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  1. Same source, another WSB Action News 2, this time from January 23, 1976 and a different Move Closer To Your World intro (simply zooming into the "O" in Action News)
  2. From radioman1968's channel; here's an WSB Action News 2 newscast from February 2, 1978
  3. Lateral moves at WAVY; with weekend morning anchor Lex Gray moving to weekdays alongside the entrenched morning team of Don Roberts and Katie Collett [MEDIA=twitter]797818669065703424[/MEDIA] Replacing Gray on weekends is newcomer Marielena Balouris (at the station since August)
  4. Just saw it and was about to post that video as well (the cut of Turn to News used here sounds like the "standard" version instead of what WVEC used before and after this period).
  5. Put a couple more uploads up First; a 1995 WAVY ID from when the station first took to the Internet [url= ][/url] Also, an NBC Nightly News promo for October 18, 1995 (focusing on their Fleecing of America segments exposing government waste)
  6. From eyeontv; here's a series of KIRO Spirit of the Northwest promos from 1984 produced by Klein& (NMSA currently has this credited to AM Music and in use from 1986-88. It could be possible AM Music did a later version)
  7. NewsActive3 upload of the November 7, 1972 edition of the CBS Evening News (just prior to CBS election coverage)
  8. Per WAVY's news release; the co-host will be Kerri Furey http://www.vartv.com/pdf/WAVY_2016_09_01.pdf
  9. Some October 17, 1995 WVEC uploads (reception was meh; but am currently uploading some WAVY footage that same day that had much better reception) 1995 ABC PrimeTime Live Promo (update on the trial of Yolanda Saldivar {eventually convicted of the murder of Tejano pop star Selena the following week}) Also, a quick WVEC tease for the 11:00 13 News (Terry Zahn teasing a story about an increase in teen smoking)
  10. I think the station Moeller went to was KSDK (the NBC station at the Gateway to the West). Coming back to VARTV; it's been noted that WAVY's been running "Welcome Back" promos for their "The Hampton Roads Show" (set to have a new co-host launching starting September 12). Seems almost like the station is suggesting one of their former reporters might be returning for this job (since Liana Munoz's departure; former WAVY personnel Nicole Livas and Kerri Furey have made guest stops) [MEDIA=twitter]769894410381328384[/MEDIA]
  11. Two more Klein& videos from eyeontv's channel. First is a demo reel dated to 1982 that includes everything from some other Klein& uploads displayed elsewhere on the channel (such as a 1979 WPLG promo and the flying logo sequence set to Direct Connection) to a 3-minute year-end video for the short-lived pay channel Spotlight The other is a series of short "10 is" ID's for WCAU circa 1980
  12. CNN producer Matt Null died on Monday while vacationing in Europe at only 34 years of age https://www.yahoo.com/tv/cnn-producer-dies-vacation-europe-134508405.html
  13. In a related story; not surprisingly this upcoming McLaughlin Group edition will be the last http://deadline.com/2016/08/the-mclaughlin-group-ends-this-week-death-1201805490/
  14. Another veteran at WVEC exiting. Sandra Parker (with the station since 1990) leaving on her own [MEDIA=twitter]765461302777184256[/MEDIA] For those keeping score; that makes four members of the on-air team that had been at WVEC 15+ years leaving (TEGNA buyout/retirement of Joe Flanagan and Velma Scaife; Craig Moeller leaving for St. Louis).
  15. WTKR producing a new lifestyle show called Coast Live to be co-hosted by April Woodard (returning to 'TKR after working for BET, MSNBC and FOX among other stops) and former WAVY meteorologist Cheryl Nelson. http://wtkr.com/2016/07/27/introducing-coast-live/ The show is scheduled to launch in September in the 10:00 a.m. spot currently held by the 700 Club (which will be going to sister station WGNT; the first time they've carried the 700 Club since 2003).
  16. Looks like some shuffling in the anchor roles at WTKR come September; with Erica Greenway being added to the morning newscasts as an anchor/reporter (though it sounds more like the newsreader position on the network morning shows) and Todd Corillo becoming the weekend evening anchor http://www.ftvlive.com/todays-news/2016/7/14/shuffling-the-anchors-in-norfolk
  17. Weren't there rumors Matt was linked to Savannah Guthrie at one point as well? At this point, which female Today on-air person has Lauer not been rumored to be sleeping with?
  18. 1992 WTKR ID (a Channel 3 Eyewitness News spot teasing an "Eleven at Eleven" story later that Saturday night on "The Relations Race")
  19. Craig Moeller's first day at KSDK will be July 25 according to this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/columns/joe-holleman/ksdk-hires-stl-native-craig-moeller-as-top-meteorologist/article_6c5f3285-9e6d-59f0-b70b-e5b487c22531.html
  20. A couple more Klein& clips since I posted last night. Promo reel for WPLG from 1980 And from NewsActive3; parts 1 and 2 of a September 6, 1972 ABC Evening News (acquired from the Vanderbilt TV News Archive) Part 1 Part 2
  21. Over on eyeontv; there have been quite a few uploads on that channel of late. Uploaded today; here's an August 1978 Klein& demo reel (mostly reruns; but the highlight is a clean cut of the Direct Connection theme at the end) 1978 KFMB Klein& Sampler Reel Early 1980s Klein& Demo Reel
  22. WAVY reporter Liz Palka leaving the station next week (no details on next location; though she mentioned she'll have two roles as reporter and Navy wife -- with her marrying a sailor in a few weeks) http://pilotonline.com/entertainment/tv/wavy-tv-reporter-liz-palka-to-leave-station/article_c97ce68e-344b-5ee9-81ca-d88137b4a314.html
  23. Just saw that on my subscriptions and was on my way to post (remembered seeing the first one briefly on WAVY's site when they were celebrating their 50th anniversary). Looks like WAVY began using "The Daily News" as their branding much earlier than previously thought (since the upload is directly from the station, I'm confident in saying the dates are correct).
  24. From eyeontv; here's a Klein& jingle sampler reel (most of which are available in full on YouTube; but a couple of interesting clips at the end such as one for WINS-AM 1010 and a spot for KABC-AM 790 using the Direct Connection theme to close out the reel)
  25. I remembered hearing that at the end of the Dolphin demos (where they had brief clips of their work). Just curious now as to how far back that theme's usage on WKRC went (the Dolphin reel in question was labeled as 1977; and based on a comment in a 1978 demo reel Image West swallowed Dolphin up sometime in late 1978).
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