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  1. What a terrific legacy both on and off the air that Dick Goddard has left, and a huge loss for the generations of Cleveland area viewers who watched him over the years.
  2. Mostly a generic commercial compilation from a July 1987 airing of an adaptation of "Anna Karenina"; but a rarity around the 6:30 mark with a CBS News promo using the theme that would, that November, become the CBS Evening News theme for Dan Rather from 1987-91 and again for Scott Pelley for all but the last year of his tenure at the anchor desk.
  3. Just put up the first few uploads from a tape I bought from eBay containing a Star Trek marathon recorded from FOX O&O WFLD-TV 32 (outside of some recordings from WNBC's satellite feed when my parents had the "big ugly dish" these are the first uploads from an over-the-air station outside the Hampton Roads area). November 16, 1986. One of the uploads is a promo for WFLD's movie broadcasts that week.
  4. Pre-WABC Bill Evans alongside Bob Grip not long after he left Hampton Roads Elsewhere, an NBC News Update from 1978 where Carole Simpson pushes through even when her mic fell off
  5. 1988 NBC New Hampshire coverage (infamous for Kansas Senator Bob Dole's "stop lying about my record" swipe at Vice-President Bush following the Bush campaign's "Straddle" ad accusing Dole of favoring higher taxes) April 17, 1974 edition of NBC Nightly News including coverage of the death of NBC correspondent Frank McGee
  6. Latest batch of uploads from btm0815ma including the first and last ABC newscasts anchored by Harry Reasoner (and with the latter, final newscast before the ABC Evening News branding was retired in favor of the World News Tonight name)
  7. More goodies from btm0815ma uploaded today, mostly miscellaneous intros (first Harry Reasoner and Barbara Walters ABC intro; first and last intros for NBC with Tom Brokaw and Roger Mudd anchoring, first intro for ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings as solo anchor and a series of intros from set and theme changes); but also includes the full newscasts with the last CBS Evening News cold intro, first theme intro, the newscast with Dan Rather going AWOL because a U.S. Open tennis match ran a couple of minutes long and the NBC Nightly News broadcast introducing The Mission)
  8. From one of Michael Pannoni's channels, one of the last USA Tonight (nee Independent Network News) broadcasts from March 29, 1990 (recorded from WGN) Also, tried posting this last night but don't see it here; here's an extended 11:00 WAVY newscast covering Hurricane Gloria in 1985
  9. Former WXIA reporter and later ABC News correspondent Rebecca Chase lost her battle with cancer Facebook post from Jeff Hullinger I noticed that in Hullinger's tribute, he stated that Chase was apparently a favorite of Peter Jennings, which was pretty high praise, indeed
  10. From WVEC's channel, they posted a playlist of videos since last week marked the 40th anniversary of the "Circus Snow" (when 12 to 14 inches of snow landed just as the Ringling Brothers circus arrived in Hampton Roads). Highlights include yet another brief snippet of WVEC right at the end of the intro (with the WNT synth theme) and Judith Baroody, the reporter on the field in the first few clips, doing a piece on the "Blizzard of 1980"...in song WVEC Circus Snow of 1980 Playlist
  11. Regina Mobley returning to the Hampton Roads airwaves, this time at WAVY (and as such we can add her to the handful of people, most notably Barbara Ciara, who have worked at each of the local Big 3 stations) Hampton Roads broadcast icon returns to television news with WAVY News 10 on Your Side
  12. Still more from btm0815ma, including some 1981 newscasts that introduced a few variations of intros from the early Dan Rather era and the entire 1988 CBS Evening News that included the Dan Rather vs. George H W Bush showdown
  13. Based on this assignment, it sounds like WKYC has big plans for Laura Caso by teaming her with Russ Mitchell. Will miss seeing her locally, but wishing her the best.
  14. Random thought here: Had this scandal not come to light, how many people outside of the Cleveland/Akron area would have known this guy was still alive? It's not like Angley has anywhere near the reach his broadcasts had even during the early 2000s (until hearing about this, that was about the last time I remember hearing anything about him)
  15. Was just coming to mention that the owner of that channel has been on a tear in terms of uploads over the last couple of days. Side note: I saw a snippet of the set CBS used for their election coverage and that must have been the debut for that set (haven't seen anything from CBS outside of the Republican convention in Kansas City for 1976; but CBS would continue using the set through the 1980s before, based on a short clip in a commercial compilation I saw a while back, switching to almost a prototype of the 1991-96 CBS Evening News set for election coverage)
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