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  1. CBS We've Got the Touch '85 (upgraded version of main version plus other short versions)
  2. Here's WRC's "Bring Your Team to Our Team" series of promos from 1985 (the last of WRC's "The Team" promos)
  3. Comparing that aircheck with one of the first Daily News branded newscasts a week later, some things I noticed. 1. How much Joel Rubin did while at WAVY (6:00 anchor, gave that up to move behind the scenes for a time, general assignment and later political reporter, even subbing as sports anchor in the case of the 1986 Harborfest coverage where he and Les Smith held down the fort in the studio) 2. Comparing the open to the first Daily News version to this one would be noting a major leap forward in appearance (the Area 10 era newscast intro looks like something a larger market station might not have gotten away with after about 1975)
  4. WVEC Daybreak anchor Lucy Bustamante leaving on July 20 (her husband having decided to leave the Navy to enroll in a business school in Philadelphia)
  5. WAGA newscast from January 31, 1999 (well it starts there and flows into the beginning of February 1) featuring coverage of the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl XXXIII loss to the Denver Broncos. Worth noting is this also marked the debut of WAGA's new set. Also on the KTVK promos, nice to finally get to see the video clip of their "Count on Us" image campaign.
  6. That might be the best comparison I can think of (last year's Nexstar-Media General deal). Smaller of two mostly regional station chains (though in the Nexstar-MG case Media General was moving up the ranks after acquiring longtime heavyweight LIN) buys up the bigger chain.
  7. Also noticed this has one of the few NBC clips (especially compared to ABC and CBS) from the 1972 election. Also from Rick Thomas; here's the first KNXT "Big News" newscast I've seen on YouTube (apparent guess from several comments is late July 1973) Hadn't been on this thread in a few weeks, but saw some of the WVEC posts. Definitely goldmines (particularly the post-KHOU/WISH theme/pre-Turn To intro)
  8. Former NBC News correspondent Richard Valeriani has died at 85 (Valeriani was a correspondent covering the White House, served as a senior diplomatic correspondent and covered the March in Selma, AL {and was pretty seriously injured from an assault occurring there}) https://morningdailies.com/2018/06/18/richard-valeriani-dies-nbc-newsman-who-covered-civil-rights-movement-nixon-was-85
  9. From stevations, an assortment of WAVY news promos (most from late 1989 and the early 1990s but with a couple of mid-1980s spots mixed in)
  10. Similarly, Hampton Roads in Virginia has never had an Action News branding for the stations in the area, and only two stations (WAVY, WTKR) used the Eyewitness News branding with mixed results (WAVY had it from 1969-81 but was mostly a non-factor in Tidewater then before dropping it in favor of the Daily News branding used for most of the 1980s. WTKR used the branding from 1992-94, during which it was the area's #1 station, before abandoning it in favor of the ill-fated TV3 News branding that sparked a ratings slide the station didn't recover from until about 10 years ago).
  11. She wouldn't be the only one seen in this newscast to pick up a network gig soon afterwards, as Charles Bierbauer would soon move to the big leagues at ABC and eventually CNN.
  12. Best I can recall, this is the first complete newscast from Jessica Savitch's KYW days that I have seen. Elsewhere, another WRC newscast from the first week of August 1971 (This one from that Friday, the 6th)
  13. From January 1, 1984; some snippets of WLEX's 18 Action News that evening (including a brief shot of Dr. Duane Harding before he first came to the Hampton Roads region)
  14. Speaking of rare finds, from the eyeontv channel, WRC's August 4, 1971 newscast
  15. Listening to the 1990 KESQ theme, it appears this may have been an attempt by Tuesday Productions to update their late 1970s "News People" theme (particularly the version used for the image campaign) http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,1507 (KESQ 1990) http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,240 (WRAL 1979 image for comparison)
  16. Until seeing this series of posts, I had been of the impression Mort went directly from KYW to WDIV. Never knew about the WBBM pit stop.
  17. WVEC upload of their coverage of the infamous 1992 April Fools Day prank involving the WNOR-FM "FM 99" morning team of Tommy Rumble and Henry Del Toro (known as Tommy & the Bull) stating that Virginia Beach's Mount Trashmore was about to explode due to a large build-up of methane gas, as reported by Bonita Billingsley (later Harris)
  18. This isn't just a home run. This is a bottom of the 9th World Series Game 7 walk of grand slam! Excellent work on the part of WBZ.
  19. Few uploads from the btm0815ma channel 1996 CBS News Special Report Intro (Hillary Clinton press conference after testifying before a committee investigating her in relation to the Whitewater scandal) November 8, 1991 CBS Evening News Intro (last use of the 1987 theme until Scott Pelley became anchor in 2011/fallout from Magic Johnson announcing he was HIV positive) November 8, 1991 CBS Evening News close November 11, 1991 CBS Evening News Intro (first with theme used until arrival of Katie Couric)
  20. Another Illinois primary clip, this one (from the Museum of Classic Chicago Television) a short NBC update from 1980 with David Brinkley calling the Illinois and Kansas primaries (interrupting the premiere of the Daffy Duck Easter Egg-citement special)
  21. That was quick. I just saw this on my feed and was about to post it here. Did find a 2003 promo WBNS aired for a CBS Town Hall special on domestic violence hosted by Dan Rather
  22. Surprised this hasn't been brought up yet, also from the FuzzyMemories channel; an almost-complete NBC News Special Report (interrupting the network television premiere of the 1976 King Kong movie) where President Carter, Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin returned from Camp David following the successful peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel.
  23. From NewsActive3, this might be the earliest local newscast from the D.C. area (only earlier news video from the nation's capital I've run across was some local cut-ins alongside CBS News coverage of the 1968 Indiana primary); a WTOP newscast from July 29, 1968
  24. Said this on Facebook and the 506 forums, but KLove is pretty much the Christian radio equivalent to the "Ma Bell"-era AT&T. I would have to guess this is easily one of the biggest surprise acquisitions in the media world probably since FOX grabbed the NFL from CBS.
  25. From the eyeontv channel, here's a 10 minute montage of all the CBS affiliate logos from 1995 (set to music from the You're on CBS campaign)
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