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  1. The shot of the new logo reminds me a little of the mid-1990s logo (a close 2nd to the Corinthian Broadcasting era logo it replaced as my favorites for the station)
  2. Looks like WVEC will be debuting a new logo soon [MEDIA=twitter]964586763468623872[/MEDIA]
  3. From the stevations channel, the WAVY News 10 Tonight newscast from September 17, 1995 (2 parts) Part 1 Part 2
  4. 2002? Those sets look like they should have been retired AT LEAST 20-25 years earlier.
  5. WVEC promotes Ashley Smith to morning co-anchor alongside Lucy Bustamante, with social media producer and occasional on-air talent Kristina Zverjako Robinson replacing Smith as traffic reporter (incidentally, Robinson - a native of Estonia - has begun using her married last name of Robinson) [MEDIA=twitter]958999810320805888[/MEDIA]
  6. Not hearing Charlie Van Dyke on the voiceover threw me off as well when I watched the afternoon newscasts today, and it's going to take a lot of getting used to someone else as the main voiceover on WAVY promos for the first time since I was a baby.
  7. Farewell to one of the broadcast icons of Western New York (though to be honest, I thought he had passed away before now and didn't know he was suffering from ALS)
  8. From the AccurateCrabLegs channel, a late 1980s WTKR tease (I'm guessing blooper) featuring then-weekend meteorologist Brian Hill
  9. Saw on FOX News and Deadline that it appears Charlie Rose played a major role in running Josh Elliott out at CBS http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/11/22/charlie-rose-got-potential-heir-josh-elliott-ousted-from-cbs.html
  10. From digitaldave, a mostly complete WTKR NewsChannel 3 at 11 from April 23, 1996
  11. Going to do a quick bullet-point list of what I would do regarding WJZ's changes: 1. Keep the legacy Group W 13 2. Either do a refresh or update of Chroma Cues or dump it altogether 3. For all that is decent, 86 the 2001-era L3's and especially the hyperextended Helvetica font.
  12. Man, I would love to see a full version of the intro and the full First News at 5 theme WAVY used pop up online.
  13. Just found out about Marsh's passing about 30 minutes ago from another site that referenced Len Berman's blog post. For at least a short period in the mid-1980s Michele also did CBS Sportsbreak updates (don't know if she had any other involvement with CBS Sports or not, but a few days ago I watched the January 12, 1990 newscast where Michele had to pull double-duty on both news and sports since Warner Wolf and the #2 sports anchor {whose name escapes me} were unavailable)
  14. Only news related upload of a series I uploaded from February 1996, here's a WAVY promo for a special edition of the Road Rebels segment titled I.Q. Test
  15. Certainly sounds like it based on one quote in FTV Live's article on it (emphasis original) http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2017/9/22/tegna-blowing-up-the-news-in-norfolk Somewhere I think Jim Kincaid and Terry Zahn are doing rapid spinning in their graves.
  16. Was about to post something else from the tcmedianow channel. There have been a LOT of uploads (including a number of those rare 1970s Twin Cities newscasts and promos) on that channel over the last few days.
  17. Sad news out of WAVY, as their Chopper 10 pilot Steve Decker was killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday http://wavy.com/2017/09/04/wavy-pilot-steve-decker-dies-in-accident/
  18. KVUE did a pretty good job of tailoring Collier Concepts' Promise News Package for use in Austin (even though the theme still screams Washington)
  19. Couple more NewsActive3 uploads KFVS 5:00 newscast (August I, 1982) April 24, 1980 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite
  20. Shoot. Was just about to post the same video. Anyone catch the sports guy's name? I couldn't make it out.
  21. Good news for a weather department of WVEC that's been hit pretty hard by illness this year, as chief meteorologist Jeff Lawson's surgery to remove part of his tongue went better than expected. http://www.13newsnow.com/mb/news/jeff-lawson-expected-to-be-okay-after-surgery-to-remove-part-of-tongue/462082047 Also some great news for weekend morning meteorologist Crystal Harper, who appears well on her way to beating the Stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis after announcing her latest tests showed that, while she's not completely cancer free yet, all the active cancer cells are gone. http://www.13newsnow.com/mb/news/meteorologist-crystal-harper-shared-news-about-pet-scan-results/461892664
  22. Between the Nexstar WAVY-WVBT duopoly and whichever stations Sinclair keeps between WTVZ and the WTKR-WGNT duopoly they inherited from Tribune, I think Tegna (nee Gannett and Belo) waited too late to pursue a duopoly with WSKY and WVEC. Can't see another duopoly being allowed for Norfolk.
  23. Another Jim Vance tribute upload from NewsActive3's channel, and most likely the oldest footage of Vance - from shortly after he started at WRC in 1969
  24. Former WTKR weatherman Andy Roberts died on May 24 from pneumonia complications at 91 http://pilotonline.com/news/local/obituaries/andy-roberts-who-spent-more-than-years-on-wtkr-dies/article_8ec16eb3-ee92-5055-850a-cc927bcaca1c.html
  25. From NewsActive3, this was a clip from a 1995 ABC World News Now following the death of longtime WABC anchor Roger Grimsby where excerpts of an April 1970 Eyewitness News broadcast were shown (as an added bonus, we get a very rare shot of Howard Cosell at WABC)
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