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  1. I actually posted the ones for WPLG and WPBF earlier because of the smaller abc logo. But since that post WPLG inverted the logo and is now white instead of black. Don't know if any other station did the something similar because WPBF is still the same black color.
  2. Also they have started doing rehearsals. Credit, Patrick Griffin
  3. So what I have noticed is that both Ion stations in south Florida changed their .2 to HD since last month. Don't know about other markets and that's where I assumed they would put the new Newsy.
  4. Idk, I live in west palm beach but watch WPLG because they have more news. I know that WPBF shows BUCS on the main plus subchannels. They also have special events, like 4th on Flagler.
  5. Yeah, 136 days to be exact. Don't know about some of the Telemundo stations either. Will Telemundo stations that are not o&o but have the old Telemundo graphics receive look s?
  6. I don't know about the black color in all honesty. I liked the glossiness from before. Both WPLG and WPBF actually shrunk the abc logo from the previous one. And they are certainly smaller overall than before.
  7. Sorry for the quality, but did they change the bug or is this a one time thing? I know it was different when they first switched and I was just channel surfing right now.
  8. WTMO in Orlando made the debut on the 13th.
  9. Probably monitors considering they are a Nexstar station. WFLA and KRON also have a similar background.
  10. I mean... It's a logo? Kind of seems lazy imo. Also this makes it feel as though they're emphasizing more on the FOX brand and less on Charlotte.
  11. I was thinking that too, so I checked some of the Scripps abc affiliate websites and found this for WKBW in Buffalo. Doesn't even have the new abc logo.
  12. KSHB already had the standard Scripps package. They just rebranded.
  13. So it seems as though they are debuting a 7PM newscast the night of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Don't know if that is when the set will be introduced. WTVJ will show the Olympic Zone during that half hour.
  14. Wow! I can't believe I am agreeing with Comcast. What I hope happens, if Comcast wins, companies such as Nexstar, Sinclair, and Scripps have to let go of their secondary "partners". (Mission, Cunningham, and Inyo)

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