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  1. WSAZ converting an office room into a whole greenscreen room to use for sports and other things!
  2. I would like to get everyone's thoughts on adding some orange to WSAZ'S weather banners, blue is WSAZ'S, Orange is my depiction. I have been talking to WSAZ and sent them my rough idea. This is about the color, I understand mine isn't 100% like the original and the text is hard to read, it's about the color combination.
  3. Best Gray Stations weather graphics?
  4. Yes I know this isn't a good depiction but something like this would be nice, orange top banner and maybe keep the lower a blue or something.
  5. The weather graphics may be getting some of that yellow/orange all the time, I think it would be a nice fit!
  6. Update: The bug will only rotate with severe weather! What other GRAY stations have animated/rotating bugs? So I can get an idea.
  7. GRAY doesn't offer much, so they have really no option and have to use what they can.
  8. It's a nice new look for them I believe! They have a few different opens also! And the bug is supposed to have some animation, they must be having some glitches.
  9. Word is WSAZ will be debuting their new graphics at there First Look @4 newscast today!
  10. Noticed this in the background during a weather update on WSAZ'S app earlier, possibly what a tiny bit of the weather graphics will look like? If so I like the theme, staying with the same color styles as the old weather graphics, blue and some yellow.
  11. Just saw WTVY's new Graphics Package, is it a new one? Haven't saw it before.
  12. WSAZ is getting new graphics soon, I've spoke to them recently.
  13. Oh okay I forgot they did change it up some. Since you keep up with WSAZ also do you think they'll come up with something good? From what I'm hearing, early March is what they're aiming for.
  14. The time/temp bug is the same one they've used for awhile not sure if they'll change it, and they haven't switched their graphics yet just that one promo so far, hoping they don't butcher it.
  15. Saw this new promo on their Midday broadcast today, maybe this is some of the new look, not terrible looking IMO.

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