'm surprised the cell towers are holding up so well. Congestion of LTE networks must be pretty heavy. They always have Microwave/satellite trucks to fall back on though I assume? As an IT guy I'm wondering, what is the typical speed of a microwave truck connection? I assume each package is 100-200MB at least?
  10. I wonder if they will continue coverage overnight like they do during hurricane coverage? Not really the same but I'm curious if they'll continue with nonstop coverage... and for how long.
  11. Commercial free is a surprise. Need to cover those broadcast costs somehow.
  12. Do they have a legal obligation to keep broadcasting? I know they usually do during severe weather.
  13. I was not expecting the non stop coverage that's for sure. They didn't even switch over to GMA.
  14. Good Morning All, (Sorry if this isn't the correct place to post this) This morning Miami sadly had a major building collapse. I noticed that CNN credited WSVN for the helicopter feed. Don't WSVN and WPLG share a chopper? Just curious. Thanks!
  15. I always thought that WPLG and WSVN shared one. Not surprised that WFTS leads the coverage for Tampa Bay. WFTS and WFLA always talk big about their helicopters. WPTV is also Video (promo) Newscast launch segment below. WPTV was very proud to present their HD helicopter.
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