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  1. kmetz

    Oops, WFTS

    Meaning WFTS isn't getting a source feed and then just putting the graphics overlay on it?
  2. kmetz

    Oops, WFTS

    Someone forgot to add the branding appropriately. I'm surprised they kept it up for that long!? Link to video here
  3. Anyone else feel that the new website design is slower than before?
  4. https://www.wzzm13.com/video/features/welcome-our-new-paws-with-a-cause-dog-rae/69-8236060
  5. Hmm wonder why? Special price ?
  6. So they'll be using the Scripps CMS?
  7. Wonder how this happened? Credit WFTS Facebook.
  8. Now South Florida is joining in....
  9. I believe so, if it’s in a residential area.
  10. Simple question, why cover a situation like a car chase in California when the stations are in Florida? Simply to gather metrics / views? I’m confused. Thanks!
  11. This set really doesn't feel "fresh" or 2019. I'm not a fan of the new strange graphics. What's with the music?
  12. Out of curiosity, does Scripps archive/import the station's previous website files and convert it to fit the new one?
  13. Well, the community director position at WFTS is being terminated on April 5th.
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