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  1. I have just noticed that CBSN Denver is currently off for the weekend, showing the national CBSN feed instead and a message saying it will resume at 4:30 am Monday when their weekday morning newscast starts. Is it going to be a regular thing not to have news on weekends or is this just temporary until they have enough recorded news content to fill weekends with? I know weekend news is subject to sports preemption but weekends are when more people are home and able to watch if they have nothing else, hopefully that's considered in the long term.
  2. I do have to say, I am still in the opinion that KCNC needs a new building, they could do much more with a larger facility, an older building like what they have can only be gutted out and renovated so many times. KMGH's building is from the late 1960s actually, I wouldn't call it new by any means and it's not the worst building I've seen, the Denver Art Museum I think is worse. Of course you hate 7 so much that they could have a nicer looking building and you would still say it looks ugly.
  3. Actually a couple of people were talking about the set they plan to use for breaking news and exclusive content, like I said I'm not bothered by it. Plus it's not supposed to be better than the set they use for the main newscasts, it's just there to be a place for the anchor to present the content and as long as it doesn't distract from the presenter it works. Besides, KCNC's regular viewers usually care more about the people that run the newscast than the visual appeal of their set and graphics either way.
  4. Just had a look at CBSN Denver, and I'm not agreeing with some complaints I have read here. From what I see, it does it's job exactly as it's supposed to and KCNC's loyal viewers are going to be impressed. My mom, who watches KCNC the most hasn't watched it yet but I'm sure she will be in the habit on her days at home, especially if she wants to see the weather or just in general missed a newscast. The set they are using doesn't bother me, maybe it's not as impressive as elsewhere but I seriously doubt that matters to most who would be willing to watch. And whether or not they rushed it, it's probably a good thing they haven't yet rolled out exclusive content, with what they have right now it appears like they are re-editing newscast segments from the previous hours and for those expecting something the same quality from what they already like and just want to see news they missed from when their newscast was on, that's a good way to sell them to start and the more people on board, the more people that see the exclusive content once it's there. I think my only complaint is that it's not called CBSN Colorado, I'm sure KCNC would have preferred that name if they could call the shot with that, but other than that I think it's looking good so far. Just give it some time, already I can see it being something on a hotel TV in a lobby up at a mountain ski resort.
  5. 6AM graphics now uploaded, less energy but these come off more inviting than the evening newscasts, probably because they feel the use of the music is more appropriate in the morning and afternoon? I wish they would see how much their tone of delivery sends an impression, people will keep watching the clowns at KUSA unless they show more care and concern for the sensitivity of viewers.
  6. Here's a 10PM montage, another cold open and then use of the new music before weather and sports segments which sounds out of place given the tone the newscast started with. Just keeping the bosses happy?
  7. At the very least, it's an improvement in that the previous Scripps graphics are gone. But the way they use the graphics gives me the opinion that even KMGH doesn't like them, it comes off cold and heartless to me, like I'm being burned by dry ice. The home office needs to allow for stations to use more warmer and less smoky colors and maybe give the stations freedom to use their own music so they can build an image best suited to the station and the region they serve. In KMGH's case, I really wouldn't mind if they wanted to start using purple instead, or better yet if they want to use blue like everyone, try a natural sky color. We're not a coastal city, salt water blue doesn't work here.
  8. One thing that definitely needs to be fixed about these graphics is the lettering, with the Bike and Pedestrian Safety screenshot the words on the left look too thin, they need to bolden them up so they read easier, same with where it says Sarasota County. Also one lesson to be learned from WFTS here is that logos might want to accommodate better to the new look. The red box looks tacky over the new graphics and needs to go, in fact maybe it's time to do away with the branding completely and just go back to being ABC 28 or ABC Tampa Bay, something that is truly regional instead of some branding that could easily be used elsewhere.
  9. I don't like the use of white behind the ABC Action News logo although I appreciate the shades of gray from the word ACTION which at least makes it more graceful than the way Tegna uses white on it's graphics. TV graphics can use medium colors with white letters but not the other way around, because unlike a piece of paper which doesn't emit light, a TV screen does and it really bothers the eyes. As for the music, again it's a decent composition but unlike with WTXL it falls out of place, it doesn't feel like something that belongs on a newscast that's branded as Action News. Scripps should allow their stations to have an alternate music package that's more fitting to the image the station wants, I'm sure the Fox affiliates under their wing would love that.
  10. Was watching KMGH to get my opinion since they don't have the new graphics yet., to be honest it's both good and bad. On one hand the new graphics are more tolerable and less flashy. I have never been a fan of sensationalist imagery and the outgoing graphics had for years contributed to my opinion of Denver7 news as a sensory assault, and it is for the best that those graphics go away. On the other other hand the new graphics come off looking cold and I don't think they will succeed in turning heads. It feels like Scripps wants it's stations to approach audiences with a softer yet more serious look that for one thing will not change opinions of the stations that really try their best, and at the same time do nothing for stations that are not performing good. Ultimately, I don't think it's the graphics but the newscasts themselves that have to be convincing.
  11. In the black and white days before 1970, the station was KLZ and actually was at that time the highest rated station in Denver with Carl Akers as the lead anchor. Things began to fall apart when McGraw-Hill bought the station in the early 70s and overtime it's been difficult for the station to build a better product in large part because the other stations have made good use of their personalities. And much of KMGH's problems came about not only with ownership but also with a no-compete clause that was implemented in the early 1980s following a major departure of their lead anchors and meteorologists who favored the direction at KOA (soon-to-be KCNC), and station suffered a higher turnover of news staff for years because of it, a number of which had to leave Denver to stay employed in the business. Of course I don't know if they still have that clause in place, or if they got rid of it when Holly Gauntt became news director. When she was still with KDVR she hired Matt Makens away from KMGH who wanted to stay in Denver and was able to do weather on KWGN to avoid the terms of it, so I would imagine she had her misgivings about it before crossing the street. One reporter Marshall Zelinger who is now with KUSA left the station in 2016 and had to be off the air for six months as part of the clause, but that was before Gauntt took over at KMGH. I think things are changing over there now, it might not be ever enough for those forever sold on other stations but it does seem like there is a different attitude over there based on what I have seen with their Our Colorado stories and more emphasis on stories focusing on those needing help.
  12. Scott is not alone in the decision making based on what he said in his opening post: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/11/8/ftvlive-special-edition-best-tv-stations-to-work-for The list looks good to me, I can see a couple of us seem unnerved by KMGH being on the list, granted they haven't for the longest time been the big favorite among those who watch Denver TV, but I have to say I have been looking at them more over the last few months and I think they have started to change for the better, they have become less of a sensory assault and more involved in the community and bringing out what's good. I am usually between them and KCNC when checking websites, Twitter, and TV. The only thing I can see being an issue, doesn't KMGH still have a six month no-compete clause or was that abolished? I will admit though, when Scott said he was going up high for his number 7 choice, I had a feeling it was a Denver station and was expecting it would probably be KCNC since he never says anything bad about them. Of course then again, I do think KCNC is a harder station to get a job at since they have a certain degree of character they want to maintain and want to rely mostly on their experienced reporters. Also they favor employing people who grew up in Colorado , which isn't a bad thing as long as it doesn't take priority over qualification.
  13. I find that rather odd also, considering that KMGH still has a blank 7-3 over the air named Soon which I thought was going to eventually be Court TV. What's even weirder is that there is they are airing Court TV Mystery on 7-2 which appears to be a rebrand of the Escape network as I noticed KCEC 14-4 which also aired Escape is Court TV Mystery as well, it would make sense that two Court TV networks would probably desire the same channel or duopoly. Maybe they anticipated getting Court TV and that fell through or I don't know what else KMGH is expecting to fill 7-3 with.
  14. Well, whether or not it's the new normal I wish the TV stations would keep their control room at their studio at home where if something goes wrong they only need to take a small walk and knock on a door instead of calling them on the phone without being able to provide hands-on assistance, plus it's just better for local-ism.
  15. Maybe that's why they should have a new building, I don't like the idea of a control room being outsourced to another state when people here in town would love to have jobs. I'm pretty sure between their margins and the ad revenue made during Broncos season that they can afford it, one day they may have no choice.
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