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  1. Apart from going back to TV33, primetime is just Family Feud with no mention of the MyNetworkTV programming. I also don't know what channel MYTV would move to, have they announced it in Boston yet?
  2. I know it was mentioned that WSBK would revert back to TV38, and it looks like WBFS in Miami has also reverted to the TV33 branding. I apologize if this isn't the right thread to mention this change.
  3. It looks like Telemundo Birmingham is Live.
  4. Kind of mixed feelings about the NEXT weather for WFOR. I know that WTVJ had the First Alert Weather for a long time now, still think First Alert is too generic though.
  5. Yes the 4PM newscast will begin monday. A programming note has been on Ellen since Monday.
  6. WPTV debuted their current set last July while having the current graphics package since 2020. As I recall, someone had said it was really blue... just like the graphics
  7. I didn't realize until seeing this thread but it looks as though NBCU went with WTVJ 6.4 and not WSCV for Oxygen. For years now there has been no 51.3, only .2 for TeleXitos and .4 for an SD Telemundo version for Palm Beach. Anyway, has any update on whether or not Spectrum dominated areas will get Oxygen OTA?
  8. I don't know if someone has posted this already but CMG plans to introduce Telemundo to Jacksonville and Seattle. Telemundo used to have a station in Seattle on ION owned KWPX but was shut down once the station was bought by Scripps. The deal also renews their contract with WSOC. From CMG
  9. Looks more like a weather centre than an anchor desk. Edit: Sorry I thought it was a still photo and not a video, looks all right for the market. Nexstar is going all in on these window faux monitors.
  10. Really! I was able to take a screenshot, but I took it on an Android device. It was more noticeably buggy on my Android smartphone than my android tv or MacBook. I wonder if that's gonna be a continuous problem for me and/or with baseball fans who don't use iPhones. Edit: by buggy, I mean that the web page I was using kept freezing and it wouldn't let me watch more that 2 minutes before crashing the page. I switched to My MacBook and it was fine until I had an issue with the broadcast itself. I gave up and then tried again on my Android tv with the Astros and Angels game.
  11. So if you look at the left side of the first photo you can see the word Día, so I agree with jrogo that it's the same set.
  12. West Palm Beach is getting ATSC 3.0 on March 8th. Don't really have that much info apart from the host being WWHB Azteca 48 which is kind of surprising for me. WWHB Azteca 48 already has a translator on WTVX 34.2
  13. Maybe CBS would keep WTOG and turn it to a CBS O&O?
  14. WTVJ got it recently and today WSCV, the Telemundo station rolled out the blue background as well. Any other Telemundo stations with the update?
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