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  1. KSHB already had the standard Scripps package. They just rebranded.
  2. So it seems as though they are debuting a 7PM newscast the night of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Don't know if that is when the set will be introduced. WTVJ will show the Olympic Zone during that half hour.
  3. Wow! I can't believe I am agreeing with Comcast. What I hope happens, if Comcast wins, companies such as Nexstar, Sinclair, and Scripps have to let go of their secondary "partners". (Mission, Cunningham, and Inyo)
  4. Yeah, I know. That's why I had a suspicion that something was going to change for the main channel. Honestly going to miss CourtTV in HD.
  5. It looks like WHDT has made the switch to FL24. Last week they kept on putting ads about Court TV moving but didn't announce a replacement. I guess this was a surprise?
  6. Maybe... But not Sinclair. Especially after the layoffs from the FOX RSNs. Maybe it could be refreshing for an independent company to start up an RSN. But that's just my opinion.
  7. Wow, I was wondering how they were going to incorporate the 'Texas Connects US' slogan. Thank you!
  8. So last Monday anchor Kelly Dunn posted in her Facebook page the news of WPTV getting a new set sometime during the next six weeks. This would be the second time that Studio A would be receiving a new set since the building opened in 2001. This is the first set that was built in 2001 before it was renovated in 2012. The new set debuted with after the opening ceremony of the summer olympics alongside the new scripps graphics. In 2018 they updated the set by adding a 5x3 and a 3x3 video wall. What I fo
  9. So I checked WPLG. It seems ABC programming is being shown on 10.2 MeTV. I live in West Palm Beach and most of the coverage for WPTV that I have seen has been through Michael Williams, a former WTVJ and WFOR reporter.
  10. I think they'll switch when they finish with the set update.
  11. NBC has NBC News Now as well as NBCLX for the younger generations.
  12. During their 6PM newscast, WPTV anchors announced the construction of their new set. I watched part of the newscast and didn't notice they were in a temp set since it was the same set as the 4PM news.
  13. Just checked, WFLX has switched as well.
  14. WarnerDiscovery could've been simpler, no?
  15. I don't know how nobody has pointed out the similarities with this logo and the old WBBH logo from Fort Myers. The difference being the NBC logo was added to WBBH.

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