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  1. VARTV notes that WVEC Daybreak/noon anchor Vanessa Coria will be giving up the anchor desk to do evening reports [MEDIA=twitter]639236078667497472[/MEDIA]
  2. Looks like there are a couple other 1980s WAVY videos on that channel (literally just ran across that channel about 5 minutes ago) 1986 WAVY Promo (Don Slater; who it looks like had not too long ditched the mustache he had early on): 1986-ish WAVY Daily News Promo (Weekend Team): Also noticed in the video you linked to that about 30 minutes in; someone accidentally slapped a Proud N peacock just before the sign-off.
  3. Obviously, I'm far more familiar with his Buffalo Bills work from NFL Films footage from the early 1990s; and I concur. WIVB's Jacquie Walker had a touching comment about when she and a few others from the station made their last visit.
  4. Added the info to that video. Thanks. NewsActive3's been on a tear with rare newscast uploads of late; including... The first newscast of the ill-fated Harry Reasoner/Barbara Walters team on the ABC Evening News (10-4-76): The first edition of ABC World News Tonight (7-10-78): July 31, 1968 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite (from Miami; no doubt in preparation for the Republican National Convention the following week): And from the local side, the December 20, 1981 edition of WPVI's Action News at 11:00:
  5. From NewsActive3's channel: 8-29-1986 KGO NewScene 7 (Van Amburg's final newscast): July 1985 WESH NewsCenter 2 at 6:00:
  6. Looking for another source, but VARTV's Twitter account reports that WTKR will be producing weeknight newscasts on WGNT (which they did 20 years ago with little success and currently do on weekends); thus competing with WAVY News 10 at 10 on FOX 43.
  7. Yesterday was longtime WFLA anchor Gayle Sierens' last day on the job (below is tribute video)
  8. Lot of teases and stuff from January 26, 1994 and April 26, 1995 (the January 26, 1994 set includes an Inside Edition report on the NATPE Convention) April 26, 1995 WAVY News 10 Promo ("Surprise, You're Rich": focusing on unclaimed money): WAVY News 10 Tease (Les Smith plugs a story related to unseen footage from Jurassic Park {most of the April 26, 1995 footage came before and during a special on the Making of Jurassic Park 10 days before the network premiere on NBC}): Dateline NBC Promo (focusing on developments one week after the Oklahoma City Bombing): WAVY News 10 Tease (Alveta Ewell plugs an update on developments in Oklahoma City one week later): WAVY News 10 Tease (Don Slater with the weather): Partial episode of ABC's Day One (focusing on Timothy McVeigh's ties to the militia movement):
  9. Saw this retweeted on VARTV's Twitter feed (originally by one of the newer WAVY reporters, Brandi Cummings) but weekend morning meteorologist Jeff Edmondson is out at WAVY https://twitter.com/BrandiWAVY/status/555825365449732096/photo/1
  10. Put up a bunch of commercials from December 1991 from WTKR First, a 1991 WTKR tease for their News 3 at 11:00 (lead story being tied to the acquittal of William Kennedy Smith in his sexual assault trial) Same newscast, but with soon-to-depart sports anchor Bob Rathbun teasing a story on trades at Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings (a comment from a Raymie Humbert suggests some Television by Design influence in the graphics)
  11. I would think she'd have to be behind Custer in terms of local longevity (with Bruce Rader not far behind). Hope she enjoys her retirement. Also, WVEC's Karen Hopkins is leaving to become Public Information Director for the Norfolk Sheriff's Department http://veermag.com/2015/01/wvecs-karen-hopkins-resigns/
  12. Richard C. Hottelet, the last surviving member of the WWII-era CBS News correspondents known as "Murrow's Boys", died Wednesday at age 97 http://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-richard-hottelet-20141218-story.html#page=1
  13. Had to create a new channel after getting a 2nd copyright strike on my main one; but decided to pick up where I left off with my new HRTVFan2 channel 1995-ish WAVY News 10 Intro: November 1995 WVEC Promo (13 News Extra; same source as the November 16 ABC World News Now):
  14. Today was longtime WVEC weekend meteorologist Julie Wilcox's last day at the station https://twitter.com/VARTV/status/536518283567333376
  15. Just heard about Skip's passing a few minutes ago on WTIB-FM. Adding my thoughts and prayers for his family and the WCTI staff that must be in total shock right now.
  16. Put some new video up on Wednesday January 25, 1994 NBC Nightly News Promo (Kids Who Kill: part of a series of reports called "America the Violent"): January 25, 1994 Today Show Clip (Bryant Gumbel interviews A.C. Green) November 10, 1988 NBC News at This Hour (Connie Chung; only repeat in this group) March 23, 1992 NBC Nightly News Clip (the main feature being a report on the early stages of Ross Perot's Presidential campaign)
  17. 0814btm's channel has been putting up a lot of CBS Evening News broadcasts from the beginning of the Gulf War. This one has the entire first 10 minutes of the January 22, 1991 broadcast (where protesters from the AIDS advocacy group ACT UP crashed the CBS Evening News studio at the top of the newscast) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVp0iBHeDQo
  18. WAVY opens the SportsWrap Vault again; this time posting a 1988 sports report by John Castleberry from when Norfolk's Old Dominion University thought they would be reviving their football program (it would be 21 more years before that happened).
  19. A tweet on Robert Corbin's VARTV Twitter feed suggests that LaSalle will be a "multi-media journalist"; which I'm guessing will involve a lot of work with the social media sites for WVEC.
  20. From the Sean Mc channel; a couple more news updates December 20, 1982 NBC News Capsule (Bill Scheckner): November 10, 1981 CBS Newsbreak (Bernard Goldberg -- who don't look much different then than now):
  21. From stevations' channel 1986 WNYW Channel 5 News Close: 1986 WNYW Channel 5 News Update (poor audio): And somewhere, an audio compilation from WAVY-TV that includes part of a Channel 10 Eyewitness News broadcast...from July 22, 1969!!! (just after the Moon landing) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlVDj0O4HLM
  22. The Sean Mc channel has had a lot of interesting footage of late including..: March 8, 1981 NBC News Update (Jane Pauley) Christmas Eve 1981 WCKT NewsCenter 7 Update (Steve Rondinaro) Two 1979 WCBS Newsbreakers Promos 1. (featuring John Tesh and John Stossel) 2. (featuring Meredith Vieira) 1981 WCKT Season's Greetings/Happy Hanukkah ID (Lee Webb)
  23. And the revolving door continues at WAVY; with the departure of Anne McNamara yesterday http://hamptonroads.com/2014/06/wavy-reporteranchor-mcnamara-leaving-station
  24. VARTV reports Art Kohn (who had worked intermittently at WAVY since 1987 and most recently had been military reporter and Sunday morning anchor until around February) left the station (since his station Twitter was last updated on February 25; he may have been gone for a while).
  25. Another 1991 WAVY News 10 tease with Terry Zahn (judging from the reference to defense cuts; I think this was the same day as the speech by the first President Bush I uploaded last week)
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