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  1. kmetz

    Random WBBM Thread

    Not a moderator... BUT check attached. https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/guidelines/
  2. kmetz

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Could always be the macs were purchased previously.
  3. No way! Just the other day I heard CVD.
  4. kmetz

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Can confirm. Local stations use Mac Book Pros to Edit and I’ve see iMacs.
  5. Hi all! As 4K TV's become more popular, will we at least see the adoption of 1080P for local/network TV? Watching my local fox/ABC channels on Xfinity X1 and other providers (before moving.) it looks like bitrates are limited to 2.2 Mb/s or 720 in resolution. Any chances of that changing? Maybe 720/60 FPS?
  6. kmetz


    During parkland, Local Media Sites especially WSVN couldn't handle the traffic. WordPress VIP fell FLAT.
  7. kmetz


    My guess is, it's all managed by lakana. I could be wrong but the login pages for publishing are all StationID.lakana.com It's clear as day here in the footer
  8. kmetz

    Scripps - General Discussion

    Interesting. Doing a quick google search, WPTV was looking for a producer for the show not too long ago. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/wptv-the-now-producer-at-the-e-w-scripps-company-1072845171 Wonder if other stations will follow?
  9. kmetz


    https://www.wfla.com/ also seems to be different. More and more broadcast groups seem to be using https://www.lakana.com/index.html vs the former WordPress VIP or https://web.liferay.com/products/what-is-a-portal/enterprise-cms Noticed that more and more news sites are switching to AWS. Most likely to handle breaking stories and scale better, I assume?
  10. kmetz

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Ah ok makes sense. Especially considering the wire services and stuff that’s integrated.
  11. kmetz

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Probably because it’s used so heavily? If it’s stable and it works, why touch it?
  12. kmetz

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    I’m not sure why my iPhone autocorrected “see” to ads... I assume ENPS is more expensive than iNews. Not just because of functionality but also because of the name. AP VS Avid.
  13. kmetz

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Now that I begin to pay more and more attention, I ads iPads and Surface laptops to be quite common. I’m surprised you mentioned a basic laptop. I figured running APENPS or INews would eat resources.
  14. Hi all! As I mentioned before I'm simply a news/media behind the scenes enthusiast. I've noticed that news stations have gone more and more windows based, however, still use Mac Book Pros for editing. I was hoping some here could give some insight into what they use day-to-day and what they find works best. Also, any editing programs used besides Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro by Adobe? I hope this is the right place to post/allowed. Thanks.
  15. kmetz

    The Suicide of CNN...Good Bye Old Friend.

    Sorry if this is sort of offtopic. However, I never knew how often news stations "pool" or use media from other sources. Particularly CNN NewsSource. Although, I can't say I'm surprised. Must be a hell of a lot cheaper than having journalists and reporters everywhere. Now that I think about it and "look out" for it, I notice it. Sometimes it's plain as day when certain stations forget to cut their stream before CNN NewsSource does That's a shock. Can you elaborate?

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