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  1. About 10 minutes of WTKR's September 4, 1989 11:00 edition of News 3 (main story being the rioting during Greek Fest in Virginia Beach) Also included is a promo for the premiere of Rescue 911.
  2. 1995 NBA on TBS promo from an eBay purchase (the tape in question was the Michael Jordan 55-point game less than two weeks after ending his first retirement)
  3. From Media Memories, the first 10 minutes or so of the March 29, 1988 edition of WAVY's The Daily News at 6:00, followed by a snippet of the end of a 1989 newscast.
  4. Ran across this partial 1974 KNBC newscast anchored by Don Harris (lead story being the U.S.-USSR summit on strategic arms control) not long before Harris got promoted by NBC to the network crew.
  5. Sad day in the Washington news world Regarding Bruce, I want to say that when he retired from WUSA he was the last person left from the WTOP era at that station.
  6. Regarding the current programming, since about 2010 INSP effectively is pretty much 90% Westerns, thus while nominally a Christian network at this point it's probably closer to Western-heavy digital network GRIT in terms of programming
  7. Stumbled across this April 19, 1983 WAVY newscast (judging from the graphics, this might have been near the end of the time they used the really bold variant of Helvetica dating to the tail end of the Area 10 era)
  8. Doug McKelway, late of FOX News, has resurfaced anchoring a show named CenterPoint on a network not normally associated with news, namely TBN (though he wouldn't be the only FOX News expatriate working for the religious network, as Mike Huckabee's opinion/variety show had moved there a few years ago) https://www.axios.com/trinity-broadcasting-network-centerpoint-fox-news-f006379d-6f4f-4416-8c98-3766e10a593a.html
  9. Part of a Super Bowl XVII post-game report (from a tape I got from eBay) Part of ESPNews coverage following the 1997 Evander Holyfield v. Michael Moorer fight
  10. Had a bunch of uploads as part of a birthday upload batch yesterday. This is the only news-themed upload of the group.
  11. Strange but I think as good an anchor as Anita's been at WAVY I doubt that it will be very long before she gets a more stable role at FOX 32. My congratulations to her on moving on up in a big way
  12. Oh, this is going to be very interesting to see how things end up once the dust settles (which sounds like it's going to take some time to do)
  13. Looks like February 2022 will go down as the end of an era at WAVY, as in addition to Don Slater stepping aside to become chief meteorologist emeritus; sports director Bruce Rader, the longest on-air person ever in the Tidewater region, is retiring at the end of this month. https://www.wavy.com/sports/local-sports/a-letter-from-bruce-rader-to-hampton-roads/
  14. Big change at WAVY. Jeff Edmonson becomes the new chief meteorologist as Don Slater becomes chief emeritus (presumably easing into retirement) https://youtu.be/rFgV32hxmYI Congratulations to Jeff on a well-earned promotion and to Don on a fantastic career
  15. Gary DeLaune, a longtime reporter for KENS in San Antonio who was covering sports in the San Antonio area as late as a few months ago, died yesterday at 88 (DeLaune had been diagnosed with COVID before contracting pneumonia as well) https://www.kens5.com/article/entertainment/television/iconic-kens-5-journalist-gary-delaune-dies/273-53c5761e-c51a-4efc-8ff4-a78665946479 In addition to his work with KENS; DeLaune is probably best known for his work at what was then KLIF-AM 1190 (now KFXR) in Dallas as one of the first reporters covering the assassination of President Kennedy as well as being on site when Lee Harvey Oswald was gunned down by Jack Ruby
  16. From NewsActive3; a January 1988 WTLV newscast in Jacksonville, with Harmon Wages on sports (Wages, a former Atlanta Falcons running back during the team's early years, had come back home to Jacksonville after his sportscasting career in Atlanta imploded following a 1985 cocaine bust) and a post-WCKT, pre-700 Club Lee Webb anchoring solo
  17. In 2020; WVEC's YouTube account uploaded a clip from 1993 looking back at their "Bungles the Clown" children's show as a tribute following the death of Bungles' actor, Jerry Sandford; in which among those featured included a brief remark from Bob Saget (who had spent a good-sized amount of his childhood in Norfolk) on the set of "Full House"; with Saget demonstrating the "Bungles" wave. Figured since I didn't see it here when I did a search, in light of Bob having just passed away himself I figured this would be fitting to put here.
  18. December 5, 1996 CBS Morning News broadcast (taped from WNCT in Greenville, NC)
  19. From 1958, an edition of what was then WCKT in Miami's political discussion show "First Federal Presents" (sponsored by First Federal Bank{?}) with then-Florida Democratic Senator George Smathers as the guest.
  20. Interesting. I had watched that clip assuming that WTVD had rebuilt the set by then as opposed to still using the conferences room as their temporary set.
  21. A little over an hour and a half of overnight FOX News 2000 election coverage (approx. 2:30-4:00 a.m.)
  22. And just barely over a week before the fire at WTVD that gutted their recently-introduced news set.
  23. Sad to see it go (much of my interest in sports history was from watching old game footage and highlights); but it seems once the major sports leagues launched their own channels, there wasn't much reason for ESPN Classic (to say nothing of the "out of sight, out of mind" perspective. Most likely very few people even knew the channel was still around by the time the announcement of ESPN Classic's official demise was made)
  24. Couple of WVEC clips I just ran across From 1978, a story by Kathy Barnstorff on the Phoebus section of Hampton From 1987, local restaurant owner Nelson Fuller (interviewed in the 1978 piece) being interviewed by WVEC's Sherri Brennan
  25. Got a short WRC promo from 1991 promoting their postgame report after Washington's November 3, 1991 victory over the Houston Oilers
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