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  1. I saw a CBS affiliate schedule that had the Evening News rerun right before the local morning news -- not even airing the CBS live news. The station doesn't have a subchannel it can pawn TND onto.
  2. The strangest scheduling of Kelly & Mark I've seen is KRCG in Jefferson City, Mo. Sometime this year it was bumped to 3 p.m., making room for Sinclair's National Desk at 9.
  3. Well, David Brenner is on tonight and he's been dead 9 1/2 years. Judging from the listings this week, they key on one recognizable name.
  4. I live in Kansas and have watched them both. The line between news and talk is flimsy for each of them at 9. Yeah, apologies. Took a quick look at the KCRG website.
  5. KSNW in Wichita is moving and expanding its "Good Day Kansas" from its current 12:30-1 p.m. to 11 a.m. to noon, effective Sept. 4. KSN already bumps the third hour of today and Hoda & Jenna an hour to run Kelly & Mark at 9, so I wonder what's going to be missing. Competition KAKE and KWCH already have news/local talk at 9.
  6. Assuming Clarkson gets moved to 3p to replace Rachael?
  7. Wasn't that just the You Bet Your Life set?
  8. The big surprise was that it wasn't Allen.
  9. Is "Channel Surf" with Craig Ferguson a go? Haven't seen anything on it since the announcement in January.
  10. Wonder if NBCU will keep distributing the best-of episodes of the talk and judge shows.
  11. It has 89 episodes so far (the first few seasons were a handful of episodes), which could be enough.
  12. Has there been any announcement of offnet sitcoms for this fall? Katz's roundup a few years ago incorrectly said "Bob Abishola" for the current season, but it will have four seasons by fall. Anything else out there?
  13. Quick flip in the Topeka triopoly: Clarkson and Hudson trade time slots and stations, with Kelly now at 1p on KSNT (NBC) and JHud at 10a on KTMJ (Fox).
  14. Kansas City schools had an hour of virtual classes during COVID on KMCI, an independent station.
  15. I was surprised seeing the station list how few were taking the second run.
  16. I thought you were off when you talked about every other episode, but checking the listings vs. epguides and yes, AH is running episodes in order. That's insane, especially if they split the reruns in dayparts. The only other offnet I can think of that did that in syndication was Schitt's Creek.
  17. There were no start dates listed, but I would assume it's Sept. 12. Will let you know if I hear otherwise. It's not an expansion as much as shuffling.
  18. Here in Topeka, the NBC, ABC and Fox stations (as well as the CW Plus) are all owned/managed by Nexstar. Not too many changes, according to the schedule I saw: KSNT (NBC): Jennifer Hudson replaces Good Dish at 1p; the Jeopardy rerun (sister station KTKA has the original at 5) at 4 and a new 4:30 news replaces Ellen. KTKA (ABC): Pictionary x2 replaces The Doctors at 2; a Feud rerun replaces one Judge Judy at 4:30 (meaning it's Feud-Feud-Judy-Feud from 3-5). It's also returning ABC News to 5:30 and simulcasting the KSNT 6p cast (It had run a separate 5:30p news with ABC at 6). KTMJ (Fox): Another Feud replaces the J! rerun at 6a; Sherrie replaces Wendy at noon; Neighborhood replaces second Young Sheldon run at 11p. Fox 43's 9p news expanded to an hour in the past few weeks. The programming department sent along the CW schedule, labeled Fall 2022, but nothing had changed. Any word on the CW Plus fall sked?
  19. WMOR's fall schedule is out -- JHud, Neighborhood, Karamo are new ... https://www.mor-tv.com/article/mor-programming-guide/8466717
  20. Byron Allen strikes again (per Cynopsis): Courtroom series “We the People with Judge Lauren Lake” has been cleared for fall syndication in 95% of US markets. The show has secured clearances with group-owned television stations including FOX O&Os, CBS O&Os, Nexstar, Tegna, Weigel, Mission, Sinclair, Lockwood, Gray, Entravision, Hearst, Scripps, Corridor, Circle City Broadcasting, Block, Allen Media Broadcasting, Graham, COX Media Group, American Spirit, Bahakel, Sunbeam, and the CW 100+. The daily one-hour show will be produced and distributed by Allen Media Group/Entertainment Studios.
  21. So will Oxygen end up being like Ion, as either a cable or OTA secondary, depending on the market?
  22. There's still a run of each in the evenings.
  23. Seeing the WBNX schedule is like Christmas morning! Neither I nor Google have heard of "iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas" -- anyone know anything?
  24. Our Cox cable, and I assume nationwide, added Justice and Recipe to the basic tier in the past week.
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