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  1. WTKR morning meteorologist Dominic Brown departed for the chief meteorologist position at Columbia, SC NBC affiliate WIS (Friday was his last day in Norfolk) https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10102912588002356
  2. From Rb1330, Gayle Gardner co-anchored this May 29, 1993 News 4 New York newscast alongside Ralph Penza, who mentioned before the end of the first block that Gayle was working weekends at Channel 4 during the summer.
  3. Farewell to former KPIX sports anchor Wayne Walker. Walker, also known for his 15 year career as a linebacker for the Detroit Lions and as a longtime commentator on San Francisco 49ers radio broadcasts, passed away at 80 http://www.sfchronicle.com/49ers/article/Walker-Walker-longtime-sports-broadcaster-dies-11159491.php?t=7e9d2e3dde&cmpid=twitter-premium
  4. From stevations' channel, the close of an April 1990 11:00 edition of WAVY News 10 (focused on the small town newspaper The Washington Daily News winning a Pulitzer Prize)
  5. Another cancer-related announcement, as WVEC weekend meteorologist Crystal Harper announced that she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkins lymphoma. Thankfully, in her case the prognosis is good as far as beating this cancer.
  6. From NewsActive3's channel; here's roughly 2 hours of NBC's 1978 midterm election night coverage (to my knowledge at least; this is the earliest midterm election night footage of a substantial amount I've run across) Part 1 (just over an hour an a half): [url= &t=1354s][/url] Part 2 (around 33 minutes):
  7. Per New Yorker article about Bill O'Reilly getting the ax, Hannity wants to stay in the 10:00 pm spot. Said article also speculated about FOX News either moving Eric Bolling or Dana Perino off The Five or bumping Tucker Carlson Tonight up from the 9:00 spot he was given after Megyn Kelly left.
  8. Lot of new faces popping up on-air at the Hampton Roads "big 3" stations (14 in all; half of those at WTKR). Among the others; Phillip Townsend has returned to WVEC (where he worked until leaving for WFAA in 2014) as a weekend anchor http://pilotonline.com/entertainment/tv/larry-bonko/new-faces-are-popping-up-on-hampton-roads-tv-news/article_7aec7302-4574-5406-a0ad-1b570c31971d.html
  9. Former WXYZ anchor Rich Fisher has passed away at age 67 http://www.wxyz.com/news/longtime-wxyz-anchor-and-detroit-newsman-rich-fisher-dies-at-67
  10. Likewise, when WJKW's late edition of NewsCenter 8 ended on the day President Reagan was shot, the station threw a slide up mentioning a half-hour delay of Maude and Ironside before joining CBS News for a recap of the attempted assassination.
  11. Been a very difficult past few days for FOX News with Alan Colmes and Brenda Buttner passing away within a few days of each other.
  12. Former WVEC anchor Velma Scaife has passed away http://pilotonline.com/news/local/velma-scaife-former-wvec-anchor-dies/article_a7af8322-f0b5-52cc-9a0b-72b1c5698cef.html
  13. Another NewsActive3 upload; this is the December 4, 1970 ABC Evening News (Howard K. Smith's on vacation; leaving Frank Reynolds anchoring solo on this - the last newscast before he was pushed aside in favor of Harry Reasoner on the ABC anchor desk; not to return until the 1978 premiere of the World News Tonight format)
  14. And I think a hearty "Happy Trails" is in order for Maureen Bunyan. Meanwhile WTKR assistant news director Justin Joseph is leaving to return to Denver, joining an unnamed executive producer that has already gotten the boot. http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2017/2/5/norfolk-deuce-is-out-after-less-than-a-year
  15. Didn't expect to see KCNC using Newswire and breaking up momentarily their use of the Image # series of themes.
  16. I'm just hoping the long-timers at WAVY (Bruce Rader, Don Slater, Don Roberts, Andy Fox) don't get forced out the way via buyout (much like Joe Flanagan and Velma Scaife at WVEC last year).
  17. From stevations' channel; here's WVEC's coverage of when the 2000 OpSail sailed into Norfolk Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  18. December 15, 1983 edition of WESH's NewsCenter 2 from the 80scommercialvault channel (first newscast uploaded to that channel in quite some time)
  19. Looks like WJXT morning anchor Ashley Mitchem's found a side gig as a Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader (not that the Jaguars have given their fans much to cheer about in recent years) http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2016/12/11/roar
  20. Former NBC CEO Grant Tinker died on Monday at age 91 http://tvline.com/2016/11/30/grant-tinker-nbc-chairman-ceo-dead-at-91/
  21. Scary scene during Friday's 7:30 newscast on Louisville NBC affiliate WAVE when anchor Dawne Gee collapsed on-air and was rushed to the hospital (apparently a cause hasn't been made public; but thankfully it does appear she's well on the road to recovery) http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/louisville-anchor-dawne-gee-collapses-on-air/182360
  22. The JFK1963NewsVideos channel's done it again. Over the last few hours a number of videos have gone up on that channel covering the resignation of Richard Nixon; the subsequent swearing in of Gerald Ford and the aftermath (example is CBS' August 8, 1974 resignation coverage).
  23. Crazy story in Denver with the sudden resignation of KDVR reporter Heidi Hemmat (tracing back to threats on her life by a business owner under investigation for consumer fraud); who went on to suggest KDVR management didn't take the threats seriously (in an update to this story, the management denies Hemmat's claims that they ignored those charges) http://www.mediaite.com/online/reporter-quits-after-receiving-death-threats-my-physical-and-mental-health-were-unraveling/
  24. WVEC's Eric Kane heading north to Boston to work at soon-to-be-former NBC affiliate WHDH [MEDIA=twitter]801540861645488132[/MEDIA]
  25. Same source, another WSB Action News 2, this time from January 23, 1976 and a different Move Closer To Your World intro (simply zooming into the "O" in Action News)
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