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  1. Forgive me if this is the wrong thread, however WSAZ started broadcasting from their newsroom during the midday show today, while Tim Irr (their evening anchor) anchored from their very rarely used Charleston set... (which I never understood the reason of them building two new sets back in 2019 as opposed to just the main in Huntington.) Regardless, they said on air that this change was due to some repairs to their satellite on top of the building, and would last for several days... just thought it was sort of odd; I was hoping they we making some minor changes to their set or something. What's everyone's thoughts, think it truly is what they say or something more?
  2. Also what's the best weather icons you've seen Gray stations use? Doesn't seem to be too much to chose from, or it's not being utilized.
  3. Yes I agree, he did well designing the new weather graphics that debuted a few months ago
  4. Thanks for all the info and insight into how and which programs they use, I was curious on that, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things go, WSAZ graphics are definitely far from the worst, this was some of their augmented reality graphics on their morning newscast
  5. Interesting insight, I'm fairly certain WSAZ uses WSI, and they pull off the NWS radars and market it as HD Dual Doppler (I really hope they change up the name).. I was just saying It would he nice if WSI/Gray would come up with some updated weather graphics
  6. Oh okay that makes sense, I spoke with some internal people at my local station (WSAZ) and they claimed their holdup with any sort of weather upgrades was Gray and when they would allow it, I doubt they theirselves would go with VIPIR branding as competition WOWK already uses that as of a year or two ago.
  7. I hope this is the right place for this, anyways.. I've felt for awhile Gray stations have lacked in weather technology for awhile especially compared to say Nexstar stations, anyone see any Gray stations with unique technology rolling out? Any chance Gray will roll out some new radar marketing similar to some of Nexstar's "Vipir" radars? Thoughts/ideas much appreciated!
  8. Gray releasing a new weather app for WSAZ and many other stations, anyone know anymore info on this?
  9. Any new info out there on any graphics or changes Gray is working on?
  10. WSAZ getting a new redesigned weather app soon, apparently Gray is releasing a newly redesigned weather app so possibly more station will as well.
  11. WSAZ converting an office room into a whole greenscreen room to use for sports and other things!
  12. I would like to get everyone's thoughts on adding some orange to WSAZ'S weather banners, blue is WSAZ'S, Orange is my depiction. I have been talking to WSAZ and sent them my rough idea. This is about the color, I understand mine isn't 100% like the original and the text is hard to read, it's about the color combination.
  13. Best Gray Stations weather graphics?
  14. Yes I know this isn't a good depiction but something like this would be nice, orange top banner and maybe keep the lower a blue or something.
  15. The weather graphics may be getting some of that yellow/orange all the time, I think it would be a nice fit!
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