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  1. But they also have the Olympic Channel, which I assume would play a bigger role if NBCSN does get axed.
  2. So I rescanned today and found that WFOR in Miami does have 4.4 with FAVE TV live. I don't know when it went live since I live in West Palm Beach and don't frequently look at the Miami stations.
  3. Quick note. WPEC in West Palm Beach has changed its graphics just a bit to make it look more 3d. I don't have a video but I wanted to ask if other stations were doing the same.
  4. KMTV in Omaha now has the graphics, they debuted during the midday newscast.
  5. This was featured on the KATC YouTube page, does anyone know when more Cordillera stations are going to make the switch? (so far I have not seen that much about KRIS or KSBY)
  6. This is the first time I've seen the chat bubble in this position, is it exclusive to the weather segment or could they use it for something else? (Like a weather bug)
  7. The only problem is that Action News or Eyewitness News sounds too generic, it doesn't make the station feel unique. Thankfully, Scripps also got rid of the orange.
  8. At least they got rid of this...
  9. It's been like this for a few years, the only difference was they never showed the time/temp. The new Scripps lower thirds are show in the end of the broadcast, but only to State the copyright claim from Gray.
  10. While WFLX/WPTV still have not changed to the new Scripps graphics, they don't bother to even out the old and the new.
  11. So I found it interesting that some aspects of the new graphics were introduced in WPTV newscasts. Today during the Now on WFLX there was something new...

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