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  1. Couple of WVEC clips I just ran across From 1978, a story by Kathy Barnstorff on the Phoebus section of Hampton From 1987, local restaurant owner Nelson Fuller (interviewed in the 1978 piece) being interviewed by WVEC's Sherri Brennan
  2. Got a short WRC promo from 1991 promoting their postgame report after Washington's November 3, 1991 victory over the Houston Oilers
  3. December 2000 edition of "Crossfire" tackling the Supreme Court hearings on the Florida recount chaos
  4. A few uploads from early 1996 A partial February 19, 1996 airing of ABC World News Now
  5. November 3, 1991 NFL Today pregame show, since football season is almost here
  6. RIP Willard Scott. A lot could be said about just his tenure on TODAY, let alone his other roles (co-hosting Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, his work in Washington prior to getting called up to the network, being the original Ronald McDonald when the character was created for the D.C. area) Loved Al Roker's tribute to Willard describing him as being like a second father.
  7. And an unexpected sighting with one of the sports reports filed by a young Brad Sham (better known as the longtime radio voice of the Dallas Cowboys)
  8. Found this August 1984 newscast from WBNS in Columbus Also found it interesting that the newscast included a story on the Columbus-based Cranston Csuri effects firm handling the CGI intro at the start of the film for the Republican National Convention prior to President Reagan's acceptance speech at that convention in Dallas (and the anchor struggling to mask disappointment that CBS didn't show the film or at least the beginning)
  9. And with football season almost here and with Marv Albert having recently retired; I had an NBC intro recently acquired from 1991
  10. And just a few days after what would have been original WTVJ anchor and news director Ralph Renick's 93rd birthday; we get this 1954 edition of the Ralph Renick Report
  11. Two 1994 WAVY uploads from my channel One, a promo for a story on television violence The other is a teaser taken from an April 24, 1994 Barney special (my sister was 4 years old at the time, which is probably the only reason my parents taped said special)
  12. Couple of uploads from Video Bill's channel; both of which are dealing with aging emergency services in Norfolk 1993 WAVY report on aging Norfolk fire trucks WAVY report on the aging emergency services in Norfolk (has 1986 listed in the title, but based on some late 1986 clips I've seen elsewhere that had the 1985-86 graphics and the set from approx. 1983; I'm leaning towards this being early 1987 at the earliest)
  13. Clip that just surfaced of WXIA's coverage of the Democratic Senate primary runoff from August 26, 1980 (during 11 Alive's final week as an ABC affiliate)
  14. Another KABC newscast, this one a 1972 one from Obsolete Video with what could be described as rather unusual shenanigans involving Stu Nahan and the KABC weatherman (don't recall his name) along with celebrity filled commercials (including future Dallas star Linda Gray in a Geritol ad and a National Airlines commercial featuring Kim Basinger as she was just starting out)
  15. Maybe it's the 90s kid in me, but stumbled across this clip that caught my attention. It's a snippet of 20/20 featuring a story of three Waynesboro, VA high school students who submitted - and managed to get produced - a story that was made into an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures
  16. 1988 WAVY promo for their noon edition of The Daily News with Carol Hoffman (from a batch of spots from a tape
  17. From WTKR's account today, and while it's not the main focus of the upload, it appears we have a case of mistaken identity in the control room
  18. Also longtime CBS announcer Don Robertson at the beginning of the year. Had just learned of Ervasti's death earlier today.
  19. About half of a WTKR newscast from April 21, 1990; roughly the tail end of the "Discover the Land of the 3" period.
  20. Couple of examples from some recent uploads 1987 WJLA spot plugging Magnum, P.I. reruns 1995 KGTV spot plugging American Journal
  21. New variant for ABC: Eh, could have been worse; but regardless I don't see anything that would justify this being worth the amount of money spent unless parent company Disney is in the mood of having money to burn at the moment.
  22. From 80sCommercialVault, a partial WGN Nine O'Clock News from November 17, 1985 with the lead story being the leadup to the first Reagan-Gorbachev summit
  23. From a group of commercials I got in a trade that came from a September 11, 1987 airing of Jeopardy, this has WJLA anchor Renee Poussaint promoting the D.C. ABC affiliate broadcasting their late newscasts with closed-captioning.
  24. Some uploads from the series of Knoxville uploads from WBIR
  25. Couple more TNT uploads. Apparently for a time TNT would do feature segments called In-Between that aired in between movies, such as this one focusing on short films Also a promo for the 1990 edition of the Goodwill Games

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