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  1. NewsActive3 upload of the November 4, 1969 edition of the Today show (Barbara Walters was off working on a piece concerning President Nixon, which makes the choice of the first commercial all the more ironic) Part 1: Part 2:
  2. Saw this explanation on a VARTV retweet for a power outage at WWLP that (since WWLP is one of Media General's master control hubs) wreaked havoc on several other MG stations (including WAVY/WVBT) and thought it was a joke at first; but yes a squirrel must have went berserk and triggered the outage last week http://www.fybush.com/nerw-20160530/ Elsewhere, WAVY's The Hampton Roads Show apparently has a revolving door for the female co-host opposite Chris Reckling. Luana Munoz was the latest to exit; with former WAVY morning anchor Kerri Furey brought in as a substitute [MEDIA=twitter]737400715665149953[/MEDIA]
  3. From MRC3: MrSurferPlus' channel; the May 28, 1992 WNYW FOX 10 'O Clock News From stevations' channel; a brief (9 minute) WAVY compilation from two different days in July 1992
  4. Found this near the end of a late 1991 tape with recordings from WGNT (there were only a couple of minutes left after this). Apparently this was a news break focusing on scheduled debate for Senate Bill 12 (the Senate version of the Cable Television Consumer Protection Act of 1991 that had passed the House). As another note, the fade in and out is how it aired.
  5. Weird doesn't begin to cover this one. KPHO fires reporter Jonathan Lowe after he was arrested for...um, relieving himself on a residential yard (while assigned to covering a strange story in its own right involving a man killing his family dog because he didn't like his daughter's shirt) http://www.ftvlive.com/todays-news/2016/5/19/pooping-reporter-is-fired
  6. Another NewsActive3 upload, this time an NBC Nightly News upload from February 23, 1988 (the part that caught my interest was a lead story in which Pat Robertson suggested the campaign of Vice-President Bush may have influenced the timing of the Jimmy Swaggart story breaking in order to hurt Robertson's campaign prior to Super Tuesday) Part 1: Part 2:
  7. WTKR set to add a weeknight sports anchor for the first time in about 7-8 years this summer with the hiring of KEYE's Adam Winkler [MEDIA=twitter]732987819136782336[/MEDIA] Maybe the station's expecting to have something they hadn't had for nearly a quarter-century prior to pulling the plug on the sports report: stability (and perhaps WTKR is planning to highlight Winkler's youth compared to veteran sports anchors Bruce Rader at WAVY and WVEC's Scott Cash).
  8. From NewsActive3's channel; here's an upload (in 2 parts) of the Christmas 1981 edition of ABC World News Tonight (with Frank Reynolds apparently anchoring solo) Part 1: Part 2:
  9. Stumbled across this WXIA 11 Alive Newsroom from June 21, 1981 (the day Wayne Williams was arrested for the Atlanta child murders) Anyone know what the opening theme is? Doesn't sound like Hello News (listed as first being used on 11 Alive in 1980)
  10. I was wondering exactly what happened to that channel. Glad to see you're back to displaying classic Milwaukee footage.
  11. Back to the future at WTKR? (Haven't seen anything elsewhere other than VARTV) [MEDIA=twitter]725266327015968768[/MEDIA]
  12. From radioman1968's channel; a video tribute of sorts to late Atlanta anchor Chuck Moore featuring clips from his time at WAGA
  13. I agree with hoping they don't get pushed out in a future buyout; but then again it's no doubt much more difficult to push out your entire weeknight news team (at the same time, anyway) than two people who, though veterans of the station and still rather visible (Joe Flanagan as weekend morning anchor in addition to the "Joe's Job" segment; Velma Scaife being the longtime reporter covering the Lower Virginia Peninsula {primarily Hampton and Newport News}) weren't the top talent on the station.
  14. WVEC releases the official retirement announcements for Joe Flanagan and Velma Scaife http://vartv.com/pdf/WVEC_2016_04_15.pdf (Flanagan) http://vartv.com/pdf/WVEC2_2016_04_15.pdf (Scaife)
  15. Big shakeup coming at WVEC? VARTV is reporting longtime WVEC reporters Joe Flanagan and Velma Scaife have accepted an early retirement package from Tegna (Flanagan's been at the station for 32 years; Scaife for 30) [MEDIA=twitter]719932156210999296[/MEDIA]
  16. More WVEC footage I put up (one from 1999; the rest from May 1995). First, the 1999 WVEC "Thirteen Means News" ID A 1995 "Spirit of Hampton Roads" ID; though instead of a snippet of the jingle being played or sung we hear a choir harmonizing WVEC's Crime Line promo Finally; a WVEC School Spirit promo for a rerun of the 1988 NBC mini-series "(Gore Vidal's) Lincoln"
  17. Former 60 Minutes executive editor Phil Scheffler died today at 85 http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-phil-scheffler-dies-at-85/
  18. WTKR brings in Rachael Cardin from Greenville, NC's WITN [MEDIA=twitter]717398501286608896[/MEDIA]
  19. Former WVEC anchor/news director John Miller (who had been serving in the Virginia state Senate since 2008) passed away today http://wavy.com/2016/04/04/sen-john-miller-of-newport-news-passes-away/
  20. WAVY added another classic newscast from their archives; this time a May 22, 1986 edition of the Daily News focusing on an A-6 crash at the Oceana Naval air station in Virginia Beach (also the first clip I've seen of CBS News reporter Byron Pitts when he worked at the station)
  21. From pannoni5's channel; here's the April 6, 1978 edition of ABC Evening News (video aspect ratio is somewhat on the narrow side) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnWW8iudf-c Same user, different channel (pannoni4). This one is the ABC Evening News from July 14, 1977 covering the NYC blackout Also on pannoni4's channel; the entire extended edition of WABC's 11:00 Eyewitness News
  22. Former CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg died yesterday http://deadline.com/2016/03/eric-engberg-dead-cbs-news-bill-oreilly-1201727479/
  23. Found this August 20, 1986 WTKR News 3 clip (from just before the Discover the Land of the 3 period). Clearly a transitional period (still using the Serifa typeface and early-1980s 3; but toward the end we see the Discover-era mural of the Norfolk skyline behind Ed Hughes)
  24. WTKR's supposed to be getting a new set soon [MEDIA=twitter]712250026706210816[/MEDIA]
  25. Uploaded a couple of early 1991 WTKR promos
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