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  1. Found this on the Election Video Headquarters channel (this apparently is one uploading a lot of the videos that had been on the Dannotch's News Videos channel before YouTube nuked it) and this is something I've never seen on YouTube until this morning. It's a compilation of CNN reports looking at the aftermath of the 1980 elections and a little bit of coverage regarding the transition period (and a close of WPIX's "Action News" broadcast at the end)


  2. 49 minutes ago, bmasters1 said:


    Apparently, I got the billing right (albeit, like you said, Van Dyke sounds a bit out of it [as I recall, he is in his 70s; a younger man might do better here]).

    Adding my congratulations to Jim Gardner on his retirement (and was floored to see the post on that last newscast having a rating share almost as big as the Eagles' Super Bowl win almost 5 years ago)


    I will agree that WPVI might need to look for someone younger for the intros (the intro reminded me a bit of how Van Dyke sounded on the last couple of intros he did for WAVY-TV 10 before they dropped him in early 2017); though at least his voice hasn't declined to the extent Jeff Kaye's did about 12 years or so ago.

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  3. Couple of goodies from the Obsolete Video channel


    November 10, 1978 newscast from WHSV-TV 3 in Harrisonburg, VA (with future Washington Wizards broadcaster Steve Buckhantz working both weather and sports as well as some rare retail commercials)


    Also, a 1972 edition of "60 Minutes" around the time of Richard Nixon's visit to China


  4. What a devastating loss for the Tayag and Myers families as well as their WBTV colleagues, especially entering the holidays. 


    Also agree in commending Chip Tayag for doing all he could to avoid this potentially being a much worse tragedy than it already is.

  5. Two uploads from a recording of the Packers vs. Buccaneers playoff game from the 1997 season (played on January 4, 1998)


    Most (missing the intro) of the FOX pregame show


    And since I don't see the link to the intro to the game (which for some reason won't display here due to NFL copyright concerns even though the video itself is still up); here's the link.


    January 4, 1998 FOX NFL intro (Packers vs. Buccaneers - 1997 NFC Divisional Playoff Game)

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  6. Wasn't there a story about Dan Rather being on vacation when the Oklahoma City bombing took place and Connie Chung anchored CBS coverage herself initially (though the implication was when Dan got to Oklahoma City, he started anonymously bad-mouthing her; which set the stage for Connie to get the boot from CBS about a month later)

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  7. On 8/17/2022 at 4:16 PM, SoFloTVClassics said:

    KSDK Eyewitness News 1984



    WOR TV News 9 at Noon 1986



    KGO Channel 7 News 1987



    KING 5 News 1990


    WVEC 1993 40 years of television 



    KCBD Newschannel 11 1994 



    KSDK Newschannel 5 1996



    KDLT News 5 at 10 1996



    Wait what is Bear from Bear in the big blue house doing on 6 News? (WSYX) 1997



    A few things I noticed.


    One; I think this might be the first time a full newscast from the WOR era has surfaced (at least, that I'm aware of) and why does Bear look like he's about to...relieve himself in the image that the algorithms at YouTube have chosen for the thumbnail?


    Also ran across this today (mostly a group of commercials from an episode of Family Ties, but starts with a WAVY special report on a 3 alarm fire {don't recall seeing any local "special report" graphics from that era before})


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  8. 9 hours ago, JosiahCubed said:

    Our good friends over at The Other Site have the new open, and speaking of new music... CBS is bringing back the music from '87, albeit slightly remixed.



    They did an excellent job tweaking the 1987 theme.

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  9. WVEC compilation of clips from September 1990 I just ran across. Included are promos for PrimeTime, a Ted Koppel Report special and a WVEC newsbreak anchored by Barbara Ciara (also sprinkled in are spots for Head of the Class after Billy Connolly replaced Howard Hessemann and an incomplete Cop Rock promo)


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  10. From WVEC's account, I can say with a good bit of confidence this is the oldest complete or nearly complete footage from that station that has surfaced. 


    This is a September 1975 special titled "The Invasion of '75", hosted by a young John Miller and focused on the increase in tourism in Williamsburg and Yorktown (no doubt Busch Gardens opening and the approaching American Bicentennial were major factors)


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  11. Was going through some tapes and ran across this. It's most of the 6:00 WVEC 13 News for September 27, 1995 (about 5 and a half minutes in the first block got taped over by an episode of the tabloid show Extra, which I edited out); complete with Jim Kincaid's commentary ("Jim's Notes")


    To my knowledge other than an April 1, 1993 newscast that recently vanished from YouTube, I don't recall seeing any other full or mostly complete WVEC newscasts Jim anchored.



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  12. On 5/23/2022 at 11:42 PM, TheRob said:

    Greta Van Susteren is leaving Gray Television and joining NewsMax. I know NewsNation wanted her too for The Hill's political show.




    Looks like (since I guess we're counting NewsMax as a major cable news outlet now) Greta's been working for all of the big cable outlets (first CNN; all those years with FOX News; that brief stint with MSNBC and now NewsMax) and worked for networks that have been more to the right (FOX and her new gig with NewsMax) and somewhat left of center (MSNBC; think CNN was a bit more to the center when she was working there vs. the last few years)

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  13. 18 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

    Washington TV staple Bruce Johnson has passed away.



    Sad day in the Washington news world 


    Regarding Bruce, I want to say that when he retired from WUSA he was the last person left from the WTOP era at that station. 

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