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  1. The bumpers/close are definitely Tuesday2 (apparently there were some cuts different from the NMSA copy); but not 100% certain one way or the other with the intro.
  2. Another newscast from WAVY-TV's archive; this time from October 4, 1983
  3. WTKR adding Merris Badcock and Brian Hill (different Brian Hill from the one that worked there in the late 1980s) to their news team [MEDIA=twitter]701906450612887557[/MEDIA]
  4. I decided to flip to GMA today and was surprised to see Sam Champion there. Apparently now I know why.
  5. Here's what might be the earliest clip with the current WAVY logo I've found; a spot for a First News at 5:00 story titled "Lights, Camera, Hampton Roads" that aired following a 15th anniversary celebration of SNL (most of which was taped over; this was another "end of the tape" clip)
  6. Another WAVY one from August 18, 1989 (shortly before WAVY dropped the Gold 10 for the current logo) Noticed around the 2:20 mark that the Chyron under Leanne Rains' name read "WAVY News 10"; so it looks like the station was phasing out the Daily News branding around this time (still used the Daily News in the intro)
  7. Noticed WAVY-TV's YouTube page has its own archive section (most of the footage so far has been raw Chopper 10 shots from the first few years that was used); but I did see a couple of specials they did also included. 1992 WAVY Special (Under the Gun: Violence in Hampton Roads) 1994 WAVY Special (Stopping the Violence)
  8. stevations' upload of Hampton Roads coverage of Hurricane Gloria (mostly WAVY footage; with clips from WTKR and the Weather Channel toward the end)
  9. From SkittlesMan's channel; here WTKR's September 12, 1986 News 3 at Noon (I think Glenn {Corillo} Corey and Ann Keffer were noon anchors at some point in their tenure at 'TKR). This might be the earliest clip I've seen their "Discover the Land of the 3" theme used (different, more synth-heavy cut than the version in the 1989 newscast I uploaded a while back) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrASY7XMyr8
  10. Another Hampton Roads reporter leaving the market, as WTKR's Mike Mather departs after his wife took a job at the University of Virginia [MEDIA=twitter]679784494648397824[/MEDIA]
  11. Surprised to see this. WAVY anchor Nicole Livas about to leave the station to relocate to D.C. (no word on whether she got a job at a station there; but it did mention Livas' husband had been working there and she wanted to spend more time with him) http://www.pilotonline.com/entertainment/tv/wavy-anchor-nicole-livas-set-to-leave-hampton-roads/article_0b4ccb61-643d-53ee-be1d-6a1238322432.html
  12. Seeing as Christmas is this Friday, here's the last local news related item uploaded from a movie airing on December 24, 1991 on WTKR. Here is a Christmas Eve weather update from (by then, semi-retired) WTKR weatherman Andy Roberts
  13. From NewsActive3's channel; here a half-hour segment of CBS' 1952 Election night coverage (quality's not too hot; but from an era with so little footage surviving; I guess you take what you can get)
  14. 35 years on Today and 65 years overall with NBC. All I can say to that is Happy Trails, Willard.
  15. Some WTKR promos from a Christmas Eve 1991 syndicated movie airing 1991 WTKR Project A+ PSA (when I started my current channel last year; there was a Project A+ spot with then-anchor Jane Gardner. This time, Ed Hughes got in on the act) 1991 WTKR Food for Families Promo (Jane Gardner) 1991 WTKR Insights on Alcoholism Promo (with a WTKR logo that was a transitional version from the 1986 logo to the one used when WTKR switched to the Eyewitness News branding)
  16. Early 1996 WAVY News 10 Tease (Les Smith)
  17. Haven't done a post with anything I've uploaded in a while. October 22, 1991 WAVY News 10 Tease (Alveta Ewell promotes a story on sexual harassment): 1995-96 WAVY News 10 Promo (Closed Captioning)
  18. From ntscbuff's channel; here's the February 24, 1986 CBS Evening News (Dan Rather anchored this edition from the studios of KELO in Sioux Falls, SD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddmCpXO3Fwg
  19. And now it looks like Vanessa Coria is on her way out in about two weeks from now per VARTV [MEDIA=twitter]651529298906619904[/MEDIA]
  20. From Crommy5's channel; here's a brief 1985 WCBS tease with current NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt Until running across this, I was unaware Lester had worked there before jumping to WBBM.
  21. Not the best quality, but here's a clip of WAVY's storm coverage where Andy Fox...isn't quite ready when he gets a live toss from the studio
  22. Well, now we know why Deitra Tate was hired. Tiffany Savona's on her way to Louisville, KY and today is her last day https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153692437033993
  23. Musical chairs in the anchor positions at WVEC starting on September 28. VARTV is reporting that Lucy Bustamante replaces Vanessa Coria (who was stepping aside from the anchor desk to do evening reports) on Daybreak and the noon edition of 13 News Now; Regina Mobley and Janet Roach will anchor at 4:00; Mobley will still anchor with David Alan at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 while Alan anchors the 5:30 newscast with Roach.
  24. Seems pretty unusual for a station to have 5 meteorologists on staff (Tate; Don Slater; Jeremy Wheeler; Tiffany Savona and Ashley Baylor). Rather curious to see how the assignment order shakes out.
  25. From pannoni5's channel; the October 29, 1960 WCBS weekend evening newscast anchored by Robert Trout (including an interesting discussion of a possible FIFTH Nixon-Kennedy debate) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kBY-pUZ8Ys
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