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  1. From 80sCommercialVault, a partial WGN Nine O'Clock News from November 17, 1985 with the lead story being the leadup to the first Reagan-Gorbachev summit
  2. From a group of commercials I got in a trade that came from a September 11, 1987 airing of Jeopardy, this has WJLA anchor Renee Poussaint promoting the D.C. ABC affiliate broadcasting their late newscasts with closed-captioning.
  3. Some uploads from the series of Knoxville uploads from WBIR
  4. Couple more TNT uploads. Apparently for a time TNT would do feature segments called In-Between that aired in between movies, such as this one focusing on short films Also a promo for the 1990 edition of the Goodwill Games
  5. Was coming to post a link to a recently posted 1980 newscast from WTVD (main story being the U.S. boycott of the Moscow Olympics) when I saw the posts about Sloan's TV Archive being nuked by YouTube. Some had mentioned the Internet Archive as an alternative, and I may do more dedicated work there (have been active there mostly as a backup) https://youtu.be/VsPDxF7j0E0 Speaking of the 1980 newscast, something I've wondered about both this and the May 1983 newscast that has been on YouTube for some time now is whether the set used for those newscasts was a remade version of the
  6. A couple more uploads from yesterday From 1982, a WOR-AM promo And a TNT movie intro from 1990
  7. Couple more uploads from yesterday Most of a January 18, 1990 WNEV News 7 Part of a 1989 ABC News special called "The National Cholesterol Test"
  8. 1996 NCAA Men's Final Four halftime report (UMass-Kentucky)
  9. As has been the case for most of the last few years, I've done a mega-batch of uploads as sort of a birthday tradition. Here are some news-related examples from this batch. A short WUSA ID from November 29, 1994 featuring Maureen Bunyan 16 minutes worth of a March 1995 WAVY News 10 morning newscast (also shortly after WAVY began using Newswire) November 3, 1992 Election Night coverage recorded from Southern California (the ABC recording of the Bush and Quayle concession speeches is from KEYT in Santa Barbara and the NBC footage of the Cl
  10. Couple of KING-TV teasers from December 8, 1986 Additionally, I ran across a VERY early CNN uploads, including a snippet of their coverage of the 1980 Republican National Convention (pretty impressive for a channel just over a month old at that point)
  11. 1986 KING ID (The Home Team; with anchor Don Porter) 1986 KING promo for their Good Company morning show
  12. Enjoyed this batch, in particular the WPLG uploads since I don't recall any full (or lengthy) uploads from the station during the "Good News" era having surfaced before now.
  13. Couple of real rarities uploaded by btm0815ma over the past few days. Among them... Some Super Bowl II reports filed by Ted Koppel (!) And possibly the earliest complete ABC newscast I know of, from January 25, 1968 (one of the first after Bob Young took over the lead anchor job when it was determined Peter Jennings was clearly too green to be a network anchor)
  14. Super Bowl XXX halftime show
  15. Returning to the WFLD uploads, this was a promo for their 32 on Location segments of their newscasts airing later that night (November 16, 1986); in this case a look at inner city schools in the Windy City
  16. July 1, 1991 WNCT newscast (missing the last few minutes due to the tape running out). To my knowledge this is the earliest extended footage from the Greenville-Washington-New Bern area of North Carolina and is probably one of the few clips of a 1990s version of the standard version of Turn to News (as opposed to a custom version like WVEC was using during this time, if I remember correctly WNCT was one of the last stations to use that theme)
  17. November 8, 1979 premiere broadcast of ABC's The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage (which by April 1980 would be retooled into Nightline)
  18. My family recorded a lot of the 700 Club and a fair amount of TV preachers in general (comes with the territory of being a preacher's kid); and I've seen this intro for the news segments (this was during the period when CBN effectively treated the news segment as almost a separate series from the 700 Club proper) quite a bit. Knowing that this was a Gari track has me a bit curious as to whether a clean version of the theme might surface.
  19. 55 years going from a local anchor in Los Angeles to the White House, Today, NBC Nightly News and even his post-NN roles as substitute host on Meet the Press when Tim Russert passed away to his current special correspondent (effectively an emeritus position); Tom's left some massive marks in the history of television news.
  20. Found this on the FuzzyMemories channel. It's a 1973 CBS News special called "What's the Presidency All About?" (apparently a Saturday morning broadcast {having preempted Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids} and which the description describes as almost like an extended version of the long-running In the News segments) and was hosted by then-CBS Chief White House Correspondent Dan Rather
  21. Couple of KWCH promos, again from the Super Bowl XXIV recording.
  22. From WFLD, a promo for the November 17, 1986 edition of the first official FOX series; the Late Show with Joan Rivers. Featured guests included Susan Lucci and Randy Travis
  23. Have had quite a few sports related uploads from tapes recently brought out of storage.
  24. 1990 KWCH ID (first of a handful of uploads from a Wichita recording of Super Bowl XXIV, with this airing just before halftime)
  25. With Election Day 9 days away, the btm0815ma channel has uploaded ABC News coverage of the 1982, 1984, 1988 and 1992 Election Night coverage. The 1984 and 1988 uploads are of particular interest (at least to me) due to this being the first time more than a handful of brief snippets of ABC's coverage from 1984 and 1988 have surfaced on YouTube compared to CBS, NBC and (for 1988) CNN. btm0815ma YouTube channel

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