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  1. I find that rather odd also, considering that KMGH still has a blank 7-3 over the air named Soon which I thought was going to eventually be Court TV. What's even weirder is that there is they are airing Court TV Mystery on 7-2 which appears to be a rebrand of the Escape network as I noticed KCEC 14-4 which also aired Escape is Court TV Mystery as well, it would make sense that two Court TV networks would probably desire the same channel or duopoly. Maybe they anticipated getting Court TV and that fell through or I don't know what else KMGH is expecting to fill 7-3 with.
  2. Well, whether or not it's the new normal I wish the TV stations would keep their control room at their studio at home where if something goes wrong they only need to take a small walk and knock on a door instead of calling them on the phone without being able to provide hands-on assistance, plus it's just better for local-ism.
  3. Maybe that's why they should have a new building, I don't like the idea of a control room being outsourced to another state when people here in town would love to have jobs. I'm pretty sure between their margins and the ad revenue made during Broncos season that they can afford it, one day they may have no choice.
  4. I would imagine from this tweet from KCNC's news director that CBSN Denver is in the preparation stages: https://twitter.com/CBS4Tim/status/1176229974996639749 I kind of feel like KCNC is going to need a new building, they are the only station in Denver still at their original facility and it woud be good to have more room for something like this, not that they can't make it work right now but it's worth investing in. Just got to find some property around downtown they can buy up.
  5. That was an okay logo for it's time but I can see why it didn't last forever, the 7 looks kind of small within the triangle. A more modern take on it could have a purple triangle in the background with a larger white 7 overlapping it with the ABC logo to the lower right maybe.
  6. Exactly, that's what I think. Their circle 7 logo they have had since the end of the 90s is the longest one they have used in my lifetime and they have managed to keep their branding consistent. The station's real concern should be with the quality of their news and how it can appeal to more people, they have lagged behind the other stations for so long that they will even have to shake off preconceived assumptions about them in the process.
  7. No way, that reminds me of the real life real news era, nothing like alienating the small number of viewers they had. That was a pretty good logo, if they had kept it like the other stations kept theirs at the time of the switch, it would have maintained local familiarity. Unfortunately KMGH wasn't thinking long term at the time.
  8. Here's where I come from on this, if KMGH were network owned and used the generic circle 7, I would forgive them, but only if that came with a genuine concern and understanding of the television market they served. In KCNC's case they are network owned and understandably have less flexibility with their presentation, but if they had the ability to use their own logo I would bet with certainly that they would since that station has spent the last two years heavily emphasizing their localism. KMGH however is not network owned, and while they may have their music and text graphics supplied to them by Scripps they are clearly allowed to have whatever logo they want. Sure it has to be something pleasing to the eye but should also be something that identifies them uniquely. Using a logo of a more successful ABC affiliate out of state could make KMGH look good at first to someone who moved to Denver from Chicago who was in the habit of watching WLS everyday, but not for someone who was born and raised here that would prefer how better the other local stations are with reflecting the region they serve. It's one thing to improve a station's logo, but if said station can't improve on other things that would do more to make people watch then all a nicer logo design would do is go to waste.
  9. Walt Disney owns the rights to the circle 7 as it was first used in 1962 by the ABC owned stations of the time that all aired on VHF channel 7, so that's where the rights are and I think KMGH could have exclusive reserved rights to use the logo as an affiliate of the network as they already use the ABC logo to the right of the 7. Personally though, I would have to object to KMGH using the generic circle 7 because if they did a lot of people here would call them out for wanting to look like a California TV station like KABC or KGO and not reflecting Colorado's image which is why they have used their own circle logo since 1998. The overlapping Denver banner didn't show up until three years ago and if they just get rid of that part it would be more than fine, but no one is going to like their news any better no matter what logo they have.
  10. The Heartland Emmy Awards were held July 20, KUSA took most of the awards with 32 including Overall Excellence and News Excellence, and KDVR had 18. https://emmyawards.tv/files/2019/07/2019b.pdf The event was recorded but was not live streamed because of technical problems.
  11. Glad I don't have DirecTV anymore, I can get them over the air and through CBS All Access, it's the better way to go.
  12. Sports are a big draw to TV, I acknowledge that, but you might want to consider that this does go along with what I said about KWGN serving a market with less population. Denver had the Broncos and the Nuggets, and at one time had a different NHL team called the Rockies which later moved to NJ to become the Devils because of just that, not having the population and the support for such a team and we had no major league baseball yet for the same reason. But even if this kept out higher revenue, KWGN was in a lot of ways more of a powerhouse back before they were WB/CW, and they were able to draw viewers in other ways. People liked them because they had different shows and movies, and they had Star Trek TOS, TNG, and DS9. And I think in a way, people who remember what they used to be probably liked them better before network affiliation came along, they were a truly local TV station and that's what the station wanted to be when it first aired as KFEL in the 1950s. As for KDVR, yes it's understandable why Fox did what they had to do but that doesn't come without the fact that the station became owned by Fox in large part because of the sports scene here in Denver, they may get to air only a few Bronco games but they did have the NHL contract at the time when the Avalanche came along and won the championship the first year, and we had the Rockies which played into their interest when they gained the MLB contract and launched their Fox Sports channels. This was a city Fox invested a great deal in to bring in a news department and build a bigger new facility to accommodate it, and to have KUSA's owner come along and use the buyout of KTVD to enter the 9pm news scene was without question a punch in the gut. Not because KDVR would lose viewers from that but more so because many who never bothered with 9pm news were suddenly given a newscast they were willing to watch because it was a product of a station they liked so it's plausible that played into the reason for KDVR getting sold and it had to happen while there was still a lot of money to be made from what they created with the new building and all.
  13. Nexstar I'm sure would love to gain money back however possible in this purchase and I'm sure is looking at every lucrative option, and Fox has every reason to be concerned about the end performance of affiliates coming under Nexstar's wing considering where they invest their resources. The cost of keeping these stations maintained well and the ability to pay the appropriate salary for each station's news talent is such a big factor here. I have to say when it comes to news, KWGN I would agree was at it's best in the early to mid 2000s when they launched the morning show and had Ernie Bjorkman working for them again, and I would have to say at the time I was especially more in favor of a local morning show over the national news, but the improvements came too late and not enough for people who had been forever sold on the bigger affiliates. Plus, since KWGN had once been known as the local commercial alternative to the network stations, it was probably too hard for many in Colorado to take it in that they were not an independent anymore and in a lot of ways I think people here including myself liked KWGN better back when they were NOT serious about news. People liked what 2 had to offer for entertainment like movies, sports, children's shows, classic TV, and other kinds of shows that interested people, if they wanted news they would turn to 4 or 9. Perhaps in a way, the station management probably felt that people here liked channel 2 the way they were and nothing major would come along for news programming until the management turned over the late 90s, and around then Tribune was already paying attention to what Fox was up to with KDVR.
  14. The problem is KWGN was treated as a short string because they served a less populated market versus hometown station WGN and New York station WPIX, and KTLA in Los Angeles who they took over ownership in 1986, and those three stations would get to have morning newscasts and bigger news departments but they didn't bother in Denver because they felt everyone here was staunchly in favor of KUSA or KCNC and those stations like KWGN had cable clearance through much of Colorado. It wasn't until KDVR entered the field in 2000 that Tribune started to take Denver seriously but in the eight years that KWGN and KDVR competed a lot of people here rolled their eyes and thought they didn't need to watch either of them. Then when KUSA took over KTVD in 2006, they in turn brought in a 9pm newscast and morning newscast under their 9news branding which was immediately preferred and it was enough to discourage Fox from continuing ownership of KDVR, this resulting in the Local TV LLC sale that lead to the KDVR and KWGN joining together and Tribune shifted their energy to KDVR who had the stronger network and football games. Given how KWGN has pretty much been in servitude to KDVR over the last decade, to see them break off from KDVR and become better than ever comes off rather unrealistic to me. It just seems more likely that the news department will remain together under KDVR and KWGN at this point has an uncertain future if they have one.
  15. I was told about Dennis by someone in an earlier post, she came to mind only because I met her during a college class on media that I took for core credit. But where are you coming up with the info on KMGH beating 9News? I know it was May sweeps I read on KDVR's site, but typically KMGH has been around fourth place. Of course then again 7 did win the Murrow award which I thought was out of the blue, maybe there is something I'm missing.
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