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  1. Nicole Livas officially started as WVEC 5:30 & 11:00 anchor on yesterday https://pilotonline.com/entertainment/tv/larry-bonko/article_076fea82-4695-11e9-bb0d-67f7ffaad68c.html
  2. If we're including production music that was used later for news, 615 Music commissioned a production track called "This Just In" (basically a store-brand knockoff of Move Closer to Your World) that got used for a fictional newscast on some episodes of Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire". Interestingly, around the time that show wound down in 2004, Springfield, IL PBS station WEIU used it for theirnewscasts for a few years and it has also been used by a couple of stations in Puerto Rico.
  3. From the pannoni4 channel, the March 13, 1989 CBS Evening News https://youtu.be/pcNQYwFIkEE
  4. Sports videos from my birthday batch celebrating my 32nd birthday (all from a 1998 Sunday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars on ESPN) Intro Halftime Report Promo for the following week
  5. From my apparent tradition of uploading the number of videos matching the birthday I'm celebrating, here are two news-related videos from this birthday batch. 1990 WTKR Promo (Sports: Bob Rathbun) December 7, 1992 WAVY News 10 Tease (Alveta Ewell)
  6. From eyeontv, a series of WDVM "The One to Watch" promos from 1983. https://youtu.be/N9XeihqSLx0
  7. NBA on NBC doubleheader promo from February 3, 1996 https://youtu.be/I48I3sX4ziw
  8. February 19, 2001 WBTV coverage of the aftermath following the death of Dale Earnhardt https://youtu.be/wj01RakiXP4 And some from my first upload batch of 2019, all from February 3, 1996 1996 WAVY Promo (Super Bowl Giveaway) 1996 WAVY News 10 Promo (Shades of Grey) (report on interracial marriages by longtime morning anchor Don Roberts) 1996 NBC News Promo (Dateline NBC)
  9. If you ever wondered what a newscast for WGPR (now CBS O&O WWJ) looked like before CBS took control, here's a sample (courtesy of the FuzzyMemories channel) from 1981. 1981 WGPR "Big City News" Morning Report (partial)
  10. Was just about to post something related to this, and was disgusted in what I learned. Here's to someone reputable getting that station away from this guy ASAP.
  11. Former ABC News correspondent and KYW anchor Steve Bell passed away yesterday at the age of 83. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/delaware-county/steve-bell-former-abc-news-anchor-and-ball-state-professor-dies-at-83
  12. WXIA's 1980s logo was much better than what they just unveiled here.
  13. With WGN, my theory is they don't want to give up the station in Tribune's home base of Chicago
  14. From the FuzzyMemories channel, this is all 5 parts of a WJLA investigative report series by Roberta Baskin called "Weaving Around the Law" on drunk drivers managing to get around laws that should have prevented them from being able to legally drive. https://youtu.be/AvIYA-8YL0E
  15. Former KARE meteorologist Jeff Edmondson returning to WAVY https://mobile.twitter.com/JeffEdmondsonWX/status/1075835520687726595 This comes as the revolving door that is WAVY's weekend meteorologist position swings again, with Ashley Baylor preparing to leave after 4 years for Connecticut. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ash_Baylor/status/1076121028621934594
  16. Huge loss for Cleveland television with Don's passing.
  17. First post in this thread since I was able to get back on here. Got a pair of short WVEC clips from '88 First, WVEC announces they are now broadcasting in stereo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN_BDnKhpEc Also, a brief WVEC plug for Oprah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfM9Debq_qY
  18. WTLV promos from November 1983 (part of a "Together" theme; includes promo for anchor Mary Stewart and a brief weather tease with Mel Turner sandwiching a plug for WKRP in Cincinnati reruns)
  19. From 80sCommercialVault, here's a 1978 WRC NewsCenter Forum on PCP use hosted by Jim Vance and Jim Hartz.
  20. Just found this earlier tonight. Here's a 7 hour upload of C-SPAN coverage of the 1994 midterm elections (hope you've got plenty of free time if you were to watch uninterrupted) Also worth noting are several cut-ins to local stations (for example, WUSA, WFAA, KGO and New York 1 News) for victory and concession speeches.
  21. Another Klein& upload from eyeontv, this time a series of promos from WFSB's "The Best Things in Life Are 3" campaign from January 1979.
  22. That logo animation looked like it came from a demo reel to show what the animators could do.
  23. From eyeontv, a couple of 1980 WFSB Land of the 3 promo videos Generic News (mostly repeats but with new clips at beginning)
  24. Most of those would cover my wishlist, so I'll just summarize in general anything from Hampton Roads pre-1985 or so (there have been some scattered early items, but mostly bits and pieces along with WAVY's YouTube channel periodically uploading individual reports from the tail end of the Area 10 Eyewitness News era {1978-81}); especially from WTKR since there's very little classic news footage compared to WVEC or WAVY As for specifics, one I would add would be a complete version of WVEC's early 1990s "Good People, Good News" campaign (only footage I know of is one I uploaded that came fro
  25. Thus creating one of the biggest "what could have beens" in the history of network television news; as CBS was reportedly planning to add her to the 60 Minutes team in 1973 (as it was, the first black member of the 60 Minutes team would be when Ed Bradley took the spot vacated when Dan Rather was promoted to CBS Evening News anchor; while 3 years later Diane Sawyer would be the first woman to be a correspondent for the series). Also among the dead in that crash were Illinois Congressman George Collins and Dorothy Hunt (wife of E. Howard of the then-brewing Watergate scandal; reportedly ca

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